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Sr. No.TitleJournal
12013 IEEE International Conference on Technologies for Homeland Security, HST 2013conference and proceeding
22014 1st International Conference on eDemocracy and eGovernment, ICEDEG 2014conference and proceeding
32014 6th International Conference on Electronic Voting: Verifying the Vote, EVOTE 2014 - IEEE Proceedingsconference and proceeding
5Administratie si Management Publicjournal
6Administration and Societyjournal
7Administration in Social Workjournal
8Administrative Science Quarterlyjournal
9Advances in Educational Administrationbook serie
10Advances in Library Administration and Organizationbook serie
11AHURI Final Reportjournal
12American Review of Public Administrationjournal
13Amme Idaresi Dergisijournal
14Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administrationjournal
15Australian Journal of Public Administrationjournal
16Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciencesjournal
17Canadian Public Administrationjournal
18Canadian Public Policy/ Analyse de Politiquesjournal
19Cato Journaljournal
20Central European Journal of Public Policyjournal
21Civil Szemlejournal
22Contemporary Economic Policyjournal
23Criminology & Public Policyjournal
24Critical Perspectives on International Public Sector Managementbook serie
25Critical Policy Studiesjournal
26Educational Administration Quarterlyjournal
27Electronic Governmentjournal
28Environment and Planning C: Government and Policyjournal
29Ethnicity and Inequalities in Health and Social Carejournal
30European Journal of Government and Economicsjournal
31Federal Registerjournal
32Frontiers of Business Research in Chinajournal
36Government and Oppositionjournal
38Homeland Security Affairsjournal
39Human Resources for Healthjournal
40Human Service Organizations Management, Leadership and Governancejournal
41Information Polityjournal
42Information Technology for Developmentjournal
43Innovar: Revista de Ciencias Administrativas y Sociales journal
44Innovation and the Public Sectorbook serie
45Innovation Journaljournal
46International Journal of Electronic Governancejournal
47International Journal of Organization Theory and Behaviorjournal
48International Journal of Public Administrationjournal
49International Journal of Public Policyjournal
50International Journal of Public Sector Managementjournal
51International Journal of Public Sector Performance Managementjournal
52International Public Management Journaljournal
53International Review of Administrative Sciencesjournal
54International Review of Public Administrationjournal
55International Social Security Reviewjournal
56Journal of Accounting, Ethics and Public Policyjournal
57Journal of Asian Public Policyjournal
58Journal of Community Practicejournal
59Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practicejournal
60Journal of Drug Policy Analysisjournal
61Journal of Education and Workjournal
62Journal of Education Financejournal
63Journal of Educational Administrationjournal
64Journal of European Public Policyjournal
65Journal of Higher Education Policy and Managementjournal
66Journal of Housing for the Elderlyjournal
67Journal of Information Technology and Politicsjournal
68Journal of Integrated Carejournal
69Journal of Library Administrationjournal
70Journal of Policy Analysis and Managementjournal
71Journal of Policy Historyjournal
72Journal of Policy Practicejournal
73Journal of Public Administration Research and Theoryjournal
74Journal of Public Affairsjournal
75Journal of Public Policyjournal
76Journal of Public Procurementjournal
77Journal of Public Relations Researchjournal
78Journal of Social Policyjournal
79Lex Localisjournal
80Policy and Internetjournal
81Policy and Politicsjournal
82Policy and Societyjournal
83Policy Sciencesjournal
84Policy Studies Journaljournal
85Politics and Governancejournal
86Politics and the Life Sciencesjournal
87Public Administrationjournal
88Public Administration and Developmentjournal
89Public Administration Reviewjournal
90Public Budgeting and Financejournal
91Public Finance Reviewjournal
92Public Money and Managementjournal
93Public Performance & Management Reviewjournal
94Public Personnel Managementjournal
95Public Policy and Administrationjournal
96Public Services Quarterlyjournal
97Public Works Management and Policyjournal
99RAE Revista de Administracao de Empresas journal
100Reforma y Democraciajournal
101Regulation and Governancejournal
102Research in Public Policy Analysis and Managementbook serie
103Research in Race and Ethnic Relationsbook serie
104Review of Policy Researchjournal
105Review of Public Personnel Administrationjournal
106Revista de Administracao Publica journal
107Revue Francaise d'Administration Publiquejournal
108Rivista Italiana di Politiche Pubblichejournal
109Science and Public Policyjournal
110Scienze Regionalijournal
111Social Policy and Administrationjournal
112Social Security Bulletinjournal
113Society and Economyjournal
114Studies in Public and Non-Profit Governancebook serie
115Teaching Public Administrationjournal
116The Journal of Poverty and Social Justicejournal
117Transforming Government: People, Process and Policyjournal
118Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciencesjournal

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