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113th IMEKO TC15 Youth Symposium On Experimental Solid Mechanics 2014Conference And Proceeding
22013 IEEE Conference On Reliability Science For Advanced Materials And Devices, RSAMD 2013Conference And Proceeding
32014 IEEE 9th Nanotechnology Materials And Devices Conference, NMDC 2014Conference And Proceeding
429th Congress Of The International Council Of The Aeronautical Sciences, ICAS 2014Conference And Proceeding
52d MaterialsJournal
63D Printing And Additive ManufacturingJournal
752nd Annual Conference Of The British Institute Of Non-Destructive Testing 2013, NDT 2013Conference And Proceeding
8Aatcc ReviewJournal
9Aci Materials JournalJournal
10Acs Applied Materials & InterfacesJournal
11Acs NanoJournal
12Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundations And AdvancesJournal
13Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic CommunicationsJournal
14Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports OnlineJournal
15Acta MicroscopicaJournal
16Additive ManufacturingJournal
17Advanced Energy MaterialsJournal
18Advanced Engineering MaterialsJournal
19Advanced MaterialsJournal
20Advanced Materials And ProcessesJournal
21Advanced Materials LettersJournal
22Advanced ScienceJournal
23Advanced Structured MaterialsBook Serie
24Advances In Cement ResearchJournal
25Advances In Materials Science And EngineeringJournal
26Advances In Natural Sciences: Nanoscience And NanotechnologyJournal
27Aerosol Science And TechnologyJournal
28AES-ATEMA International Conference Series - Advances And Trends In Engineering Materials And Their ApplicationsConference And Proceeding
29American Concrete Institute, Aci Special PublicationConference And Proceeding
30Annual Review Of Condensed Matter PhysicsJournal
31Annual Review Of Materials ResearchJournal
32Anti-Corrosion Methods And MaterialsJournal
33Apl MaterialsJournal
34Applied Materials TodayJournal
35Applied Physics A: Materials Science And ProcessingJournal
36Applied RheologyJournal
37Archives Of Materials Science And EngineeringJournal
38Artes De MexicoJournal
39ASM Proceedings Of The International Conference: Trends In Welding ResearchConference And Proceeding
40Ata JournalJournal
41Autex Research JournalJournal
42Beilstein Journal Of NanotechnologyJournal
44Biomaterials ScienceJournal
45Biomedical Engineering (New York) (English Translation Of Meditsinskaya Tekhnika)Journal
47Bragantia Journal
48Bubble Science, Engineering And TechnologyJournal
49Bulletin Of Japan Association For Fire Science And EngineeringJournal
50Bulletin Of Materials ScienceJournal
51Cailiao Kexue Yu Gongyi/Material Science And TechnologyJournal
52Cailiao Rechuli Xuebao/Transactions Of Materials And Heat TreatmentJournal
53Cailiao Yanjiu Xuebao/Chinese Journal Of Materials ResearchJournal
54CAMX 2014 - Composites And Advanced Materials Expo: Combined Strength. Unsurpassed Innovation.Conference And Proceeding
55Carbon - Science And TechnologyJournal
56Cartonnages Emballages ModernesJournal
57Carts International 2014Conference And Proceeding
58Case Studies In Construction MaterialsJournal
59Case Studies In Nondestructive Testing And EvaluationJournal
60Cement And Concrete CompositesJournal
61Cement And Concrete ResearchJournal
62Cement InternationalJournal
63Cement, Wapno, BetonJournal
65Chiang Mai Journal Of ScienceJournal
66Chinese Space Science And TechnologyJournal
67Chongqing Daxue Xuebao/Journal Of Chongqing UniversityJournal
68Ciencia E Tecnologia Dos MateriaisJournal
69Civil EngineeringJournal
70Clay ResearchJournal
71Clothing And Textiles Research JournalJournal
72Collection Of Technical Papers - AIAA/ASME/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics And Materials ConferenceConference And Proceeding
