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Sr. No.Title
1A Contrario. Revue interdisciplinaire de sciences sociales
2Acta Politica
3ADB Economics Working Paper Series
4Advances in Global Leadership
5Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations
6Africa Development/Afrique et Developpement
7African Journal of Legal Studies
8African Security
9African Security Review
10African Studies
11Afrika Spectrum
12Afrique Contemporaine
14American Foreign Policy Interests
15American Journal of International Law
16Analele Universitatii din Bucuresti, Seria Stiinte Politice
17Analise Social
18Analisis Politico
19Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry
20Applied Econometrics and International Development
21Asia Pacific Issues
22Asian Affairs
23Asian Business and Management
24Asian Economic Papers
25Asian Economic Policy Review
26Asian Journal of Political Science
27Asian Politics and Policy
28Asian Security
29Asia-Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law
30Asia-Pacific Review
31Asia-Pacific Social Science Review
33Austral: Brazilian Journal of Strategy and International Relations
34Australian Journal of International Affairs
35Australian Journal of Politics and History
36Austrian Studies
37Baltic Journal of Economics
38Baltic Journal of European Studies
39Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression
40British Journal of Politics and International Relations
41British Politics
42Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
43Business and Politics
44Bylye Gody
45Cahiers du Monde Russe
46Cambridge Review of International Affairs
47Canadian Foreign Policy Journal
48Capitalism, Nature, Socialism
49Central Asia and the Caucasus
50Central Europe
51Central European Journal of International and Security Studies
52CEU Political Science Journal
53China Business Review
54China Quarterly
55China Report
56Chinese Journal of International Law
57Chinese Journal of International Politics
58Citizenship Studies
59Civil Wars
60Cold War History
61Colombia Internacional
62Columbia Journal of Transnational Law
63Common Market Law Review
64Commonwealth and Comparative Politics
65Comparative European Politics
66Comparative Strategy
67Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East
68Competition Policy International
69Conflict Management and Peace Science
70Conflict, Security and Development
71Congress and the Presidency
72Contemporary Arab Affairs
73Contemporary British History
74Contemporary Political Theory
75Contemporary Politics
76Contemporary Security Policy
77Contemporary South Asia
78Contemporary Southeast Asia
79Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development
80Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies
81Cornell International Law Journal
82Creativity Studies
83Critical Review
84Critical Social Policy
85Critical Studies on Terrorism
86Critique Internationale
87Croatian International Relations Review
88Cuadernos del Cendes
90Defence Studies
91Defense and Security Analysis
92Democracy and Security
95Desarrollo y Sociedad
96Diaspora Studies
97Diplomacy and Statecraft
98Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict: Pathways toward Terrorism and Genocide
99East Asia
100East European Jewish Affairs
101East European Politics
102Economic and Political Weekly
103Electoral Studies
104Ensayos Sobre Politica Economica
105ERA Forum
107Ethics and Global Politics
108Ethics and International Affairs
110Etudes de Droit International
111European Business Organization Law Review
112European Integration – Online Papers
113European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice
114European Journal of East Asian Studies
115European Journal of International Law
116European Journal of International Relations
117European Journal of Political Economy
118European Journal of Political Theory
119European Political Science
120European Political Science Review
121European Politics and Society
122European Review
123European Union Politics
124Foreign Affairs
125Foreign Policy
126Foreign Policy Analysis
127French Politics
129Geopolitics Quarterly
130German Politics
131Gestion y Politica Publica
132Global Change, Peace and Security
133Global Crime
134Global Economic Review
135Global Governance
136Global Jurist
137Global Policy
138Global Responsibility to Protect
139Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
140Hamdard Islamicus
141Handbook of International Economics
142Harvard International Law Journal
143Harvard International Review
144Health and Human Rights
145Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences
146Historia Constitucional
147Holocaust and Genocide Studies
148IIC International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law
149Index on Censorship
150India Quarterly
151India Review
152Indo-Iranian Journal
153Information Society
