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> AAPS Journal
> AAPS PharmSciTech
> Acta Farmaceutica Bonaerense
> Acta Pharmaceutica
> Acta Pharmaceutica Hungarica
> Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica
> Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews
> Advanced healthcare materials
> American Pharmaceutical Review
> Anales de la Real Academia Nacional de Farmacia
> Anales de la Real Academia Nacional de Medicina
> Ankara Universitesi Eczacilik Fakultesi Dergisi
> Annales Pharmaceutiques Francaises
> Apoptosis : an international journal on programmed cell death
> Applied and Translational Genomics
> Archiv der Pharmazie
> Arhiv za Farmaciju
> Ars Pharmaceutica
> Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine and Biotechnology
> Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research
> Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
> Bioconjugate Chemistry
> BioImpacts
> Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
> Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry
> Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters
> BioPharm International
> Biopharmaceutics and Drug Disposition
> Bulletin of Pharmaceutical Sciences
> Canadian Pharmacists Journal
> Cancer Nanotechnology
> Ceska a Slovenska Farmacie
> Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal
> Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs
> Clinical Medicine Insights: Therapeutics
> Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development
> Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs
> Critical Reviews in Therapeutic Drug Carrier Systems
> Current Drug Delivery
> Current Nanoscience
> Current Pharmaceutical Analysis
> Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
> Current Trends in Biotechnology and Pharmacy
> Der Pharmacia Lettre
> Dhaka University Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
> Die Pharmazie
> Dissolution Technologies
> Drug Delivery
> Drug Delivery and Translational Research
> Drug Delivery Letters
> Drug Delivery System
> Drug Delivery Technology
> Drug Design, Development and Therapy
> Drug Metabolism and Disposition
> Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics
> Drug Metabolism Letters
> Drug Testing and Analysis
> Drug Topics
> EBR – European Biopharmaceutical Review
> EPC – European Pharmaceutical Contractor
> Eurasian Journal of Analytical Chemistry
> European Journal of Parenteral and Pharmaceutical Sciences
> European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
> European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics
> Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery
> Fabad Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
> Farmaceuticky Obzor
> Farmaceutski Glasnik
> Farmacevtski Vestnik
> Farmatsija
> GMP Review
> IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience
> Indian Drugs
> Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
> Industrial Pharmacy
> Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology
> International Journal of Applied Pharmaceutics
> International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy
> International Journal of Cosmetic Science
> International Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Review and Research
> International Journal of Drug Delivery
> International Journal of Drug Delivery Technology
> International Journal of Genomics
> International Journal of Green Nanotechnology
> International Journal of Green Pharmacy
> International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research
> International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding
> International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
> International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research
> International Journal of Pharmaceutics
> International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
> International Journal of Pharmacy Practice
> International Journal of PharmTech Research
> International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy
> International Research Journal of Pharmacy
> Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
> Jordan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
> Journal de Pharmacie de Belgique
> Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology and Research
> Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery
> Journal of Asian Natural Products Research
> Journal of Bioanalysis and Biomedicine
> Journal of Bioequivalence and Bioavailability
> Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology
> Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research
> Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research
> Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
> Journal of China Pharmaceutical University
> Journal of Chinese Pharmaceutical Sciences
> Journal of Controlled Release
> Journal of Drug Delivery
> Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology
> Journal of Drug Targeting
> Journal of Excipients and Food Chemicals
> Journal of Exercise Science and Fitness
> Journal of Generic Medicines
> Journal of Global Pharma Technology
> Journal of International Pharmaceutical Research
> Journal of Liposome Research
> Journal of Liquid Chromatography and Related Technologies
> Journal of Microencapsulation
> Journal of Nanobiotechnology
> Journal of Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology
> Journal of Nanopharmaceutics and Drug Delivery
> Journal of Natural Medicines
> Journal of Natural Products
> Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis
> Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation
> Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation
> Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results
> Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
> Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research
> Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
> Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacognosy Research
> Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
> Journal of Pharmacy Research
> Journal of Pharmacy Technology
> Journal of Texture Studies
> Klinicka Farmakologie a Farmacie
> Korean Journal of Pharmacognosy
> Letters in Drug Design and Discovery
> Manufacturing Chemist
> MedChemComm
> Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
> Molecular Pharmaceutics
> Nano LIFE
> Nano Today
> Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine
> Nanotechnology, Science and Applications
> ONdrugDelivery
> Open Bioactive Compounds Journal
> Open Drug Delivery Journal
> Open Medicinal Chemistry Journal
> Open Pharmacology Journal
> Open Vaccine Journal
> Orphan Drugs: Research and Reviews
> Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
> PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
> Perspectives in Medicinal Chemistry
> Pharmaceutical Biology
> Pharmaceutical biotechnology
> Pharmaceutical Care and Research
> Pharmaceutical Care Espana
> Pharmaceutical Development and Technology
> Pharmaceutical Discovery, Development and Manufacturing Forum 2013 – Core Programming Area at the 2013 AIChE Annual Meeting: Global Challenges for Engineering a Sustainable Future
> Pharmaceutical Engineering
> Pharmaceutical Journal
> Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer
> Pharmaceutical Outsourcing
> Pharmaceutical patent analyst
> Pharmaceutical Research
> Pharmaceutical Sciences
> Pharmaceutical Technology
> Pharmaceutical Technology Europe
> Pharmaceuticals
> Pharmaceutics
> Pharmacognosy Magazine
> Pharmacy Education
> Pharmacy Practice
> Pharmacy times
> Pharmakeftiki
> Pharmazeutische Industrie
> Phytomedicine
> Planta Medica
> Profiles of Drug Substances, Excipients and Related Methodology
> PZ Prisma
> Recent Patents on Drug Delivery and Formulation
> Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy
> Results in Pharma Sciences
> Revista Cubana de Farmacia
> Revista de Ciencias Farmaceuticas Basica e Aplicada
> Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Farmaceuticas
> S.T.P. Pharma Pratiques
> SA Pharmaceutical Journal
> Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal
> Scientia Pharmaceutica
> Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research
> Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy
> Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy
> Thai Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
> Therapeutic delivery
> Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research
> Turkish Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
> U.S. Pharmacist
> Yakugaku Zasshi

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