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1Nano TodayJournal
2Advanced Drug Delivery ReviewsJournal
3Journal of Drug DeliveryJournal
4Journal of Controlled ReleaseJournal
5Perspectives in Medicinal ChemistryJournal
6Advanced healthcare materialsJournal
7Bioconjugate ChemistryJournal
8Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and MedicineJournal
10Molecular PharmaceuticsJournal
11Apoptosis : an international journal on programmed cell deathJournal
12Expert Opinion on Drug DeliveryJournal
13Drug Metabolism and DispositionJournal
14European Journal of Pharmaceutics and BiopharmaceuticsJournal
15Journal of Cardiovascular Translational ResearchJournal
16International Journal of PharmaceuticsJournal
17European Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
18Journal of Natural ProductsJournal
19Journal of NanobiotechnologyJournal
20AAPS JournalJournal
21Pharmaceutical ResearchJournal
23Drug Testing and AnalysisJournal
24Nanotechnology, Science and ApplicationsJournal
25Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
26Bioorganic and Medicinal ChemistryJournal
28Drug Delivery and Translational ResearchJournal
29Research in Social and Administrative PharmacyJournal
30Drug Design, Development and TherapyJournal
31Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
32Journal of Biomedical NanotechnologyJournal
33Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical AnalysisJournal
35Cancer NanotechnologyJournal
36Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry LettersJournal
37International Journal of GenomicsJournal
38Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug DeliveryJournal
39Journal of Drug TargetingJournal
40Journal of Pharmacy and PharmacologyJournal
41AAPS PharmSciTechJournal
43International Journal of Clinical PharmacyJournal
44Journal of Natural MedicinesJournal
45Drug Metabolism and PharmacokineticsJournal
46Saudi Pharmaceutical JournalJournal
47Journal of Texture StudiesJournal
48Planta MedicaJournal
49Biological and Pharmaceutical BulletinJournal
50Journal of Excipients and Food ChemicalsJournal
51Therapeutic deliveryJournal
52Drug DeliveryJournal
53Current Pharmaceutical BiotechnologyJournal
54Biopharmaceutics and Drug DispositionJournal
55Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
56Critical Reviews in Therapeutic Drug Carrier SystemsJournal
57Pharmaceutical BiologyJournal
58IEEE Transactions on NanobioscienceJournal
59International Journal of Applied PharmaceuticsJournal
60International Journal of Cosmetic ScienceJournal
61Journal of Pharmaceutical InnovationJournal
62Archiv der PharmazieJournal
63Journal of Liposome ResearchJournal
64Statistics in Biopharmaceutical ResearchJournal
65Pharmaceutical Development and TechnologyJournal
66Current Drug DeliveryJournal
67Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology and ResearchJournal
68Journal of MicroencapsulationJournal
69PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and TechnologyJournal
70International Journal of Pharmacy PracticeJournal
71Clinical Pharmacology in Drug DevelopmentJournal
72Die PharmazieJournal
73Open Medicinal Chemistry JournalJournal
74Pharmacognosy MagazineJournal
75Journal of Nanomedicine and NanotechnologyJournal
76Open Drug Delivery JournalJournal
77Pharmacy Practice Journal
78International Journal of PharmTech ResearchJournal
79Journal of Asian Natural Products ResearchJournal
80Clinical Research and Regulatory AffairsJournal
81Applied and Translational GenomicsJournal
82Canadian Pharmacists JournalJournal
83Drug Metabolism LettersJournal
84Sustainable Chemistry and PharmacyJournal
85Journal of Drug Delivery Science and TechnologyJournal
86Molecular and Cellular PharmacologyJournal
87Drug Delivery LettersJournal
88Acta Poloniae PharmaceuticaJournal
89Acta PharmaceuticaJournal
90Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
91Journal of Pharmaceutical InvestigationJournal
92Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
93Pharmaceutical patent analystJournal
94Scientia PharmaceuticaJournal
95Letters in Drug Design and DiscoveryJournal
96Recent Patents on Drug Delivery and FormulationJournal
97Dissolution TechnologiesJournal
98Journal of Nanopharmaceutics and Drug DeliveryJournal
99Results in Pharma SciencesJournal
100Journal of Liquid Chromatography and Related TechnologiesJournal
101Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical ResearchJournal
102Nano LIFEJournal
103Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical ResearchJournal
104International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
105Current NanoscienceJournal
106Dhaka University Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
107Journal of Pharmacy ResearchJournal
108Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine and BiotechnologyJournal
109Annales Pharmaceutiques FrancaisesJournal
110Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
111Current Pharmaceutical AnalysisJournal
112Journal of Exercise Science and FitnessJournal
113Clinical Medicine Insights: TherapeuticsJournal
114Profiles of Drug Substances, Excipients and Related MethodologyJournal
115Korean Journal of PharmacognosyJournal
116International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and ResearchJournal
117American Pharmaceutical ReviewJournal
118Pharmazeutische IndustrieJournal
119International Journal of Drug DeliveryJournal
120Journal of Bioequivalence and BioavailabilityJournal
121Pharmaceutical Care and ResearchJournal
122Pharmaceutical Care EspanaJournal
123Eurasian Journal of Analytical ChemistryJournal
124Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacognosy ResearchJournal
125Pharmacy EducationJournal
126International Journal of Green PharmacyJournal
127Journal of Bioanalysis and BiomedicineJournal
128Yakugaku ZasshiJournal
129Turkish Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
130Acta Farmaceutica BonaerenseJournal
131International Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Review and ResearchJournal
132Revista Cubana de Farmacia Journal
133Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and ResearchJournal
134Der Pharmacia LettreJournal
135BioPharm InternationalJournal
136Chinese Pharmaceutical JournalJournal
137Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
138Journal of Chinese Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
139Farmacevtski VestnikJournal
140Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical ResearchJournal
141Pharmaceutical TechnologyJournal
142International Journal of Drug Delivery TechnologyJournal
143Pharmaceutical OutsourcingJournal
144Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative ResultsJournal
145International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and PharmacyJournal
146International Journal of Pharmaceutical CompoundingJournal
147Revista de Ciencias Farmaceuticas Basica e AplicadaJournal
148Journal of Generic MedicinesJournal
149Ceska a Slovenska FarmacieJournal
150Systematic Reviews in PharmacyJournal
151Thai Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
152Drug Delivery TechnologyJournal
153Journal of Pharmacy TechnologyJournal
154Chinese Traditional and Herbal DrugsJournal
155Current Trends in Biotechnology and PharmacyJournal
156International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical ResearchJournal
157Pharmaceutical JournalJournal
158International Research Journal of PharmacyJournal
159Klinicka Farmakologie a FarmacieJournal
160Journal de Pharmacie de BelgiqueJournal
161Journal of China Pharmaceutical UniversityJournal
162Bulletin of Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
163Pharmaceutical EngineeringJournal
164Open Bioactive Compounds JournalJournal
165SA Pharmaceutical JournalJournal
166Acta Pharmaceutica HungaricaJournal
167Pharmacy timesJournal
169Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
170Pharmaceutical Technology EuropeJournal
172Anales de la Real Academia Nacional de FarmaciaJournal
174Open Vaccine JournalJournal
175Ars PharmaceuticaJournal
176International Journal of Green NanotechnologyJournal
177Farmaceutski GlasnikJournal
178Journal of International Pharmaceutical ResearchJournal
179Farmaceuticky ObzorJournal
180Orphan Drugs: Research and ReviewsJournal
181Jordan Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
182Indian DrugsJournal
183Open Pharmacology JournalJournal
184Revista Mexicana de Ciencias FarmaceuticasJournal
185U.S. PharmacistJournal
186Industrial PharmacyJournal
187Drug Delivery SystemJournal
188International Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
189Innovations in Pharmaceutical TechnologyJournal
190Ankara Universitesi Eczacilik Fakultesi DergisiJournal
191Arhiv za FarmacijuJournal
192Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing SourcerJournal
193Pharmaceutical biotechnologyJournal
194European Journal of Parenteral and Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
195Journal of Global Pharma TechnologyJournal
196Fabad Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
197GMP ReviewJournal
198Anales de la Real Academia Nacional de MedicinaJournal
199Pharmaceutical Discovery, Development and Manufacturing Forum 2013 - Core Programming Area at the 2013 AIChE Annual Meeting: Global Challenges for Engineering a Sustainable FutureJournal
200Drug TopicsJournal
201S.T.P. Pharma PratiquesJournal
202PZ PrismaJournal
203EBR - European Biopharmaceutical ReviewJournal
204EPC - European Pharmaceutical ContractorJournal
205Manufacturing ChemistJournal