154Innovation and Development
155Insight Turkey
156Intelligence and National Security
157Internasjonal Politikk
158International Affairs
159International and Comparative Law Quarterly
160International Area Studies Review
161International Community Law Review
162International Criminal Law Review
163International Criminal Law Series
164International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics
165International Feminist Journal of Politics
166International Humanitarian Law Series
167International Interactions
168International Journal
169International Journal of Children’s Rights
170International Journal of China Studies
171International Journal of Development Issues
172International Journal of Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations
173International Journal of Euro-Mediterranean Studies
174International Journal of Iberian Studies
175International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence
176International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice
177International Journal of Minority and Group Rights
178International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society
179International Journal of Public Policy
180International Journal of Public Sector Management
181International Journal of Technology and Globalisation
182International Negotiation
183International Organization
184International Organizations Law Review
185International Peacekeeping
186International Political Science Review
187International Politics
188International Relations
189International Relations of the Asia-Pacific
190International Security
191International Spectator
192International Studies
193International Studies Perspectives
194International Studies Quarterly
195International Studies Review
196International Theory: A Journal of International Politics, Law and Philosophy
197Internationale Politik
198Irish Political Studies
199Irish Studies in International Affairs
200Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations
201Island Studies Journal
202Israel Affairs
203Issues and Studies
207Japan and the World Economy
208Japanese Journal of Political Science
209Japanese Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
210Japanese Studies
211Journal of Australian Studies
212Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies
213Journal of Borderlands Studies
214Journal of Chinese Political Science
215Journal of Cold War Studies
216Journal of Common Market Studies
217Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies
218Journal of Comparative Asian Development
219Journal of Conflict Resolution
220Journal of Contemporary African Studies
221Journal of Contemporary European Research
222Journal of Contemporary European Studies
223Journal of Contermporary China
224Journal of Current Chinese Affairs
225Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs
226Journal of East Asian Studies
227Journal of Eastern African Studies
228Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development
229Journal of European Integration
230Journal of European Integration History
231Journal of Human Rights
232Journal of Human Rights Practice
233Journal of Human Security
234Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History
235Journal of Intelligence History
236Journal of International and Global Studies
237Journal of International Relations and Development
238Journal of International Trade Law and Policy
239Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding
240Journal of Israeli History
241Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming
242Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce
243Journal of Modern Italian Studies
244Journal of Modern Jewish Studies
245Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs
246Journal of North African Studies
247Journal of Peace Education
248Journal of Peace Research
249Journal of Peacebuilding and Development
250Journal of Political Ecology
251Journal of Political Ideologies
252Journal of Public Affairs
253Journal of Public and International Affairs
254Journal of Punjab Studies
255Journal of Refugee Studies
256Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy
257Journal of Shi’a Islamic Studies
258Journal of Slavic Military Studies
259Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies
260Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies
261Journal of Strategic Security
262Journal of Strategic Studies
263Journal of the Asian Pacific Economy
264Journal of the History of International Law
265Journal of the Japanese and International Economies
266Journal of the Middle East and Africa
267Journal of Third World Studies
268Journal of Transatlantic Studies
269Journal of Transportation Security
270Journal of War and Culture Studies
271Journal of World Trade
273Korean Journal of Defense Analysis
275Latin American Politics and Society
276Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals
277Legal Aspects of Sustainable Development
278Legal History Library
279Leiden Journal of International Law
280Lithuanian Foreign Policy Review
281Living Reviews in European Governance
282Maghreb – Machrek
283McKinsey Quarterly
284Media, War and Conflict
285Mediterranean Quarterly
286Meditteranean Politics
287Mezinarodni vztahy
288Middle East Critique
289Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication
290Middle East Policy
291Middle East Quarterly
292Middle East Report
293Millennium: Journal of International Studies
294Modern Judaism
295Muslim World Journal of Human Rights
296National Interest
297Nationalism and Ethnic Politics
298Nationalities Papers
299Nations and Nationalism
300Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights
301New Left Review
302New Perspectives
303New Political Economy
304Nijhoff International Trade Law Series
305Nijhoff Studies in European Union Law
306Nonproliferation Review
307Nordic Journal of Human Rights
308Nordic Journal of International Law
309North Korean Review
310Ocean Development and International Law
311OECD Journal: Economic Studies
312Online Journal Modelling the New Europe
313Open Political Science Journal
314Osterreichische Zeitschrift fur Politikwissenschaft
315Pacific Focus
317Peace and Conflict
318Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy
320Perspectives on Global Development and Technology
321Perspectives on Political Science
322Perspectives on Politics
323Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik
324Philippine Political Science Journal
325Philosophy and Public Affairs
326Policy and Society
327Policy Studies
328Politica Economica
329Politica y Gobierno
330Political Power and Social Theory
331Political Psychology
332Political Studies Review
333Politicka Misao
335Politics and Policy
336Politics and Society
338Politologicky Casopis
340Postcolonial Studies
341Post-Soviet Affairs
342Pouvoirs: Revue d’Etudes Constitutionnelles et Politiques
343Quarterly Journal of Political Science
344Raisons Politiques
345Refugee Survey Quarterly
346Refugees and Human Rights
347Regional and Federal Studies
348Regions and Cohesion
349Religion and Human Rights
350Research in Labor Economics
351Research in Political Economy
352Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change
353Review of African Political Economy
354Review of International Political Economy
355Review of International Studies
356Review of Political Economy
357Review of Politics
358Revija za Socijalnu Politiku
359Revista Brasileira de Politica Internacional
360Revista de Ciencia Politica
361Revista de Derecho Comunitario Europeo
362Revista de Economia Mundial
363Revista de Economia Politica/Brazilian Journal of Political Economy
364Revista de Estudios Politicos
365Revista d’Estudis Autonomics i Federals
366Revista Espanola de Ciencia Politica
367Revue d’Economie Politique
368Revue d’Etudes Comparatives Est-Ouest
369Revue du Marche Commun et de L’Union Europeenne
370Revue Francaise de Science Politique
371Revue Internationale de Droit Penal
372Revue Internationale de Politique Comparee
373Revue Internationale et Strategique
374Ricerche di Storia Politica
375RIMA: Review of Indonesian and Malaysian Affairs
376Rivista Italiana di Scienza Politica
377Romanian Journal of European Affairs
378Romanian Journal of Political Science
379RUSI Journal
380Russian Journal of Communication
382Security and Human Rights
383Security Dialogue
384Security Studies
385Small Wars and Insurgencies
386South African Journal of International Affairs
387South Asian Survey
388South East Asia Research
389Southeast Asian Studies
390Southeastern Europe
391Space and Polity
393Stanford Journal of International Law
394State Politics and Policy Quarterly
395Strategic Analysis
396Strategic Comments
398Studia Politica
399Studies in Comparative International Development
400Studies in Conflict and Terrorism
401Studies in East Asian Security and International Relations
402Studies in Law Politics and Society
403Studies in Political Economy
405Swiss Political Science Review
406Taiwanese Political Science Review
407Tamkang Journal of International Affairs
408Teoria y Realidad Constitucional
409Territory, Politics, Governance
410Terrorism and Political Violence
411The Hague Journal of Diplomacy
412The Journal of Legislative Studies
413The Military Balance
414The Muslim World
415Thesis Eleven
416Thunderbird International Business Review
417Transformations in Business and Economics
418Transnational Corporations
419Turkish Studies
420Twentieth-Century China
421Uluslararasi Iliskiler
422UNISCI Discussion Papers
423Utopia y Praxis Latinoamericana
424Washington Quarterly
425Water Alternatives
426Western European Politics
427World Economy
428World Policy Journal
429World Political Science
430World Politics
431World Trade Review