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12014 16th International Telecommunications Network Strategy and Planning Symposium, Networks 2014conference and proceeding
22014 International Annual Conference of the American Society for Engineering Management - Entrepreneurship Engineering: Harnessing Innovation, ASEM 2014conference and proceeding
327th KI Workshop on Planen, Scheduling und Konfigurieren, Entwerfen 2013, KI 2013conference and proceeding
451st AGIFORS Annual Proceedings - Annual Symposium and Study Group Meeting, AGIFORS 2011conference and proceeding
6Academy of Entrepreneurship Journaljournal
7Academy of Management Journaljournal
8Academy of Management Perspectivesjournal
9Academy of Management Reviewjournal
10Academy of Strategic Management Journaljournal
11Action Researchjournal
12Advances in Strategic Managementbook serie
13AGIFORS 54th Annual Symposium: An Industry in Transformationconference and proceeding
14Agricultural Finance Reviewjournal
15American Health and Drug Benefitsjournal
16American Journal of Evaluationjournal
17Argumenta Oeconomicajournal
18Asia Pacific Journal of Managementjournal
19Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logisticsjournal
20Asia Pacific Management Reviewjournal
21Asian Business and Managementjournal
22Baltic Journal of Managementjournal
23BAR - Brazilian Administration Review journal
24British Journal of Managementjournal
25Business and Society Reviewjournal
26Business Strategy and the Environmentjournal
27Business Strategy Seriesjournal
28Business: Theory and Practicejournal
29California Management Reviewjournal
30Change Managementjournal
31China Business Reviewjournal
32Collection Managementjournal
33Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Researchbook serie
34Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Developmentbook serie
35Cooperation and Conflictjournal
36Corporate Governancejournal
37Corporate Reputation Reviewjournal
38Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Managementjournal
39Creative Industries Journaljournal
40Creativity and Innovation Managementjournal
41Cuadernos de Administracion journal
42Cuadernos de Gestionjournal
43Decision Sciencesjournal
44DLSU Business and Economics Reviewjournal
45E a M: Ekonomie a Managementjournal
46Economic and Industrial Democracyjournal
47Educational Management Administration and Leadershipjournal
48Electronic Designjournal
49Electronic Journal on Business Research Methodsjournal
50Emergence: Complexity and Organizationjournal
51Entrepreneurial Executivejournal
52Entrepreneurship Research Journaljournal
53European Journal of Industrial Relationsjournal
54European Journal of Management and Business Economicsjournal
55European Management Journaljournal
56European Management Reviewjournal
57European Research on Management and Business Economicsjournal
58European Sport Management Quarterlyjournal
59Evaluation and Program Planningjournal
60Foundations of Managementjournal
61Fuel Cells Bulletinjournal
62Gedrag en Organisatiejournal
63Global Journal of Flexible Systems Managementjournal
64Global Strategy Journaljournal
65Graphic Arts Monthlyjournal
66Group Decision and Negotiationjournal
67Harvard Business Reviewjournal
68Health Care Management Reviewjournal
69Howard Journal of Communicationsjournal
70Human Relationsjournal
71Human Resource Managementjournal
72Human Service Organizations Management, Leadership and Governancejournal
73IBM Data Management Magazinejournal
74ICEMSI 2013 - 2013 International Conference on Engineering, Management Science and Innovationconference and proceeding
75IEEE Engineering Management Reviewjournal
76IEEE Potentialsjournal
77IEEE Transactions on Engineering Managementjournal
78IHS Jane's Defence Weeklyjournal
79IMA Journal Management Mathematicsjournal
80Industrial and Labor Relations Reviewjournal
81Industrial Management (Norcross, Georgia)journal
82Industrial Management and Data Systemsjournal
83Industrial Relationsjournal
84Industry Weekjournal
85Informacion Tecnologica journal
86Information Resources Management Journaljournal
87Innovar: Revista de Ciencias Administrativas y Sociales journal
88Innovation Policy and the Economybook serie
90Intangible Capitaljournal
92International Annual Conference of the American Society for Engineering Management 2013, ASEM 2013conference and proceeding
93International Business Managementjournal
94International Conference on Harbour, Maritime and Multimodal Logistics Modelling and Simulationconference and proceeding
95International Journal of Agile Systems and Managementjournal
96International Journal of Applied Decision Sciencesjournal
97International Journal of Applied Management Sciencejournal
98International Journal of Automotive Technology and Managementjournal
99International Journal of Businessjournal
100International Journal of Business and Societyjournal
101International Journal of Business and Systems Researchjournal
