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110th European Conference On Turbomachinery Fluid Dynamics And Thermodynamics, ETC 2013Conference And Proceeding
210th France-Japan Congress, 8th Europe-Asia Congress On Mecatronics, MECATRONICS 2014Conference And Proceeding
310th International Conference On Condition Monitoring And Machinery Failure Prevention Technologies 2013, CM 2013 And MFPT 2013Conference And Proceeding
411th IIR Gustav Lorentzen Conference On Natural Refrigerants: Natural Refrigerants And Environmental Protection, GL 2014Conference And Proceeding
511th International Conference On Condition Monitoring And Machinery Failure Prevention Technologies, CM 2014 / MFPT 2014Conference And Proceeding
611th World Congress On Computational Mechanics, WCCM 2014, 5th European Conference On Computational Mechanics, ECCM 2014 And 6th European Conference On Computational Fluid Dynamics, ECFD 2014Conference And Proceeding
712th International Conference Of The Slovenian Society For Non-Destructive Testing: Application Of Contemporary Non-Destructive Testing In Engineering, ICNDT 2013 - Conference ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
815th International Symposium On Transport Phenomena And Dynamics Of Rotating Machinery, ISROMAC 2014Conference And Proceeding
92013 2nd International Congress Of Engineering Mechatronics And Automation, CIIMA 2013 - Conference ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
102013 9th International Symposium On Mechatronics And Its Applications, ISMA 2013Conference And Proceeding
112013 Aviation Technology, Integration, And Operations ConferenceConference And Proceeding
122013 IEEE International Conference On Mechatronics And Automation, IEEE ICMA 2013Conference And Proceeding
132013 IEEE International Conference On Mechatronics, ICM 2013Conference And Proceeding
142013 IEEE/ASME International Conference On Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics: Mechatronics For Human Wellbeing, AIM 2013Conference And Proceeding
152013 International No-Dig DownunderConference And Proceeding
162014 15th International Workshop On Research And Education In Mechatronics, REM 2014Conference And Proceeding
172014 17th IEEE International Conference On Intelligent Transportation Systems, ITSC 2014Conference And Proceeding
182014 17th International Conference On Electrical Machines And Systems, ICEMS 2014Conference And Proceeding
192014 2nd RSI/ISM International Conference On Robotics And Mechatronics, Icrom 2014Conference And Proceeding
202014 3rd International Congress Of Engineering Mechatronics And Automation, CIIMA 2014 - Conference ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
212014 4th International Electric Drives Production Conference, EDPC 2014 - ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
222014 Annual International Conference On Emerging Research Areas: Magnetics, Machines And Drives, AICERA/Icmmd 2014 - ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
232014 IEEE International Conference On Mechatronics And Automation, IEEE ICMA 2014Conference And Proceeding
242014 IEEE Vehicle Power And Propulsion Conference, VPPC 2014Conference And Proceeding
252014 International Conference On Manipulation, Manufacturing And Measurement On The Nanoscale, 3M-NANO 2014 - Conference ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
262014 International Conference On Mechatronics, Electronic, Industrial And Control Engineering, MEIC 2014Conference And Proceeding
272014 International Conference On Science Engineering And Management Research, ICSEMR 2014Conference And Proceeding
282014 International Symposium On Micro-Nanomechatronics And Human Science, MHS 2014Conference And Proceeding
292015 International Conference On Mechanics - Seventh Polyakhov's ReadingConference And Proceeding
302015 Joint Rail Conference, JRC 2015Conference And Proceeding
3120th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics ConferenceConference And Proceeding
3220th Annual International Conference On Mechatronics And Machine Vision In Practice, M2VIP 2013Conference And Proceeding
3320th ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013Conference And Proceeding
3421st AIAA Computational Fluid Dynamics ConferenceConference And Proceeding
3521st World Congress On Intelligent Transport Systems, ITSWC 2014: Reinventing Transportation In Our Connected WorldConference And Proceeding
3622nd AIAA/ASME/AHS Adaptive Structures ConferenceConference And Proceeding