73Coloration TechnologyJournal
74Comptes Rendus - MecaniqueJournal
75Computational Condensed MatterJournal
76Computational Materials ScienceJournal
77Computers And StructuresJournal
78Concrete (London)Journal
79Concrete Construction - World Of ConcreteJournal
80Concrete ProducerJournal
81Conference Proceedings - 14th International Conference Of The European Society For Precision Engineering And Nanotechnology, EUSPEN 2014Conference And Proceeding
82Conference Record - Ieee Cement Industry Technical ConferenceConference And Proceeding
83Construction And Building MaterialsJournal
84Contemporary Engineering SciencesJournal
85Continuum Mechanics And ThermodynamicsJournal
88Corrosion And MaterialsJournal
89Corrosion And ProtectionJournal
90Corrosion Engineering Science And TechnologyJournal
91Corrosion ManagementJournal
92Corrosion ReviewsJournal
93Corrosion ScienceJournal
94Corrosion Science And Protection TechnologyJournal
97Crystal Growth & DesignJournal
98Crystal Research And TechnologyJournal
99Crystallography ReportsJournal
100Crystallography ReviewsJournal
103Current Applied PhysicsJournal
104Current Opinion In Solid State And Materials ScienceJournal
105Defect And Diffusion ForumJournal
106Dental MaterialsJournal
108Digest Journal Of Nanomaterials And BiostructuresJournal
109Emballage DigestJournal
110Emerging Materials ResearchJournal
111Empa ActivitiesJournal
112Energy Materials 2014, Conference ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
113Energy Storage MaterialsJournal
115Engineering For Rural DevelopmentConference And Proceeding
116Engineering Fracture MechanicsJournal
117Environmental Aspects, Applications And Implications Of Nanomaterials And Nanotechnology 2013 - Topical Conference At The 2013 Aiche Annual Meeting: Global Challenges For Engineering A Sustainable FutureConference And Proceeding
118Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring And ManagementJournal
119Environmental Science: NanoJournal
120Eurasian Chemico-Technological JournalJournal
121Eurocorr 2013 - European Corrosion CongressConference And Proceeding
122European Journal Of Mechanics, A/SolidsJournal
123European Journal Of Scientific ResearchJournal
124European Journal Of Wood And Wood Products/Holz Als Roh - Und WerkstoffJournal
125European Physical Journal EJournal
126European Physical Journal: Special TopicsJournal
127Fatigue And Fracture Of Engineering Materials And StructuresJournal
128Fatigue Of Materials II: Advances And Emergences In Understanding, Held During Materials Science And Technology 2012, MS And T 2012Conference And Proceeding
129Fatigue Of Materials III: Advances And Emergences In Understanding - Proceedings Of The 3rd Biennial Symposium, Held During Materials Science And Technology 2014, MS And T 2014Conference And Proceeding
130Fiber Society Spring 2013 Technical ConferenceConference And Proceeding
131Fiber Society Spring 2014 Technical Conference: Fibers For ProgressConference And Proceeding
132Fibre Chemistry (English Translation Of Khimicheskie Volokna)Journal
133Fibres And Textiles In Eastern EuropeJournal
134Fire Risk ManagementJournal
135Fire Safety JournalJournal
136Fire TechnologyJournal
137Fluid Dynamics And Materials ProcessingJournal
138Forest Products JournalJournal
139Frontiers In Heat And Mass TransferJournal
140Frontiers Of Materials ScienceJournal
141Frontiers Of NanoscienceBook Serie
142Fullerenes Nanotubes And Carbon NanostructuresJournal
143Functional MaterialsJournal
144Functional Materials LettersJournal
145Fusion Engineering And DesignJournal
146Fusion Science And TechnologyJournal
147Gamm MitteilungenJournal
148Geotextiles And GeomembranesJournal
149Gold BulletinJournal
150Granular MatterJournal
151Guofang Keji Daxue Xuebao/Journal Of National University Of Defense TechnologyJournal