102International Journal of Business Excellencejournal
103International Journal of Business Governance and Ethicsjournal
104International Journal of Business Performance Managementjournal
105International Journal of Business Process Integration and Managementjournal
106International Journal of Business Science and Applied Managementjournal
107International Journal of COMADEMjournal
108International Journal of Commerce and Managementjournal
109International Journal of Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management Applicationsjournal
110International Journal of Conflict Managementjournal
111International Journal of Construction Managementjournal
112International Journal of Construction Supply Chain Managementjournal
113International Journal of Designjournal
114International Journal of Disclosure and Governancejournal
115International Journal of Economics and Managementjournal
116International Journal of Educational Organization and Leadershipjournal
117International Journal of Energy Sector Managementjournal
118International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturingjournal
119International Journal of Entrepreneurshipjournal
120International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Managementjournal
121International Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policyjournal
122International Journal of Hospitality Managementjournal
123International Journal of Human Resource Managementjournal
124International Journal of Industrial Organizationjournal
125International Journal of Information and Decision Sciencesjournal
126International Journal of Information and Management Sciencesjournal
127International Journal of Information Systems and Project Managementjournal
128International Journal of Information Systems in the Service Sectorjournal
129International Journal of Innovation Managementjournal
130International Journal of Integrated Supply Managementjournal
131International Journal of Intellectual Property Managementjournal
132International Journal of Intelligent Enterprisejournal
133International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Managementjournal
134International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Managementjournal
135International Journal of Knowledge-Based Developmentjournal
136International Journal of Leadership in Educationjournal
137International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capitaljournal
138International Journal of Management and Business Researchjournal
139International Journal of Management Educationjournal
140International Journal of Management Practicejournal
141International Journal of Management Reviewsjournal
142International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Managementjournal
143International Journal of Managing Projects in Businessjournal
144International Journal of Manpowerjournal
145International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Managementjournal
146International Journal of Multicriteria Decision Makingjournal
147International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisationsjournal
148International Journal of Operations and Production Managementjournal
149International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Managementjournal
150International Journal of Organizational Analysisjournal
151International Journal of Process Management and Benchmarkingjournal
152International Journal of Product Developmentjournal
153International Journal of Production Researchjournal
154International Journal of Productivity and Performance Managementjournal
155International Journal of Project Organisation and Managementjournal
156International Journal of Public Sector Performance Managementjournal
157International Journal of Quality and Reliability Managementjournal
158International Journal of Revenue Managementjournal
159International Journal of Rural Managementjournal
160International Journal of Selection and Assessmentjournal
161International Journal of Services, Economics and Managementjournal
162International Journal of Services, Technology and Managementjournal
163International Journal of Six Sigma and Competitive Advantagejournal
164International Journal of Sport Management and Marketingjournal
165International Journal of Strategic Property Managementjournal
166International Journal of Systems Assurance Engineering and Managementjournal
167International Journal of Technoentrepreneurshipjournal
168International Journal of Technologyjournal
169International Journal of Technology Managementjournal
170International Journal of the Legal Professionjournal
171International Journal of Value Chain Managementjournal
172International Labour Reviewjournal
173International Series in Operations Research and Management Sciencebook serie
174International Studies of Management and Organizationjournal
175International Transactions in Operational Researchjournal