3723rd AIAA/AHS Adaptive Structures ConferenceConference And Proceeding
3826th International Conference On Computer Applications In Industry And Engineering, CAINE 2013Conference And Proceeding
3928th Space Simulation Conference - Extreme Environments: Pushing The BoundariesConference And Proceeding
402D MaterialsJournal
4131st AIAA Applied Aerodynamics ConferenceConference And Proceeding
4232nd AIAA Applied Aerodynamics ConferenceConference And Proceeding
4332nd ASME Wind Energy SymposiumConference And Proceeding
4433rd Wind Energy SymposiumConference And Proceeding
4543rd Fluid Dynamics ConferenceConference And Proceeding
4644th AIAA Thermophysics ConferenceConference And Proceeding
4750th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference 2014Conference And Proceeding
485th Asian Conference On Multibody Dynamics 2010, ACMD 2010Conference And Proceeding
495th World Tribology Congress, WTC 2013Conference And Proceeding
507th International Workshop NDT In Progress: NDT Of Lightweight MaterialsConference And Proceeding
518th Australasian Congress On Applied Mechanics, ACAM 2014, As Part Of Engineers Australia Convention 2014Conference And Proceeding
528th FPNI Ph.D Symposium On Fluid Power, FPNI 2014Conference And Proceeding
539th International Conference On Condition Monitoring And Machinery Failure Prevention Technologies 2012, CM 2012 And MFPT 2012Conference And Proceeding
549th South African Conference On Computational And Applied Mechanics, SACAM 2014Conference And Proceeding
55ABB ReviewJournal
56ACRA 2014 - Proceedings Of The 7th Asian Conference On Refrigeration And Air ConditioningConference And Proceeding
57Acta IMEKOJournal
58Acta MechanicaJournal
59Acta Mechanica Et AutomaticaJournal
60Acta Mechanica Sinica/Lixue XuebaoJournal
61Acta Mechanica Solida SinicaJournal
62Advance Engine Design And PerformanceConference And Proceeding
63Advanced Composite MaterialsJournal
64Advanced MaterialsJournal
65Advanced Materials And ProcessesJournal
66Advanced Materials InterfacesJournal
67Advanced Steel ConstructionJournal
68Advances And Applications In Fluid MechanicsJournal
69Advances In Applied Mathematics And MechanicsJournal
70Advances In Applied MechanicsBook Serie
71Advances In Heat TransferBook Serie
72Advances In ManufacturingJournal
73Advances In Mechanical EngineeringJournal
74Advances In MechanicsJournal
75Advances In Military TechnologyJournal
76Advances In Production Engineering And ManagementJournal
77Advances In TribologyJournal
78Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Technology ConferencesConference And Proceeding
79AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics (AFM) ConferenceConference And Proceeding
80AIAA AVIATION 2014 - 30th AIAA Aerodynamic Measurement Technology And Ground Testing ConferenceConference And Proceeding
81AIAA AVIATION 2014 -11th AIAA/ASME Joint Thermophysics And Heat Transfer ConferenceConference And Proceeding
82AIAA AVIATION 2014 -14th AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration, And Operations ConferenceConference And Proceeding
83AIAA AVIATION 2014 -15th AIAA/ISSMO Multidisciplinary Analysis And Optimization ConferenceConference And Proceeding
84AIAA AVIATION 2014 -19th AIAA International Space Planes And Hypersonic Systems And Technologies ConferenceConference And Proceeding
85AIAA AVIATION 2014 -7th AIAA Flow Control ConferenceConference And Proceeding
86AIAA AVIATION 2014 -7th AIAA Theoretical Fluid Mechanics ConferenceConference And Proceeding
87AIAA AVIATION 2014 -AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics ConferenceConference And Proceeding
88AIAA AVIATION 2014 -AIAA/3AF Aircraft Noise And Emissions Reduction SymposiumConference And Proceeding
89AIAA Spacecraft Structures ConferenceConference And Proceeding
90American Society Of Agricultural And Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting 2014, ASABE 2014Conference And Proceeding
91American Society Of Mechanical Engineers, Noise Control And Acoustics Division (Publication) NCADConference And Proceeding
92American Society Of Mechanical Engineers, Power Division (Publication) POWERConference And Proceeding
93American Society Of Mechanical Engineers, Pressure Vessels And Piping Division (Publication) PVPConference And Proceeding
94American Society Of Mechanical Engineers, Rail Transportation Division (Publication) RTDConference And Proceeding
95Annals Of "Dunarea De Jos" University Of Galati, Fascicle XII, Welding Equipment And TechnologyJournal
