Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation

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1American Journal of Sports MedicineJournal
2British Journal of Sports MedicineJournal
3Sports MedicineJournal
4International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical ActivityJournal
5Medicine and Science in Sports and ExerciseJournal
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7Journal of Science and Medicine in SportJournal
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11Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical TherapyJournal
12Journal of Strength and Conditioning ResearchJournal
13Journal of Head Trauma RehabilitationJournal
14Journal of Neurologic Physical TherapyJournal
15Journal of PhysiotherapyJournal
16Physical TherapyJournal
17Clinical RehabilitationJournal
18Journal of Sports SciencesJournal
19European Journal of Sport ScienceJournal
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21Physical Education and Sport PedagogyJournal
22Journal of Sport ManagementJournal
23Manual TherapyJournal
24Journal of Sports Science and MedicineJournal
25Clinical Journal of Sport MedicineJournal
26Qualitiative Research in Sport, Exercise and HealthJournal
27Pediatric Excercise ScienceJournal
28Sports HealthJournal
30Journal of Rehabilitation MedicineJournal
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32Sports BiomechanicsJournal
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42Physiotherapy research international : the journal for researchers and clinicians in physical therapyJournal
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45Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy ReviewJournal
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