176Investment Management and Financial Innovationsjournal
177JMM International Journal on Media Managementjournal
178Journal for East European Management Studiesjournal
179Journal für Betriebswirtschaftjournal
180Journal of Accounting and Organizational Changejournal
181Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Systemsjournal
182Journal of Advanced Transportationjournal
183Journal of Air Transport Managementjournal
184Journal of Arts Management, Law and Societyjournal
185Journal of Asia Business Studiesjournal
186Journal of Asset Managementjournal
187Journal of Behavioral Decision Makingjournal
188Journal of Brand Managementjournal
189Journal of Business Strategyjournal
190Journal of Business Valuation and Economic Loss Analysisjournal
191Journal of Cases on Information Technologyjournal
192Journal of Central Banking Theory and Practicejournal
193Journal of Change Managementjournal
194Journal of Civil Engineering and Managementjournal
195Journal of Cleaner Productionjournal
196Journal of Communication Managementjournal
197Journal of Construction Engineering and Management - ASCEjournal
198Journal of Co-operative Organization and Managementjournal
199Journal of Corporate Financejournal
200Journal of Destination Marketing and Managementjournal
201Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurshipjournal
202Journal of Economics and Management Strategyjournal
203Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizationsjournal
204Journal of Engineering and Technology Management - JET-Mjournal
205Journal of Enterprising Communitiesjournal
206Journal of Entrepreneurshipjournal
207Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policyjournal
208Journal of Entrepreneurship Educationjournal
209Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economiesjournal
210Journal of Environmental Accounting and Managementjournal
211Journal of Family Business Strategyjournal
212Journal of Financial Economicsjournal
213Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliancejournal
214Journal of Forecastingjournal
215Journal of General Managementjournal
216Journal of Global Fashion Marketingjournal
217Journal of Global Information Managementjournal
218Journal of Healthcare Managementjournal
219Journal of High Technology Management Researchjournal
220Journal of Human Resourcesjournal
221Journal of Industrial and Management Optimizationjournal
222Journal of Industrial Engineering and Managementjournal
223Journal of Information Technologyjournal
224Journal of International Business Studiesjournal
225Journal of International Managementjournal
226Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Researchjournal
227Journal of Japan Industrial Management Associationjournal
228Journal of Knowledge Managementjournal
229Journal of Labor Researchjournal
230Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studiesjournal
231Journal of Managementjournal
232Journal of Management Controljournal
233Journal of Management in Engineering - ASCEjournal
234Journal of Management Inquiryjournal
235Journal of Management Studiesjournal
236Journal of Manufacturing Processesjournal
237Journal of Manufacturing Technology Managementjournal
238Journal of Marketing Managementjournal
239Journal of Media Business Studiesjournal
240Journal of Medical Marketingjournal
241Journal of Modelling in Managementjournal
242Journal of Modern Project Managementjournal
243Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysisjournal
244Journal of Network and Systems Managementjournal
245Journal of Operations Managementjournal
246Journal of Organizational and End User Computingjournal
247Journal of Organizational Behavior Managementjournal
248Journal of Organizational Change Managementjournal
249Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflictjournal
250Journal of Organizational Ethnographyjournal
251Journal of Place Management and Developmentjournal
252Journal of Product and Brand Managementjournal
253Journal of Product Innovation Managementjournal
254Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practicejournal
255Journal of Purchasing and Supply Managementjournal
256Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineeringjournal
257Journal of Quality Technologyjournal
258Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurshipjournal
259Journal of Revenue and Pricing Managementjournal
260Journal of Riskjournal
261Journal of Risk Researchjournal
262Journal of Science and Technology Policy Managementjournal
263Journal of Service Managementjournal
264Journal of Service Theory and Practicejournal
265Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Developmentjournal
266Journal of Small Business Managementjournal
267Journal of Small Business Strategyjournal
268Journal of Strategic Marketingjournal
269Journal of the Operational Research Societyjournal
270Knowledge and Process Managementjournal