96Annals Of DAAAM And Proceedings Of The International DAAAM SymposiumConference And Proceeding
97Annals Of Solid And Structural MechanicsJournal
98Applied EnergyJournal
99Applied Mathematics And Mechanics (English Edition)Journal
100Applied Mechanics ReviewsJournal
101Archive For Rational Mechanics And AnalysisJournal
102Archive Of Applied MechanicsJournal
103Archive Of Mechanical EngineeringJournal
104Archives Of Civil And Mechanical EngineeringJournal
105Archives Of MechanicsJournal
106ASHRAE JournalJournal
107ASHRAE StandardJournal
108ASHRAE TransactionsConference And Proceeding
109ASM Proceedings Of The International Conference: Trends In Welding ResearchConference And Proceeding
110ASME 2013 Summer Bioengineering Conference, SBC 2013Conference And Proceeding
111ASME 2013 Turbine Blade Tip Symposium, TBTS 2013Conference And Proceeding
112ASME 2014 12th Biennial Conference On Engineering Systems Design And Analysis, ESDA 2014Conference And Proceeding
113ASME 2014 Dynamic Systems And Control Conference, DSCC 2014Conference And Proceeding
114ASME 2014 Gas Turbine India Conference, GTINDIA 2014Conference And Proceeding
115ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress And Exposition, Proceedings (IMECE)Conference And Proceeding
116Australian Journal Of Mechanical EngineeringJournal
117Australian Journal Of Structural EngineeringJournal
118Automotive Engineer (London)Journal
119BHR Group - 19th International Conference On Hydrotransport 2014Conference And Proceeding
120Binggong Xuebao/Acta ArmamentariiJournal
121Biomechanics And Modeling In MechanobiologyJournal
122Biomedical Engineering (New York) (English Translation Of Meditsinskaya Tekhnika)Journal
124Building AcousticsJournal
125Canadian Biosystems Engineering / Le Genie Des Biosystems Au CanadaJournal
126Case Studies In Mechanical Systems And Signal ProcessingJournal
127Chang'an Daxue Xuebao (Ziran Kexue Ban)/Journal Of Chang'an University (Natural Science Edition)Journal
128China Ocean EngineeringJournal
129China Petroleum Processing And Petrochemical TechnologyJournal
130Chinese Journal Of AeronauticsJournal
131Chinese Journal Of Engineering DesignJournal
132Chinese Journal Of Mechanical Engineering (English Edition)Journal
133Chuan Bo Li Xue/Journal Of Ship MechanicsJournal
134CIRP Annals - Manufacturing TechnologyJournal
135Coal AgeJournal
136Coal InternationalJournal
137Collection Of Technical Papers - AIAA/ASME/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics And Materials ConferenceConference And Proceeding
138Composites Part B: EngineeringJournal
139Computational MechanicsJournal
140Computer Assisted Mechanics And Engineering SciencesJournal
141Computer Methods In Applied Mechanics And EngineeringJournal
142Computers And StructuresJournal
143Conference Proceedings - 14th International Conference Of The European Society For Precision Engineering And Nanotechnology, EUSPEN 2014Conference And Proceeding
144Cutting Tool EngineeringJournal
145Dandao Xuebao/Journal Of BallisticsJournal
146Defence Science JournalJournal
148Diamond And Related MaterialsJournal
149Diesel Progress North American EditionJournal
150EAN 2014 - 52nd International Conference On Experimental Stress AnalysisConference And Proceeding
151Earthquake Engineering And Engineering VibrationJournal
152Easterneuropean Journal Of Enterprise TechnologiesJournal
153Electric Power Components And SystemsJournal
154Electrical Systems For Aircraft, Railway And Ship Propulsion, ESARSConference And Proceeding
155Energy And BuildingsJournal
156Engineered SystemsJournal
158Engineering Failure AnalysisJournal
159Engineering Fracture MechanicsJournal
160European Journal Of Computational MechanicsJournal
161European Journal Of Mechanics, A/SolidsJournal
162European Transport Research ReviewJournal
163Experimental MechanicsJournal
164Experimental TechniquesJournal
165Experimental Thermal And Fluid ScienceJournal
166Extreme Mechanics LettersJournal
167Facta Universitatis, Series: Mechanical EngineeringJournal
168Fatigue And Fracture Of Engineering Materials And StructuresJournal
169Fluid DynamicsJournal
170Fluid Dynamics ResearchJournal
171Fluid Mechanics And Its ApplicationsBook Serie
172FME TransactionsJournal
173Foundations In Engineering MechanicsBook Serie
174Frattura Ed Integrita StrutturaleJournal
176Frontiers Of Mechanical EngineeringJournal
177Funtai Oyobi Fummatsu Yakin/Journal Of The Japan Society Of Powder And Powder MetallurgyJournal