152Guti Huojian Jishu/Journal Of Solid Rocket TechnologyJournal
153Handbook On The Physics And Chemistry Of Rare EarthsBook Serie
154Hanneng Cailiao/Chinese Journal Of Energetic MaterialsJournal
156High Technology LettersJournal
157High Temperature Material ProcessesJournal
158High Temperature Materials And ProcessesJournal
159High-Performance CompositesJournal
160Home Textiles TodayJournal
161ICET 2014 - 2nd International Conference On Engineering And TechnologyConference And Proceeding
162Icon NewsJournal
163Ieee AccessJournal
164Indian Concrete JournalJournal
165Indian Journal Of Engineering And Materials SciencesJournal
166Indian Journal Of Fibre And Textile ResearchJournal
167Industria TextilaJournal
168Inorganic Materials: Applied ResearchJournal
169Insulation - The Energy Efficiency NewsletterJournal
170International Heat Treatment And Surface EngineeringJournal
171International Journal For Numerical And Analytical Methods In GeomechanicsJournal
172International Journal Of Abrasive TechnologyJournal
173International Journal Of Aeronautical And Space SciencesJournal
174International Journal Of Applied Glass ScienceJournal
175International Journal Of Applied MechanicsJournal
176International Journal Of Clothing Science And TechnologyJournal
177International Journal Of Computational Materials Science And Surface EngineeringJournal
178International Journal Of CorrosionJournal
179International Journal Of Damage MechanicsJournal
180International Journal Of Energetic Materials And Chemical PropulsionJournal
181International Journal Of FatigueJournal
182International Journal Of Green NanotechnologyJournal
183International Journal Of Material FormingJournal
184International Journal Of Materials And Structural IntegrityJournal
185International Journal Of Materials Engineering InnovationJournal
186International Journal Of Mechanical And Materials EngineeringJournal
187International Journal Of Mechanical SciencesJournal
188International Journal Of Mechanics And Materials In DesignJournal
189International Journal Of Microstructure And Materials PropertiesJournal
190International Journal Of NanoparticlesJournal
191International Journal Of NanoscienceJournal
192International Journal Of PhotoenergyJournal
193International Journal Of PlasticityJournal
194International Journal Of Precision Engineering And Manufacturing - Green TechnologyJournal
195International Journal Of Pressure Vessels And PipingJournal
196International Journal Of Self-Propagating High-Temperature SynthesisJournal
197International Journal Of Smart And Nano MaterialsJournal
198International Journal Of Solids And StructuresJournal
199International Journal Of The Society Of Materials Engineering For ResourcesJournal
200International Paper Board IndustryJournal
201International Paperworld IpwJournal
202International Sampe Technical ConferenceConference And Proceeding
203International Wood Products JournalJournal
205IOP Conference Series: Materials Science And EngineeringConference And Proceeding
206Iranian Journal Of Materials Science And EngineeringJournal
207Isi Bilimi Ve Teknigi Dergisi/ Journal Of Thermal Science And TechnologyJournal
209Jec Composites MagazineJournal
210Jingangshi Yu Moliao Moju Gongcheng/Diamond And Abrasives EngineeringJournal
212Journal For Weavers, Spinners And DyersJournal
213Journal Of Advanced Concrete TechnologyJournal
214Journal Of Advanced Microscopy ResearchJournal
215Journal Of Aerosol ScienceJournal
216Journal Of Aerospace EngineeringJournal
217Journal Of Beijing Institute Of Clothing Technology (Natural Science Edition)Journal
218Journal Of Biomedical NanotechnologyJournal
219Journal Of BiophotonicsJournal
220Journal Of BiorheologyJournal
221Journal Of Building PhysicsJournal