271Knowledge Managementjournal
273Leadership and Management in Engineeringjournal
274Leadership and Policy in Schoolsjournal
275Library Leadership and Managementjournal
276Longe Range Planningjournal
277Machine Designjournal
279Management and Organization Reviewjournal
280Management and Organizational Historyjournal
281Management Communication Quarterlyjournal
282Management in Educationjournal
283Management International Reviewjournal
284Management Learningjournal
285Management Sciencejournal
286Managerial and Decision Economicsjournal
287Managerial Financejournal
288Manufacturing and Service Operations Managementjournal
289MIT Sloan Management Reviewjournal
290Monographs in Leadership and Managementbook serie
291Monthly Labor Reviewjournal
292Moving Integrated Product Development to Service Clouds in the Global Economy - Proceedings of the 21st ISPE Inc. International Conference on Concurrent Engineering, CE 2014conference and proceeding
293Nankai Business Review Internationaljournal
294Negotiation and Conflict Management Researchjournal
295Negotiation Journaljournal
296New Directions for Evaluationjournal
297New Technology, Work and Employmentjournal
298Nonprofit Management & Leadershipjournal
299Northwestern Journal of International Law and Businessjournal
300NTUT Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Managementjournal
302Operational Researchjournal
303Operations Management Researchjournal
304Operations Research Perspectivesjournal
305OR55 Keynotes and Extended Abstracts - 55th Conference of the Operational Research Society 2013conference and proceeding
306Organisation Management Journaljournal
308Organization Sciencejournal
309Organization Studiesjournal
310Organizational Culturesjournal
311Organizational Research Methodsjournal
312Paperboard Packagingjournal
313Periodica Polytechnica, Social and Management Sciencesjournal
314Place Branding and Public Diplomacyjournal
315Plant Engineer (London)journal
316Plant Engineeringjournal
317Polish Journal of Management Studiesjournal
318Problems and Perspectives in Managementjournal
319Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Strategic Management and its Support by Information Systems, SMSIS 2013conference and proceeding
320Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Strategic Management and Its Support by Information Systems 2015, SMSIS 2015conference and proceeding
321Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Operational Research in Slovenia, SOR 2013conference and proceeding
322Proceedings of the 24th International Business Information Management Association Conference - Crafting Global Competitive Economies: 2020 Vision Strategic Planning and Smart Implementationconference and proceeding
323Proceedings of the International Conference of DAAAM Balticconference and proceeding
324Production Planning and Controljournal
325Project Management Journaljournal
326Public Performance & Management Reviewjournal
327Public Personnel Managementjournal
328Public Relations Inquiryjournal
330Quality - Access to Successjournal
331Quality Innovation Prosperityjournal
332Quality Progressjournal
333R and D Managementjournal
334RAE Revista de Administracao de Empresas journal
335Research in Transportation Business and Managementjournal
336Research Journal of Business Managementjournal
337Research Methodology in Strategy and Managementbook serie
338Research Policyjournal
339Research Technology Managementjournal
340Review of Industrial Organizationjournal
341Revista Brasileira de Gestao de Negocios journal
342Revue Francaise de Gestionjournal
343Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets and Institutionsjournal
344Risk Managementjournal
345Rivista di Studi sulla Sostenibilitajournal
346Scandinavian Journal of Managementjournal
347School Leadership and Managementjournal
348Security Journaljournal
349Service Businessjournal
350Service Industries Journaljournal
351Society and Economyjournal
352Socio-Economic Planning Sciencesjournal
353South African Journal of Business Managementjournal
354Sport Management Reviewjournal
355Sports, Business and Managementjournal
356Strategic Directionjournal
357Strategic Entrepreneurship Journaljournal
358Strategic Management Journaljournal
359Strategic Organizationjournal
360Strategy and Leadershipjournal
361Supply Chain Managementjournal
362System Dynamics Reviewjournal
363Systemic Practice and Action Researchjournal
364Systems Research and Behavioral Sciencejournal
365Tamkang Journal of International Affairsjournal
366Technology Analysis and Strategic Managementjournal
367Tourism Managementjournal
368TQM Journaljournal
369Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciencesjournal
370Travail et Emploijournal
371World of Mining - Surface and Undergroundjournal
372Zeitschrift für Evaluationjournal
373ZWF Zeitschrift fuer Wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetriebjournal