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12014 2nd International Conference on Green Energy and Technology, ICGET 2014conference and proceeding
22nd EAGE Integrated Reservoir Modelling Conference - Uncertainty Management: Are we Doing it Right?conference and proceeding
36th International Conference on Environmental Informatics, ISEIS 2007conference and proceeding
4AACL Biofluxjournal
5Advances in Climate Change Researchjournal
6Agris On-line Papers in Economics and Informaticsjournal
7Air and Waste Management Association - Climate Change Conference 2013: Impacts, Policy and Regulationconference and proceeding
8Air Quality, Atmosphere and Healthjournal
9Alternatives Journaljournal
10American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers, AFPM - Environmental Conference 2014: Enforcement Initiativesconference and proceeding
11Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policyjournal
12Applied Biosafetyjournal
13Applied Vegetation Sciencejournal
14Aquaculture Environment Interactionsjournal
15Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Managementjournal
16Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Lawjournal
17Asian Economic Policy Reviewjournal
18Atoms for Peacejournal
19Australasian Journal of Environmental Managementjournal
20Australasian Journal of Natural Resources Law and Policyjournal
21Austrian Journal of Forest Sciencejournal
22BHR Group - 15th International Symposium on Aerodynamics, Ventilation and Fire in Tunnels 2013conference and proceeding
23Biopesticides Internationaljournal
24Biotechnology for Biofuelsjournal
25Biotechnology Law Reportjournal
26British Journal of Politics and International Relationsjournal
27Business Strategy and the Environmentjournal
29Capitalism, Nature, Socialismjournal
30Carbon Balance and Managementjournal
31Chemical Engineering and the Law Forum 2013 - Core Programming Area at the 2013 AIChE Annual Meeting: Global Challenges for Engineering a Sustainable Futureconference and proceeding
32Clean Technologies and Environmental Policyjournal
33Climate Risk Managementjournal
34Community, Environment and Disaster Risk Managementbook serie
35Conservation and Societyjournal
36Conservation Evidencejournal
37Conservation Physiologyjournal
38Conservation Science Western Australiajournal
39Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Managementjournal
40d Fisheriesjournal
41Development Policy Reviewjournal
42Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forumjournal
44Ecological Engineeringjournal
45Ecological Management and Restorationjournal
46Economic Policyjournal
47Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environmentjournal
48Economics of Energy and Environmental Policyjournal
49Ecosystem Servicesjournal
51Energy for Sustainable Developmentjournal
52Energy Policyjournal
53Environment and Planning C: Government and Policyjournal
54Environment, Development and Sustainabilityjournal
55Environmental and Planning Law Journaljournal
56Environmental and Resource Economicsjournal
57Environmental Communicationjournal
58Environmental Conservationjournal
59Environmental Developmentjournal
60Environmental Economics and Policy Studiesjournal
61Environmental Engineering and Management Journaljournal
62Environmental Evidencejournal
63Environmental Forensicsjournal
64Environmental Forumjournal
65Environmental Impact Assessment Reviewjournal
66Environmental Justicejournal
67Environmental Law and Managementjournal
68Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring and Managementjournal
69Environmental Policy and Governancejournal
70Environmental Policy and Lawjournal
71Environmental Practicejournal
72Environmental Processesjournal
73Environmental Quality Managementjournal
74Environmental Science and Policyjournal
75Environmental Sciences: Processes and Impactsjournal
76Environmental Toxicologyjournal
77Ethics in Science and Environmental Politicsjournal
78Ethics, Policy and Environmnetjournal
79European Countrysidejournal
80European Energy and Environmental Law Reviewjournal
81European Journal of Housing Policyjournal
82European Journal of Spatial Developmentjournal
83European Journal of Wildlife Researchjournal
84European Wind Energy Association Conference and Exhibition 2014, EWEA 2014conference and proceeding
85Extractive Industries and Societyjournal
86Food Policyjournal
87Forest Ecology and Managementjournal
88Forest Policy and Economicsjournal
89Forest Science and Technologyjournal
90Gefahrstoffe Reinhaltung der Luftjournal
91Geography and Natural Resourcesjournal
92Global Environmentjournal
93Global Environmental Changejournal
94Global Environmental Politicsjournal
95Global Policyjournal
96Global Social Policyjournal
98Grass and Forage Sciencejournal
99Green Energy and Technologybook serie
100Harvard Environmental Law Reviewjournal
101Health Securityjournal
102Housing Policy Debatejournal
103Human Dimensions of Wildlifejournal
104Human Ecology Reviewjournal
105Impact Assessment and Project Appraisaljournal
106Information Economics and Policyjournal
107International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecologyjournal
108International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformationjournal
109International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystems Services and Managementjournal
110International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Managementjournal
111International Journal of Disaster Risk Sciencejournal
112International Journal of Environment and Pollutionjournal
113International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Developmentjournal
114International Journal of Environmental Technology and Managementjournal
115International Journal of Global Environmental Issuesjournal
116International Journal of Global Warmingjournal
117International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Controljournal
118International Journal of Law in the Built Environmentjournal
119International Journal of Marine and Coastal Lawjournal
120International Journal of Project Managementjournal
121International Journal of Public Sector Managementjournal
122International Journal of Refugee Lawjournal
123International Journal of Rural Managementjournal
124International Journal of Social Ecology and Sustainable Developmentjournal
125International Journal of Sustainability Policy and Practicejournal
126International Journal of Sustainable Developmentjournal
127International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planningjournal
128International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecologyjournal
129International Journal of Sustainable Societyjournal
130International Journal of Technology and Globalisationjournal
131International Journal of Technology Management and Sustainable Developmentjournal
132International Journal of Urban Sustainable Developmentjournal
133International Journal of Waterjournal
134International Research in Geographical and Environmental Educationjournal
135International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Developmentjournal
136International Review of Environmental and Resource Economicsjournal
137ironmental Claims Journaljournal
138ironmental Monitoring and Assessmentjournal
139Jamba: Journal of Disaster Risk Studiesjournal
140Journal for East European Management Studiesjournal
141Journal for European Environmental and Planning Lawjournal
142Journal of Air Transport Managementjournal
143Journal of Aquatic Plant Managementjournal
144Journal of Arid Landjournal
145Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Managementjournal
146Journal of Environment and Developmentjournal
147Journal of Environmental Accounting and Managementjournal
148Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Managementjournal
149Journal of Environmental Economics and Managementjournal
150Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Managementjournal
151Journal of Environmental Healthjournal
152Journal of Environmental Lawjournal
153Journal of Environmental Law and Litigationjournal
154Journal of Environmental Managementjournal
155Journal of Environmental Planning and Managementjournal
156Journal of Environmental Policy and Planningjournal
157Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecologyjournal
158Journal of Environmental Qualityjournal
159Journal of European Social Policyjournal
160Journal of Geophysics and Engineeringjournal
161Journal of Hydro-Environment Researchjournal
162Journal of Integrated Coastal Zone Managementjournal
163Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policyjournal
164Journal of Land Use Sciencejournal
165Journal of Marine and Island Culturesjournal
166Journal of Natural Resources Policy Researchjournal
167Journal of Planning and Environmental Lawjournal
168Journal of Public Policyjournal
169Journal of Regional Analysis and Policyjournal
170Journal of Social Policyjournal
171Journal of Spatial Hydrologyjournal
172Journal of Sustainability Science and Managementjournal
173Journal of Sustainable Forestryjournal
174Journal of the Air and Waste Management Associationjournal
175Journal of the Bombay Natural History Societyjournal
176Journal of the Indian Ocean Regionjournal
177Journal of Transnational Managementjournal
178Journal of Transport Economics and Policyjournal
179Journal of Water and Climate Changejournal
180Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management - ASCEjournal
181Journal of World Energy Law and Businessjournal
182Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystemsjournal
183Land Use Policyjournal
184Landscape and Ecological Engineeringjournal
185Landscape and Urban Planningjournal
186Landscape Researchjournal
188Legal Aspects of Sustainable Developmentbook serie
189Legal Studies on Access and Benefit-sharingbook serie
190Life Sciences, Society and Policyjournal
191Living Reviews in Landscape Researchjournal
192Local Environmentjournal
193Macquarie Journal of International and Comparative Environmental Lawjournal
194Management of Environmental Qualityjournal
195Marine Policyjournal
196Marine Resource Economicsjournal
197Maritime Policy and Managementjournal
198Maritime Studiesjournal
199Monthly Reviewjournal
200North American Journal of Fisheries Managementjournal
201Ocean and Coastal Managementjournal
202Ocean Development and International Lawjournal
203Oxford Review of Economic Policyjournal
204Park Sciencejournal
205Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policyjournal
206Pesticide Formulation and Delivery Systems: 33rd Volume,conference and proceeding
207Planning and Environmental Lawjournal
208Plant Protection Quarterlyjournal
209Policy and Politicsjournal
210Policy Sciencesjournal
211Policy Studies Journaljournal
212Population Research and Policy Reviewjournal
213Prairie Forumjournal
214Problemy Ekorozwojujournal
215Proceedings - International Conference on Technologies for Sustainable Development, ICTSD 2015conference and proceeding
216Progress in Industrial Ecologyjournal
217Rangeland Ecology and Managementjournal
219Recent Advances in Environmental Vibration - Proceedings of 6th International Symposium on Environmental Vibration, ISEV 2013conference and proceeding
220Regional Science Policy and Practicejournal
221Research in Biopoliticsbook serie
222Research in Urban Policybook serie
223Resources Policyjournal
224Review of Environmental Economics and Policyjournal
225Review of European, Comparative and International Environmental Lawjournal
226Review of Policy Researchjournal
227Reviews in Aquaculturejournal
228Reviews in Fisheries Science and Aquaculturejournal
229Revista de Gestao Social e Ambientaljournal
230Ribarstvo, Croatian Journal of Fisheriesjournal
231Rivista di Studi sulla Sostenibilitajournal
232RSC Green Chemistrybook serie
234Science and Public Policyjournal
235Science et Changements Planetaires - Secheressejournal
236Smart and Sustainable Built Environmentjournal
237Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE Middle East Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainable Development Conference and Exhibition, MEHSE 2014conference and proceeding
238Socijalna Ekologijajournal
239Spatial Statisticsjournal
242Sustainability Sciencejournal
243Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacyjournal
244Tijdschrift Voor Gezondheidsschade Milieuschade en Aansprakelijkheidsrechtjournal
245Transnational Environmental Lawjournal
246Transport and Sustainabilitybook serie
249Utilities Policyjournal
250Water Alternativesjournal
251Water and Environment Journaljournal
252Water Internationaljournal
253Water Policyjournal
254Water Resources Research Institute News of the University of North Carolinajournal
255Water S.A. journal
256Weather and Climate Extremesjournal
257Wetlands Ecology and Managementjournal
258Wildlife Biologyjournal
259Wildlife Researchjournal
260Worldviews: Environment, Culture, Religionjournal
261Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themesjournal