222Journal Of Chemical ThermodynamicsJournal
223Journal Of Cluster ScienceJournal
224Journal Of Computational And Theoretical NanoscienceJournal
225Journal Of Cotton ScienceJournal
226Journal Of ElasticityJournal
227Journal Of Engineered Fibers And FabricsJournal
228Journal Of Engineering Materials And Technology, Transactions Of The ASMEJournal
229Journal Of Experimental NanoscienceJournal
230Journal Of Explosives EngineeringJournal
231Journal Of Failure Analysis And PreventionJournal
232Journal Of Fiber Bioengineering And InformaticsJournal
233Journal Of Fire Protection EngineeringJournal
234Journal Of Heat TransferJournal
235Journal Of Industrial TextilesJournal
236Journal Of Information DisplayJournal
237Journal Of Intelligent Material Systems And StructuresJournal
238Journal Of Low Temperature PhysicsJournal
239Journal Of Materials Chemistry AJournal
240Journal Of Materials Chemistry BJournal
241Journal Of Materials Engineering And PerformanceJournal
242Journal Of Materials In Civil EngineeringJournal
243Journal Of Materials ResearchJournal
244Journal Of Materials ScienceJournal
245Journal Of Membrane ScienceJournal
246Journal Of Micro-Nano MechatronicsJournal
247Journal Of Nano- And Electronic PhysicsJournal
248Journal Of Nano ResearchJournal
249Journal Of NanomaterialsJournal
250Journal Of Nanoparticle ResearchJournal
251Journal Of Nanoscience And NanotechnologyJournal
252Journal Of NanotechnologyJournal
253Journal Of Nanotechnology In Engineering And MedicineJournal
254Journal Of Natural FibersJournal
255Journal Of New Materials For Electrochemical SystemsJournal
256Journal Of Non-Newtonian Fluid MechanicsJournal
257Journal Of Nuclear MaterialsJournal
258Journal Of Packaging Science And TechnologyJournal
259Journal Of Physical Chemistry LettersJournal
260Journal Of Physical ScienceJournal
261Journal Of Physics And Chemistry Of SolidsJournal
262Journal Of Physics Condensed MatterJournal
263Journal Of Porous MaterialsJournal
264Journal Of Porous MediaJournal
265Journal Of Raman SpectroscopyJournal
266Journal Of Renewable MaterialsJournal
267Journal Of RheologyJournal
268Journal Of Solid State ElectrochemistryJournal
269Journal Of Structural EngineeringJournal
270Journal Of Superhard MaterialsJournal
271Journal Of Testing And EvaluationJournal
272Journal Of Textile EngineeringJournal
273Journal Of The American Helicopter SocietyJournal
274Journal Of The American Leather Chemists AssociationJournal
275Journal Of The Chinese Society Of Corrosion And ProtectionJournal
276Journal Of The Institute Of ConservationJournal
277Journal Of The Japan Research Association For Textile End-UsesJournal
278Journal Of The Korean Wood Science And TechnologyJournal
279Journal Of The Society Of Leather Technologies And ChemistsJournal
280Journal Of The Textile InstituteJournal
281Journal Of The Vacuum Society Of JapanJournal
282Journal Of Thermal Science And Engineering ApplicationsJournal
283Journal Of Thermal Science And TechnologyJournal
284Journal Of Thermal StressesJournal
285Journal Of VibroengineeringJournal
286Journal Of Wood Chemistry And TechnologyJournal
287Journal Wuhan University Of Technology, Materials Science EditionJournal
288JVC/Journal Of Vibration And ControlJournal
290Key Engineering MaterialsJournal
292Kobunshi RonbunshuJournal
293KONA Powder And Particle JournalJournal
294Korea Australia Rheology JournalJournal
295Korean Journal Of Materials ResearchJournal
296Koroze A Ochrana MaterialuJournal
297Kung Cheng Je Wu Li Hsueh Pao/Journal Of Engineering ThermophysicsJournal
300Latin American Journal Of Solids And StructuresJournal
301Ldb Interior TextilesJournal
302Leonardo Journal Of Practices And TechnologiesJournal
303Liquid CrystalsJournal
304Liquid Crystals ReviewsJournal