178Fusion Engineering And DesignJournal
179Fusion Science And TechnologyJournal
180Gong Cheng Li Xue/Engineering MechanicsJournal
181Guofang Keji Daxue Xuebao/Journal Of National University Of Defense TechnologyJournal
182Hanjie Xuebao/Transactions Of The China Welding InstitutionJournal
183Hanneng Cailiao/Chinese Journal Of Energetic MaterialsJournal
184Harbin Gongcheng Daxue Xuebao/Journal Of Harbin Engineering UniversityJournal
185Heat Transfer EngineeringJournal
186Heat Transfer ResearchJournal
187History Of Mechanism And Machine ScienceBook Serie
188IBM Data Management MagazineJournal
189ICAST 2014 - 25th International Conference On Adaptive Structures And TechnologiesConference And Proceeding
190IEEE Conference On Intelligent Transportation Systems, Proceedings, ITSCConference And Proceeding
191IEEE Conference On Robotics, Automation And Mechatronics, RAM - ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
192IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems MagazineJournal
193IEEE Journal Of Oceanic EngineeringJournal
194IEEE Nanotechnology MagazineJournal
195IEEE Transactions On Intelligent Transportation SystemsJournal
196IEEJ Transactions On Sensors And MicromachinesJournal
197IES Journal Part A: Civil And Structural EngineeringJournal
198IET Intelligent Transport SystemsJournal
199IGT International Liquefied Natural Gas Conference ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
200IHS Jane's Defence WeeklyJournal
201Industrial Lubrication And TribologyJournal
202Ingegneria FerroviariaJournal
203INMATEH - Agricultural EngineeringJournal
204Insight: Non-Destructive Testing And Condition MonitoringJournal
205Institute Of Transportation Engineers Annual Meeting And Exhibit 2013Conference And Proceeding
206Institution Of Mechanical Engineers - 12th European Fluid Machinery CongressConference And Proceeding
207Intelligent Service RoboticsJournal
208Intelligent Systems, Control And Automation: Science And EngineeringBook Serie
210International Agricultural Engineering JournalJournal
211International Applied MechanicsJournal
212International Conference On Advanced Mechatronic Systems, IcamechsConference And Proceeding
213International Conference On Robotics And Mechatronics, Icrom 2013Conference And Proceeding
214International IEEE/EMBS Conference On Neural Engineering, NERConference And Proceeding
215International Journal For Engineering ModellingJournal
216International Journal For Housing Science And Its ApplicationsJournal
217International Journal For Numerical Methods In FluidsJournal
218International Journal Of Abrasive TechnologyJournal
219International Journal Of Acoustics And VibrationsJournal
220International Journal Of Advanced Manufacturing TechnologyJournal
221International Journal Of Advanced Mechatronic SystemsJournal
222International Journal Of Applied Electromagnetics And MechanicsJournal
223International Journal Of Applied MechanicsJournal
224International Journal Of Automation TechnologyJournal
225International Journal Of Automotive And Mechanical EngineeringJournal
226International Journal Of Cast Metals ResearchJournal
227International Journal Of Coal Preparation And UtilizationJournal
228International Journal Of Computational Fluid DynamicsJournal
229International Journal Of Computer Integrated ManufacturingJournal
230International Journal Of CrashworthinessJournal
231International Journal Of Damage MechanicsJournal
232International Journal Of Dynamics And ControlJournal
233International Journal Of Engine ResearchJournal
234International Journal Of Engineering And Technology InnovationJournal
235International Journal Of FatigueJournal
236International Journal Of Fluid Machinery And SystemsJournal
237International Journal Of Fluid Mechanics ResearchJournal
238International Journal Of Fluid PowerJournal
239International Journal Of Gas Turbine, Propulsion And Power SystemsJournal
240International Journal Of Heat And Fluid FlowJournal
241International Journal Of Heat And Mass TransferJournal
242International Journal Of Heavy Vehicle SystemsJournal
243International Journal Of Humanoid RoboticsJournal
244International Journal Of Impact EngineeringJournal
245International Journal Of Intelligent Mechatronics And RoboticsJournal
246International Journal Of Intelligent Unmanned SystemsJournal
247International Journal Of Machine Tools And ManufactureJournal
248International Journal Of Machining And Machinability Of MaterialsJournal
249International Journal Of Management Science And Engineering ManagementJournal
250International Journal Of Manufacturing, Materials, And Mechanical EngineeringJournal
251International Journal Of Marine EnergyJournal
252International Journal Of Materials And Product TechnologyJournal
253International Journal Of Materials And Structural IntegrityJournal
254International Journal Of Mechanical And Materials EngineeringJournal
255International Journal Of Mechanical Engineering EducationJournal
256International Journal Of Mechanical SciencesJournal
257International Journal Of Mechanics And Materials In DesignJournal
258International Journal Of Mechatronics And Manufacturing SystemsJournal
259International Journal Of Minerals, Metallurgy And MaterialsJournal
260International Journal Of Multiphase FlowJournal
261International Journal Of NanoparticlesJournal
262International Journal Of Non-Linear MechanicsJournal
263International Journal Of Numerical Methods For Heat And Fluid FlowJournal
264International Journal Of Offshore And Polar EngineeringJournal
265International Journal Of OptomechatronicsJournal
266International Journal Of PlasticityJournal
267International Journal Of Precision Engineering And Manufacturing - Green TechnologyJournal
268International Journal Of Precision Engineering And ManufacturingJournal
269International Journal Of Pressure Vessels And PipingJournal
270International Journal Of Prognostics And Health ManagementJournal
271International Journal Of Refractory Metals And Hard MaterialsJournal
272International Journal Of RefrigerationJournal
273International Journal Of Robotics And AutomationJournal
274International Journal Of Robotics ResearchJournal
275International Journal Of Robust And Nonlinear ControlJournal
276International Journal Of Rotating MachineryJournal
277International Journal Of Solids And StructuresJournal
278International Journal Of Structural IntegrityJournal
279International Journal Of Structural Stability And DynamicsJournal
280International Journal Of Surface Science And EngineeringJournal
281International Journal Of The Society Of Materials Engineering For ResourcesJournal
282International Journal Of Vehicle DesignJournal
283International Journal Of Vehicle Noise And VibrationJournal
284International Journal Of Vehicle Structures And SystemsJournal
285International Journal Of Vehicular TechnologyJournal
286International Journal On Hydropower And DamsJournal
287International Materials ReviewsJournal
288International No-Dig Madrid 2014Conference And Proceeding
289International Review Of Mechanical EngineeringJournal
290International Review On Modelling And SimulationsJournal
291International SAMPE Technical ConferenceConference And Proceeding
292International Shipbuilding ProgressJournal
293International Society For Trenchless Technology - 31st NO-DIG International Conference And Exhibition, NO-DIG Down Under 2013Conference And Proceeding
294International Technical Conference On Diamond, Cubic Boron Nitride And Their Applications, INTERTECH 2013Conference And Proceeding
295Iranian Journal Of Science And Technology - Transactions Of Mechanical EngineeringJournal
296Iron And Steel TechnologyJournal
297Ironmaking And SteelmakingJournal
298ISIJ InternationalJournal
299ISRN Mechanical EngineeringJournal
300ITE Journal (Institute Of Transportation Engineers)Journal
301IUTAM BookseriesBook Serie
302Japanese Railway EngineeringJournal
303JFE Technical ReportJournal
304Jingangshi Yu Moliao Moju Gongcheng/Diamond And Abrasives EngineeringJournal
305Jinshu Rechuli/Heat Treatment Of MetalsJournal
306Jinshu Xuebao/Acta Metallurgica SinicaJournal
308Jixie Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal Of Mechanical EngineeringJournal
309Jixie Qiandu/Journal Of Mechanical StrengthJournal
310Jordan Journal Of Mechanical And Industrial EngineeringJournal
311JOT, Journal Fuer OberflaechentechnikJournal
312Journal Of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems And ManufacturingJournal
313Journal Of Advanced TransportationJournal
314Journal Of Aerospace EngineeringJournal
315Journal Of Agricultural EngineeringJournal
316Journal Of Alloys And CompoundsJournal
317Journal Of Applied Engineering Science/Istrazivanja I Projektovanja Za PrivreduJournal
318Journal Of Applied Fluid MechanicsJournal
319Journal Of Applied Mathematics And Mechanics (English Translation Of Prikladnaya Matematika I Mekhanika)Journal
320Journal Of Applied Mechanics And Technical PhysicsJournal
321Journal Of Applied Mechanics, Transactions ASMEJournal
