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Periodical Service
Sr. No.TitleISSN
2Analytical Methods1759-9679
3Biomaterials Science2047-4849
4Catalysis Science & Technology2044-4761
5Chemical Communications1364-548X
6Chemical Science2041-6539
7Chemical Society Reviews1460-4744
9Dalton Transactions1477-9234
10Energy & Environmental Science1754-5706
11Environmental Science: Nano2051-8161
12Environmental Science, Process & Impacts2050-7895
13Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology2053-1419
14Faraday Discussions1364-5498
15Food & Function2042-650X
16Green Chemistry1463-9270
17Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry1364-5544
18Journal of Materials Chemistry A2050-7496
19Journal of Materials Chemistry B2050-7518
20Journal of Materials Chemistry C2050-7534
21Lab on a Chip1473-0189
22Materials Horizons2051-6355
25Molecular Omics2515-4184
26Molecular Systems Design & Engineering2058-9689
28Nanoscale Advances2516-0230
29Nanoscale Horizons2055-6764
30Natural Product Reports1460-4752
31New Journal of Chemistry1369-9261
32Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry1477-0539
33Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences1474-9092
34Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics1463-9084
35Polymer Chemistry1759-9962
36Reaction Chemistry & Engineering2058-9883
37RSC Advances2046-2069
38Soft Matter1744-6848
39Sustainable Energy & Fuels2398-4902
40Toxicology Research2045-4538
41Frontiers Journals
42Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers2052-1553
43Materials Chemistry Frontiers2052-1537
44Organic Chemistry Frontiers2052-4129
45Literature alerting services
46Analytical Abstracts1471-7107
47Chemical Hazards in Industry1476-3907
48Laboratory Hazards Bulletin1476-3915
49Natural Product Updates1478-1557
50Synthetic Reaction Updates2055-6152
52Chemistry World1749-5318
53Education in Chemistry1749-5326
54Book Series
55Issues in Environmental Science & Technology1465-1874

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