305Lizi Jiaohuan Yu Xifu/Ion Exchange And AdsorptionJournal
306M Et T2Journal
307Machining Science And TechnologyJournal
308Maderas: Ciencia Y Tecnologia Journal
309Magazine Of Concrete ResearchJournal
310Magnetic Resonance In ChemistryJournal
311Marine StructuresJournal
312Masonry InternationalJournal
313MATEC Web Of ConferencesConference And Proceeding
314Materiales De ConstruccionJournal
315Materialpruefung/Materials TestingJournal
317Materials And DesignJournal
318Materials And Manufacturing ProcessesJournal
319Materials And Structures/Materiaux Et ConstructionsJournal
320Materials CharacterizationJournal
321Materials Chemistry And PhysicsJournal
322Materials ChinaJournal
323Materials Engineering And Sciences Division 2013 - Core Programming Area At The 2013 Aiche Annual Meeting: Global Challenges For Engineering A Sustainable FutureConference And Proceeding
324Materials EvaluationJournal
325Materials ExpressJournal
326Materials HorizonsJournal
327Materials LettersJournal
328Materials PerformanceJournal
329Materials Physics And MechanicsJournal
330Materials Research Journal
331Materials Research BulletinJournal
332Materials Research InnovationsJournal
333Materials Research LettersJournal
334Materials Research Society Symposium - ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
335Materials ScienceJournal
336Materials Science & Engineering A: Structural Materials: Properties, Microstructure And ProcessingJournal
337Materials Science & Engineering B: Solid-State Materials For Advanced TechnologyJournal
338Materials Science And Engineering CJournal
339Materials Science And Engineering: R: ReportsJournal
340Materials Science And TechnologyJournal
341Materials Science ForumJournal
342Materials Science In Semiconductor ProcessingJournal
343Materials Science-PolandJournal
344Materials TechnologyJournal
345Materials TodayJournal
346Materials Today CommunicationsJournal
347Materials TransactionJournal
348Materials WorldJournal
349Materialwissenschaft Und WerkstofftechnikJournal
350Materiaux Et TechniquesJournal
351Mathematical ScientistJournal
352Mathematics And Mechanics Of SolidsJournal
353Mechanics And IndustryJournal
354Mechanics And Mechanical EngineeringJournal
355Mechanics Of Advanced Materials And StructuresJournal
356Mechanics Of MaterialsJournal
357Mechanics Of Time-Dependent MaterialsJournal
358Mechanics Research CommunicationsJournal
359Medical Device And Diagnostic IndustryJournal
361Melliand Textilberichte/International Textile ReportsJournal
362Membrane TechnologyJournal
364Metal Powder ReportJournal
366Methods And Applications In FluorescenceJournal
367Micro And Nano LettersJournal
368Microporous And Mesoporous MaterialsJournal
369Modelling And Simulation In Materials Science And EngineeringJournal
370Molecular Crystals And Liquid CrystalsJournal
371Molecular SimulationJournal
372Mrs BulletinJournal
373Mrs CommunicationsJournal
374Multidiscipline Modeling In Materials And StructuresJournal
375Nace - International Corrosion Conference SeriesBook Serie
377Nano EnergyJournal
378Nano LettersJournal
379Nano ResearchJournal
380Nano TodayJournal
381NANOCON 2013 - Conference Proceedings, 5th International ConferenceConference And Proceeding
383Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, And MedicineJournal
386Nanoscale And Microscale Thermophysical EngineeringJournal
387Nanoscale Research LettersJournal
388Nanoscience And Nanotechnology - AsiaJournal
389Nanoscience And Nanotechnology LettersJournal
390Nanoscience And TechnologyBook Serie
391Nanosistemi, Nanomateriali, NanotehnologiiJournal
392Nano-Structures And Nano-ObjectsJournal
393Nanotechnologies In RussiaJournal
395Nanotechnology PerceptionsJournal
396Nature MaterialsJournal
397Nature NanotechnologyJournal
398NDT And E InternationalJournal
399Nec Technical JournalJournal
400Nihon Kikai Gakkai Ronbunshu, A Hen/Transactions Of The Japan Society Of Mechanical Engineers, Part AJournal
401Nihon Reoroji GakkaishiJournal
402Noise And Vibration WorldwideJournal
403Nondestructive Testing And EvaluationJournal
404Nonwovens IndustryJournal
405Nordic Pulp And Paper Research JournalJournal
406Northern Journal Of Applied ForestryJournal
407Northern Logger And Timber ProcessorJournal
408Npg Asia MaterialsJournal
409Nuclear Engineering And DesignJournal
410Nuclear Materials And EnergyJournal
411O Papel (Brazil)Journal
412Open EngineeringJournal
413Open Materials Science JournalJournal
414Package PrintingJournal
415Packaging DigestJournal
416Packaging NewsJournal
417Packaging Technology And ScienceJournal
418Packaging, Transport, Storage And Security Of Radioactive MaterialJournal
419Pakistan Journal Of Scientific And Industrial Research Series A: Physical SciencesJournal
420Pakistan Textile JournalJournal
421Palpu Chongi Gisul/Journal Of Korea Technical Association Of The Pulp And Paper IndustryJournal
422Paper AsiaJournal
423Paper TechnologyJournal
425Paperboard PackagingJournal
426Particle And Particle Systems CharacterizationJournal
428Pci JournalJournal
429Performance Apparel MarketsJournal
430Phase TransitionsJournal
431Physica Status Solidi - Rapid Research LetetrsJournal
432Physical MesomechanicsJournal
433Physics And Chemistry Of MineralsJournal
434Pnrpu Mechanics BulletinJournal
435Pollack PeriodicaJournal
436Polymer - Plastics Technology And EngineeringJournal
437Powder DiffractionJournal
439Problems Of Atomic Science And TechnologyJournal
440Proceedings - European Conference On Heat Treatment And 21st IFHTSE CongressConference And Proceeding
441Proceedings - International Conference On Application Of Concurrency To System Design, ACSDConference And Proceeding
442Proceedings - International Symposium On Advanced Packaging MaterialsConference And Proceeding
443Proceedings Of 2015 12th International Bhurban Conference On Applied Sciences And Technology, IBCAST 2015Conference And Proceeding
444Proceedings Of Institution Of Civil Engineers: Construction MaterialsJournal
445Proceedings Of The 13th International Conference Of The European Society For Precision Engineering And Nanotechnology, EUSPEN 2013Conference And Proceeding
446Proceedings Of The 15th International Conference Of The European Society For Precision Engineering And Nanotechnology, EUSPEN 2015Conference And Proceeding
447Proceedings Of The 4th Asia-Pacific Conference On FRP In Structures, APFIS 2013Conference And Proceeding
448Proceedings Of The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers, Part L: Journal Of Materials: Design And ApplicationsJournal
449Proceedings Of The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers, Part N: Journal Of Nanoengineering And NanosystemsJournal
450Proceedings Of The International Symposium On Electrical Insulating MaterialsConference And Proceeding
451Proceedings Of The TMS Middle East - Mediterranean Materials Congress On Energy And Infrastructure Systems, MEMA 2015Conference And Proceeding
452Professional PapermakingJournal
453Progress In Crystal Growth And Characterization Of MaterialsJournal
454Progress In Materials ScienceJournal
455Progress In Nuclear Magnetic Resonance SpectroscopyJournal
456Progress In Solid State ChemistryJournal
457Przeglad PapierniczyJournal
458Pulp And Paper CanadaJournal
459Quality And Reliability Technical Symposium, QRTS 2015: Connecting Innovation To Application For Next Gen Design - ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
460Radiation Effects And Defects In SolidsJournal
461Recent Patents On Materials ScienceJournal
462Recent Patents On NanotechnologyJournal