322Journal Of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, And SystemsJournal
323Journal Of BiorheologyJournal
324Journal Of Composite MaterialsJournal
325Journal Of Composites For ConstructionJournal
326Journal Of Computational And Applied Research In Mechanical EngineeringJournal
327Journal Of Computational And Nonlinear DynamicsJournal
328Journal Of Dynamic Systems, Measurement And Control, Transactions Of The ASMEJournal
329Journal Of ElasticityJournal
330Journal Of Energy Resources Technology, Transactions Of The ASMEJournal
331Journal Of EngineeringJournal
332Journal Of Engineering For Gas Turbines And PowerJournal
333Journal Of Engineering Materials And Technology, Transactions Of The ASMEJournal
334Journal Of Engineering Mechanics - ASCEJournal
335Journal Of Enhanced Heat TransferJournal
336Journal Of Failure Analysis And PreventionJournal
337Journal Of Fire SciencesJournal
338Journal Of Flow Visualization And Image ProcessingJournal
339Journal Of Fluid MechanicsJournal
340Journal Of Fluids And StructuresJournal
341Journal Of Fluids Engineering, Transactions Of The ASMEJournal
342Journal Of Fuel Cell Science And TechnologyJournal
343Journal Of Heat TransferJournal
344Journal Of Hydraulic EngineeringJournal
345Journal Of HydrodynamicsJournal
346Journal Of Intelligent And Robotic Systems: Theory And ApplicationsJournal
347Journal Of Intelligent Material Systems And StructuresJournal
348Journal Of Low Frequency Noise Vibration And Active ControlJournal
349Journal Of Machinery Manufacture And ReliabilityJournal
350Journal Of Manufacturing Science And Engineering, Transactions Of The ASMEJournal
351Journal Of Marine Science And ApplicationJournal
352Journal Of Marine Science And TechnologyJournal
353Journal Of Marine Science And TechnologyJournal
354Journal Of Materials Engineering And PerformanceJournal
355Journal Of Materials ResearchJournal
356Journal Of Materials ScienceJournal
357Journal Of Materials Science And TechnologyJournal
358Journal Of Mechanical Design - Transactions Of The ASMEJournal
359Journal Of Mechanical EngineeringJournal
360Journal Of Mechanical Engineering And SciencesJournal
361Journal Of Mechanical Engineering Research And DevelopmentsJournal
362Journal Of Mechanical Science And TechnologyJournal
363Journal Of MechanicsJournal
364Journal Of Mechanisms And RoboticsJournal
365Journal Of Micro/ Nanolithography, MEMS, And MOEMSJournal
366Journal Of Microelectromechanical SystemsJournal
367Journal Of Micromechanics And MicroengineeringJournal
368Journal Of Micro-Nano MechatronicsJournal
369Journal Of Modern TransportationJournal
370Journal Of Nanomechanics And MicromechanicsJournal
371Journal Of Nondestructive EvaluationJournal
372Journal Of Non-Newtonian Fluid MechanicsJournal
373Journal Of Offshore Mechanics And Arctic EngineeringJournal
374Journal Of Pipeline Systems Engineering And PracticeJournal
375Journal Of Porous MaterialsJournal
376Journal Of Porous MediaJournal
377Journal Of Pressure Vessel Technology, Transactions Of The ASMEJournal
378Journal Of Propulsion And PowerJournal
379Journal Of Protective Coatings And LiningsJournal
380Journal Of Reinforced Plastics And CompositesJournal
381Journal Of RheologyJournal
382Journal Of Sandwich Structures And MaterialsJournal
383Journal Of Ship Production And DesignJournal
384Journal Of Ship ResearchJournal
385Journal Of Solid MechanicsJournal
386Journal Of Sound And VibrationJournal
387Journal Of Strain Analysis For Engineering DesignJournal
388Journal Of Structural EngineeringJournal
389Journal Of Structural Engineering (Madras)Journal
390Journal Of Structural Fire EngineeringJournal
391Journal Of Taiwan Society Of Naval Architects And Marine EngineersJournal
392Journal Of TerramechanicsJournal
393Journal Of Testing And EvaluationJournal
394Journal Of The American Helicopter SocietyJournal
395Journal Of The Brazilian Society Of Mechanical Sciences And EngineeringJournal
396Journal Of The Chinese Society Of Mechanical Engineers, Transactions Of The Chinese Institute Of Engineers, Series C/Chung-Kuo Chi Hsueh Kung Ch'eng Hsuebo PaoJournal
397Journal Of The International Association For Shell And Spatial StructuresJournal
398Journal Of The Mechanics And Physics Of SolidsJournal
399Journal Of TribologyJournal
400Journal Of TurbomachineryJournal
401Journal Of University Of Science And Technology Of ChinaJournal
402Journal Of Vibration And Acoustics, Transactions Of The ASMEJournal
403Journal Of Vibrational Engineering And TechnologiesJournal
