Safety Research

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Sr. No.TitleJournal
1Analytic Methods in Accident Researchjournal
2Journal of Peace Researchjournal
3Global Food Securityjournal
4Global Governancejournal
5Safety Sciencejournal
6Terrorism and Political Violencejournal
7Studies in Conflict and Terrorismjournal
8Asian Securityjournal
9Journal of Applied Volcanologyjournal
10International Journal of Disaster Risk Reductionjournal
11Surveillance & Societyjournal
12Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Managementjournal
13Armed Forces and Societyjournal
14Journal of Transport and Healthjournal
15Traffic Injury Preventionjournal
16Food Analytical Methodsjournal
17International Journal of Disaster Risk Sciencejournal
18Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicologyjournal
19IATSS Researchjournal
20Safety and Health at Workjournal
21Democracy and Securityjournal
22Journal of Transportation Safety and Securityjournal
23Journal of Security and Sustainability Issuesjournal
24Security Journaljournal
25International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotionjournal
26Health Securityjournal
27International Journal of Emergency Servicesjournal
29Crime Prevention and Community Safetyjournal
30Journal of Conflict and Security Lawjournal
31SAE International Journal of Transportation Safetyjournal
32African Securityjournal
33Australian Journal of Emergency Managementjournal
34IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineeringjournal
36Jamba: Journal of Disaster Risk Studiesjournal
37International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomicsjournal
38Journal of Peacebuilding and Developmentjournal
39Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Managementjournal
40Journal of Emergency Managementjournal
41Case Studies in Fire Safetyjournal
42Contemporary British Historyjournal
43Korean Journal of Defense Analysisjournal
44Safer Communitiesjournal
45Journal of Human Securityjournal
46African Security Reviewjournal
47Journal of Strategic Securityjournal
48Strategic Analysisjournal
49Journal of Transportation Securityjournal
50Library and Archival Securityjournal
51World Customs Journaljournal
52Kriminologisches Journaljournal
53Peace and Conflict Studiesjournal
54Journal of Applied Security Researchjournal
55Policy and Practice in Health and Safetyjournal
57Peace Reviewjournal
58European Journal of Risk Regulationjournal
59Progress in Mine Safety Science and Engineering II - Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium of Mine Safety Science and Engineeringconference and proceeding
60Homeland Security Affairsjournal
62Occupational health & safety (Waco, Tex.)journal
63Central European Journal of International and Security Studiesjournal