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1Nature BiotechnologyJournal
2Cell Stem CellJournal
3Pharmacological ReviewsJournal
4Molecular Aspects of MedicineJournal
5EMBO Molecular MedicineJournal
6Trends in Molecular MedicineJournal
7Genome MedicineJournal
8Molecular TherapyJournal
9Cell Chemical BiologyJournal
10Cellular and Molecular Life SciencesJournal
11Stem CellsJournal
12Journal of Molecular DiagnosticsJournal
13Medicinal Research ReviewsJournal
14Molecular Therapy - Nucleic AcidsJournal
15ACS Chemical BiologyJournal
16Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular Basis of DiseaseJournal
17Molecular OncologyJournal
18Journal of Medicinal ChemistryJournal
19Molecular CancerJournal
20Biomolecular Detection and QuantificationJournal
21Molecular PharmacologyJournal
22Journal of Molecular MedicineJournal
23Experimental and Molecular MedicineJournal
24Frontiers in GeneticsJournal
25Advances in Biological RegulationJournal
27Human Gene TherapyJournal
29Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental TherapeuticsJournal
30Clinical and Translational MedicineJournal
31Journal of Cellular and Molecular MedicineJournal
32Expert Opinion on Therapeutic TargetsJournal
33Expert Reviews in Molecular MedicineJournal
34Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational ScienceJournal
35Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and MedicineJournal
36Progress in Medicinal ChemistryJournal
37Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B: Molecular and Developmental EvolutionJournal
38Molecular PainJournal
40Molecular PharmaceuticsJournal
41Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyJournal
42Expert Review of VaccinesJournal
43NeuroMolecular MedicineJournal
44NMR in BiomedicineJournal
45Stem Cell Research and TherapyJournal
46Gene TherapyJournal
47Journal of Cardiovascular Translational ResearchJournal
48Pharmacogenomics JournalJournal
49Current Molecular MedicineJournal
51Molecular MedicineJournal
52Journal of Biomolecular ScreeningJournal
53Human GenomicsJournal
54Biotechnology journalJournal
55Current Gene TherapyJournal
57Journal of Natural ProductsJournal
58Journal for ImmunoTherapy of CancerJournal
59Nucleic Acid TherapeuticsJournal
60Vascular PharmacologyJournal
61Journal of NanobotechnologyJournal
62Pharmacogenomics and Personalized MedicineJournal
63Cellular OncologyJournal
64Current Drug TargetsJournal
65Cancer Biology and TherapyJournal
67Pharmaceutical ResearchJournal
68Journal of Gene MedicineJournal
69Cancer Gene TherapyJournal
70Current Medicinal ChemistryJournal
71Current molecular pharmacologyJournal
73American Journal of Translational ResearchJournal
74AIDS Research and TherapyJournal
75Pharmacogenetics and GenomicsJournal
76Bioorganic and Medicinal ChemistryJournal
77Journal of Pharmacological SciencesJournal
78Clinical ProteomicsJournal
79Drug Discovery Today: TechnologiesJournal
80Biomolecules and TherapeuticsJournal
81Future Medicinal ChemistryJournal
83OMICS A Journal of Integrative BiologyJournal
84Blood Cells, Molecules, and DiseasesJournal
85Expert Review of Molecular DiagnosticsJournal
87Human gene therapy methodsJournal
88Bioinspiration and BiomimeticsJournal
89Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry LettersJournal
90Journal of Stem CellsJournal
91Assay and Drug Development TechnologiesJournal
92Drug Discovery Today: Disease MechanismsJournal
93Nuclear Medicine and BiologyJournal
94Progress in Drug ResearchJournal
95Molecular Diagnosis and TherapyJournal
96Chemical Biology and Drug DesignJournal
97Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal ChemistryJournal
98Journal of Biochemical and Molecular ToxicologyJournal
99Phytochemical AnalysisJournal
100Molecular Therapy - Methods and Clinical DevelopmentJournal
101Biomarker InsightsJournal
102Archives of Pharmacal ResearchJournal
103Viral ImmunologyJournal
104Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - ClinicalJournal
105Drugs in ContextJournal
106Planta MedicaJournal
107Molecular InformaticsJournal
108Cardiovascular and Hematological Disorders - Drug TargetsJournal
109Journal of Peptide ScienceJournal
110Advances in Pharmacological SciencesJournal
111Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and BiologyJournal
112Chemistry and BiodiversityJournal
113Molecular CytogeneticsJournal
114Acta NaturaeJournal
115Molecular Medicine ReportsJournal
116Analytical Cellular PathologyJournal
117Pharmaceutical BiologyJournal
118Infectious Disorders - Drug TargetsJournal
119Expert Opinion on Medical DiagnosticsJournal
120Cellular OncologyJournal
121Virologica SinicaJournal
122Central Nervous System Agents in Medicinal ChemistryJournal
123Future CardiologyJournal
124Probiotics and Antimicrobial ProteinsJournal
125Open Medicinal Chemistry JournalJournal
126Molecular ImagingJournal
127Personalized MedicineJournal
128Biotechnology and Applied BiochemistryJournal
129SAR and QSAR in Environmental ResearchJournal
130Journal of Asian Natural Products ResearchJournal
131Drug Discovery Today: Disease ModelsJournal
132Genomics DataJournal
133EXCLI JournalJournal
134International Journal of Peptide Research and TherapeuticsJournal
135Letters in Drug Design and DiscoveryJournal
136Topics in Medicinal ChemistryJournal
137Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic AcidsJournal
138Current Computer-Aided Drug DesignJournal
139Current Chemical Genomics and Translational MedicineJournal
140Current Pharmaceutical AnalysisJournal
141Journal of Biological SciencesJournal
142Profiles of Drug Substances, Excipients and Related MethodologyJournal
143Drug Discovery Today: Therapeutic StrategiesJournal
144Yao xue xue bao = Acta pharmaceutica SinicaJournal
146Current Cancer Therapy ReviewsJournal
147Nucleus (India)Journal
148Current Enzyme InhibitionJournal
149Turkish Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesJournal
150MCB Molecular and Cellular BiomechanicsJournal
151Molecular Therapy - OncolyticsJournal
152Recent Patents on BiomarkersJournal
153Forum on Immunopathological Diseases and TherapeuticsJournal
154IEEE International Conference on Nano/Molecular Medicine and Engineering, NANOMEDJournal
155European Pharmaceutical ReviewJournal
156International Journal of Medicinal ChemistryJournal
157Open Bioactive Compounds JournalJournal
158Open Genomics JournalJournal
159Methods in Pharmacology and ToxicologyJournal
160Biochemistry (Moscow) Supplement Series B: Biomedical ChemistryJournal
161Current Pharmacogenomics and Personalized MedicineJournal
162Gene Therapy and Molecular BiologyJournal
163Journal of Experimental PharmacologyJournal
164Open Pharmacology JournalJournal
165Cellular Therapy and TransplantationJournal
166Chinese Journal of Cancer BiotherapyJournal
167VacciMonitor Journal