Speech and Hearing

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Sr. No.TitleJournal
1Brain and LanguageJournal
2Ear and HearingJournal
32013 IEEE Workshop on Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding, ASRU 2013 - ProceedingsJournal
4Journal of PhoneticsJournal
5International Journal of AudiologyJournal
6Journal of Fluency DisordersJournal
7Audiology and Neuro-OtologyJournal
8Reading and WritingJournal
9Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in SchoolsJournal
10Audiology and Neurotology ExtraJournal
11International Journal of Language and Communication DisordersJournal
12Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing ResearchJournal
13Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf EducationJournal
14AAC: Augmentative and Alternative CommunicationJournal
15American Journal of AudiologyJournal
16American Journal of Speech-Language PathologyJournal
17Language and SpeechJournal
18Journal of the American Academy of AudiologyJournal
19Journal of Communication DisordersJournal
21IEEE/ACM Transactions on Speech and Language ProcessingJournal
22Annals of DyslexiaJournal
23Cochlear Implants InternationalJournal
24Noise and HealthJournal
25Journal of VoiceJournal
26American Annals of the DeafJournal
27Disability and rehabilitation. Assistive technologyJournal
28International Journal of Speech-Language PathologyJournal
29Seminars in HearingJournal
30Clinical Linguistics and PhoneticsJournal
31Child Language Teaching and TherapyJournal
32Seminars in Speech and LanguageJournal
33Topics in Language DisordersJournal
34Journal of the International Phonetic AssociationJournal
35Deafness and Education InternationalJournal
36Folia Phoniatrica et LogopaedicaJournal
37Brain ImpairmentJournal
38Communication Disorders QuarterlyJournal
39Korean Journal of AudiologyJournal
40Hearing, Balance and CommunicationJournal
41Logopedics Phoniatrics VocologyJournal
42Speech, Language and HearingJournal
43Communication Sciences and DisordersJournal
44Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and AudiologyJournal
45Forum LogopadieJournal
46International Journal on Disability and Human DevelopmentJournal
47International Tinnitus JournalJournal
48Revista de Investigacion en LogopediaJournal
49Revista de Logopedia, Foniatria y AudiologiaJournal
50Evidence-Based Communication Assessment and InterventionJournal
51Hearing JournalJournal
52Sprache Stimme GehorJournal
53Stem-, Spraak- en TaalpathologieJournal
54ASHA LeaderJournal
55Japan Journal of Logopedics and PhoniatricsJournal

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