463Research In Nondestrutive EvaluationJournal
465Review Of High Pressure Science And Technology/Koatsuryoku No Kagaku To GijutsuJournal
466Reviews On Advanced Materials ScienceJournal
467Revista Escola De MinasJournal
468Revista Latinoamericana De Metalurgia Y Materiales Journal
469Revista Materia Journal
470Revista Romana De Materiale/ Romanian Journal Of MaterialsJournal
471Revue Des Composites Et Des Materiaux AvancesJournal
472Rheologica ActaJournal
473RILEM State-Of-The-Art ReportsBook Serie
474Rinsan Shikenj Oha/Journal Of The Hokkaido Forest Products Research InstituteJournal
475Romanian Review Precision Mechanics, Optics And MechatronicsJournal
476RSC Nanoscience And NanotechnologyBook Serie
477Rsc Smart MaterialsBook Serie
478Russian Journal Of Nondestructive TestingJournal
479Sampe JournalJournal
480Science And Technology Of Advanced MaterialsJournal
481Science And Technology Of Welding And JoiningJournal
482Science China Technological SciencesJournal
483Science Of Advanced MaterialsJournal
484Scripta MaterialiaJournal
485Sen'i GakkaishiJournal
486Sensors And MaterialsJournal
487Smart Materials And StructuresJournal
488Soft MaterialsJournal
489Solar EnergyJournal
490Soldering And Surface Mount TechnologyJournal
491Solid Mechanics And Its ApplicationsBook Serie
492Solid State IonicsJournal
493Solid State PhenomenaBook Serie
494Solid State SciencesJournal
495Special Topics And Reviews In Porous MediaJournal
497Sportswear InternationalJournal
498Springer Series In Materials ScienceBook Serie
499Springerbriefs In Applied Sciences And TechnologyBook Serie
500Steel In TranslationJournal
501Structural ConcreteJournal
502Superlattices And MicrostructuresJournal
503Surface Design JournalJournal
504Sustainable Materials And TechnologiesJournal
505Tamkang Journal Of MathematicsJournal
506Tappi European Place ConferenceConference And Proceeding
507Tappi JournalJournal
508Technical Textiles InternationalJournal
509Tekstil Ve KonfeksiyonJournal
510Tekstil Ve MuhendisJournal
511Textile ForumJournal
512Textile MagazineJournal
513Textile NetworkJournal
514Textile Outlook InternationalJournal
515Textile ProgressJournal
516Textiles PanamericanosJournal
518The Mechanism Of Concussion In SportsConference And Proceeding
519Theoretical And Applied Fracture MechanicsJournal
520Thermal Process Modeling - Proceedings From The 5th International Conference On Thermal Process Modeling And Computer Simulation, ICTPMCS 2014Conference And Proceeding
521Timber BulletinJournal
522Tribology - Materials, Surfaces And InterfacesJournal
524UPB Scientific Bulletin, Series B: Chemistry And Materials ScienceJournal
525Uspehi Fiziki MetallovJournal
526Vibroengineering ProcediaConference And Proceeding
527Vlakna A TextilJournal
528Wire Journal InternationalJournal
529WIT Transactions On Engineering SciencesConference And Proceeding
530Wochenblatt Fuer PapierfabrikationJournal
531Wood And Fiber ScienceJournal
532Wood Material Science And EngineeringJournal
533Wood ResearchJournal
534Wood Science And TechnologyJournal
535Wool Textile JournalJournal
536WSEAS Transactions On Applied And Theoretical MechanicsJournal
537Wuji Cailiao Xuebao/Journal Of Inorganic MaterialsJournal
538Xinxing Tan Cailiao/New Carbon MaterialsJournal
539Zairyo/Journal Of The Society Of Materials Science, JapanJournal
540Zeitschfrift Für KristallographieJournal
541Zeitschrift Fur Kristallographie - Crystalline MaterialsJournal
542Zeitschrift Für Kristallographie - New Crystal StructuresJournal
543Zhonggua Xitu Xuabao / Journal Of The Chinese Rare Earth SocietyJournal
544Zhongguo Zaozhi Xuebao/Transactions Of China Pulp And PaperJournal
545ZI, Ziegelindustrie International/Brick And Tile Industry InternationalJournal
546Zkg InternationalJournal