404Journal Of VibroengineeringJournal
405Journal Of Wind Engineering And Industrial AerodynamicsJournal
406JVC/Journal Of Vibration And ControlJournal
407Kang T'ieh/Iron And Steel (Peking)Journal
408Keikinzoku Yosetsu/Journal Of Light Metal Welding And ConstructionJournal
409Keikinzoku/Journal Of Japan Institute Of Light MetalsJournal
410Key Engineering MaterialsJournal
411KGK Kautschuk Gummi KunststoffeJournal
412Kongqi Donglixue Xuebao/Acta Aerodynamica SinicaJournal
413Kovove MaterialyJournal
414Kung Cheng Je Wu Li Hsueh Pao/Journal Of Engineering ThermophysicsJournal
415Latin American Journal Of Solids And Structures Journal
416Lecture Notes In Applied And Computational MechanicsBook Serie
417Lecture Notes In Computational Vision And BiomechanicsBook Serie
418Lecture Notes In Mechanical EngineeringBook Serie
419Light Metal AgeJournal
420Lixue Xuebao/Chinese Journal Of Theoretical And Applied MechanicsJournal
421LT 2015 - Proceedings Of The 4th ACM/SPEC International Workshop On Large-Scale Testing, In Conjunction With ICPE 2015Conference And Proceeding
422Machine DesignJournal
423Machinery And Production EngineeringJournal
424Machining Science And TechnologyJournal
426Manufacturing EngineeringJournal
427Marine StructuresJournal
428Marine TechnologyJournal
429Maritime By HollandJournal
430Materialpruefung/Materials TestingJournal
431Materials And Corrosion - Werkstoffe Und KorrosionJournal
432Materials And DesignJournal
433Materials And Manufacturing ProcessesJournal
434Materials At High TemperaturesJournal
435Materials CharacterizationJournal
436Materials EvaluationJournal
437Materials LettersJournal
438Materials PerformanceJournal
439Materials Physics And MechanicsJournal
440Materials Research Journal
441Materials Research BulletinJournal
442Materials Research InnovationsJournal
443Materials Research Society Symposium - ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
444Materials ScienceJournal
445Materials Science & Engineering A: Structural Materials: Properties, Microstructure And ProcessingJournal
446Materials Science & Engineering B: Solid-State Materials For Advanced TechnologyJournal
447Materials Science And Engineering CJournal
448Materials Science And Engineering: R: ReportsJournal
449Materials Science And TechnologyJournal
450Materials Science ForumJournal
451Materials Science In Semiconductor ProcessingJournal
452Materials Science-PolandJournal
453Materials TechnologyJournal
454Materials TodayJournal
455Materials TransactionsJournal
456Materialwissenschaft Und WerkstofftechnikJournal
458Mechanical Systems And Signal ProcessingJournal
459Mechanics And IndustryJournal
460Mechanics And Mechanical EngineeringJournal
461Mechanics Based Design Of Structures And MachinesJournal
462Mechanics Of Advanced Materials And StructuresJournal
463Mechanics Of Time-Dependent MaterialsJournal
464Mechanics Research CommunicationsJournal
465Mechanism And Machine TheoryJournal
466Mechanisms And Machine ScienceConference And Proceeding
468Mechatronics 2013: Recent Technological And Scientific AdvancesConference And Proceeding
470Medical Device And Diagnostic IndustryJournal
471Meitan Xuebao/Journal Of The China Coal SocietyJournal
472MESA 2014 - 10th IEEE/ASME International Conference On Mechatronic And Embedded Systems And Applications, Conference ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
473Metal Powder ReportJournal
474Metallurgical And Mining IndustryJournal
476Military EngineerJournal
477Military Operations ResearchJournal
478Mineral Processing And Extractive Metallurgy ReviewJournal
479Minerals And Metallurgical ProcessingJournal
480Minerals EngineeringJournal
481Mining MagazineJournal
482MM Science JournalJournal
483Mocaxue Xuebao/TribologyJournal
484Moscow Univ Mech BullJournal
485Motor ShipJournal
486MPT Metallurgical Plant And Technology InternationalJournal
487Multibody System DynamicsJournal
488Multidiscipline Modeling In Materials And StructuresJournal
489Nami Jishu Yu Jingmi Gongcheng/Nanotechnology And Precision EngineeringJournal
490Nano LettersJournal
492Nanotechnology Law And BusinessJournal
493Nature MaterialsJournal
494Naval ArchitectJournal
495NDT 2014 - 53rd Annual Conference Of The British Institute Of Non-Destructive TestingConference And Proceeding
496NDT And E InternationalJournal
497Neiranji Gongcheng/Chinese Internal Combustion Engine EngineeringJournal
498Neiranji Xuebao/Transactions Of CSICE (Chinese Society For Internal Combustion Engines)Journal
