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Sr. No.TitleJournal
1PLoS PathogensJournal
2Trends in MicrobiologyJournal
4The Lancet HIVJournal
5Papillomavirus ResearchJournal
6Journal of VirologyJournal
7Current Opinion in VirologyJournal
8Cellular MicrobiologyJournal
11Current Opinion in HIV and AIDSJournal
12Reviews in Medical VirologyJournal
13Emerging Microbes and InfectionsJournal
14Advances in Virus ResearchJournal
15Antiviral ResearchJournal
17Current HIV/AIDS ReportsJournal
19Journal of Viral HepatitisJournal
21Journal of Clinical VirologyJournal
22American Journal of Tropical Medicine and HygieneJournal
23Journal of General VirologyJournal
24Topics in antiviral medicineJournal
25Expert Review of Anti-Infective TherapyJournal
26Gut PathogensJournal
27Journal of Interferon and Cytokine ResearchJournal
28Virus ResearchJournal
29Journal of NeuroVirologyJournal
30Virology JournalJournal
31Annual Review of VirologyJournal
32AIDS Research and Human RetrovirusesJournal
33AIDS Research and TherapyJournal
34Vector-Borne and Zoonotic DiseasesJournal
35Journal of Medical VirologyJournal
36Archives of VirologyJournal
37Current HIV ResearchJournal
38Open AIDS JournalJournal
39Journal of Virological MethodsJournal
40HIV/AIDS - Research and Palliative CareJournal
41Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Infectious DiseasesJournal
43Food and Environmental VirologyJournal
44Microbiology and ImmunologyJournal
45Viral ImmunologyJournal
46Journal of Infection in Developing CountriesJournal
47Virus GenesJournal
48Current Protocols in MicrobiologyJournal
49Virologica SinicaJournal
50African Journal of AIDS ResearchJournal
51Virology ReportsJournal
52Advances in VirologyJournal
53Acta VirologicaJournal
54Future VirologyJournal
55Journal of AIDS and Clinical ResearchJournal
56Virology: Research and TreatmentJournal
58Antiviral Chemistry and ChemotherapyJournal
59Journal of International PeacekeepingJournal
60Virus Adaptation and TreatmentJournal
61Journal of Vaccines and VaccinationJournal
62Current Hepatitis ReportsJournal
63Journal of Antivirals and AntiretroviralsJournal
64Journal of Bacteriology and VirologyJournal
65Voprosy VirusologiiJournal
66Molecular Genetics, Microbiology and VirologyJournal
67International Journal of VirologyJournal
68African Journal of Clinical and Experimental MicrobiologyJournal
70Chinese Journal of Microbiology and ImmunologyJournal

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