499NGLI SpokesmanJournal
500Nihon Kikai Gakkai Ronbunshu, A Hen/Transactions Of The Japan Society Of Mechanical Engineers, Part AJournal
501Nihon Kikai Gakkai Ronbunshu, B Hen/Transactions Of The Japan Society Of Mechanical Engineers, Part BJournal
502Nihon Reoroji GakkaishiJournal
503Nippon Kikai Gakkai Ronbunshu, C Hen/Transactions Of The Japan Society Of Mechanical Engineers, Part CJournal
504Noise And Vibration WorldwideJournal
505Noise Control Engineering JournalJournal
506Nondestructive Testing And EvaluationJournal
507Nongye Gongcheng Xuebao/Transactions Of The Chinese Society Of Agricultural EngineeringJournal
508Nongye Jixie Xuebao/Transactions Of The Chinese Society Of Agricultural MachineryJournal
509Nonlinear DynamicsJournal
510Nova Mehanizacija SumarstvaJournal
511Nuclear Engineering And DesignJournal
512Nuclear FutureJournal
513Offshore EngineeringJournal
514Oilfield ReviewJournal
515Olhydraulik Und PenumatikJournal
516Open EngineeringJournal
517Open Mechanical Engineering JournalJournal
518Open Mechanics JournalJournal
519Optica Pura Y AplicadaJournal
520Optics And Lasers In EngineeringJournal
521Optimization And EngineeringJournal
522Package PrintingJournal
523Packaging DigestJournal
524Packaging Technology And ScienceJournal
525Paiguan Jixie Gongcheng Xuebao/Journal Of Drainage And Irrigation Machinery EngineeringJournal
526Periodica Polytechnica Transportation EngineeringJournal
527Periodica Polytechnica, Mechanical EngineeringJournal
528Pipeline And Gas JournalJournal
529Polish Maritime ResearchJournal
530Power Electronics TechnologyJournal
531Power EngineeringJournal
532Power System TechnologyJournal
533Prace Naukowe Instytutu Konstrukcji I Eksploatacji Maszyn Politechniki Wroclawskiej/Scientific Papers Of The Institute Of Machine Design And Operation Of The Technical University Of WroclawJournal
534Prace Naukowe Instytutu Technologii Maszyn I Automatyzacji Politechniki WroclawskiejJournal
535Probabilistic Engineering MechanicsJournal
536Procedia IUTAMConference And Proceeding
537Proceedings - 2013 5th Conference On Measuring Technology And Mechatronics Automation, ICMTMA 2013Conference And Proceeding
538Proceedings - 2013 6th Robotics And Mechatronics Conference, Robmech 2013Conference And Proceeding
539Proceedings - 2013 IEEE Workshop On Electrical Machines Design, Control And Diagnosis, WEMDCD 2013Conference And Proceeding
540Proceedings - 2013 International Conference On Mechatronics, Electronics And Automotive Engineering, ICMEAE 2013Conference And Proceeding
541Proceedings - 2014 6th International Conference On Measuring Technology And Mechatronics Automation, ICMTMA 2014Conference And Proceeding
542Proceedings - 2014 International Conference On Electrical Machines, ICEM 2014Conference And Proceeding
543Proceedings - 2015 IEEE International Conference On Mechatronics, ICM 2015Conference And Proceeding
544Proceedings - 27th International Symposium On Ballistics, BALLISTICS 2013Conference And Proceeding
545Proceedings - Rapid Excavation And Tunneling ConferenceConference And Proceeding
546Proceedings For The Joint Conference: MFPT 2013 And ISA's 59th International Instrumentation Symposium, ISA 2013: Sensors And Systems For Reliability, Safety And AffordabilityConference And Proceeding
547Proceedings Of 2014 International Conference On Mechanical Engineering, Automation And Control Systems, MEACS 2014Conference And Proceeding
548Proceedings Of Global Powertrain CongressConference And Proceeding
549Proceedings Of ISMA 2014 - International Conference On Noise And Vibration Engineering And USD 2014 - International Conference On Uncertainty In Structural DynamicsConference And Proceeding
550Proceedings Of The 11th (2014) Pacific/Asia Offshore Mechanics Symposium, PACOMS 2014Conference And Proceeding
551Proceedings Of The 13th International Conference Of The European Society For Precision Engineering And Nanotechnology, EUSPEN 2013Conference And Proceeding
552Proceedings Of The 15th International Conference Of The European Society For Precision Engineering And Nanotechnology, EUSPEN 2015Conference And Proceeding
553Proceedings Of The 16th International Conference On Mechatronics, Mechatronika 2014Conference And Proceeding
554Proceedings Of The Annual Offshore Technology ConferenceConference And Proceeding
555Proceedings Of The ASME Design Engineering Technical ConferenceConference And Proceeding
556Proceedings Of The Combustion InstituteJournal
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