Issues, Ethics and Legal Aspects

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Sr. No.TitleJournal
1Journal of Aging StudiesJournal
2Journal of Nursing RegulationJournal
3Nursing EthicsJournal
4Policy, Politics, and Nursing PracticeJournal
5BMC Medical EthicsJournal
6New Genetics and SocietyJournal
7Legal MedicineJournal
8Journal of Medical EthicsJournal
9Journal of Medicine and PhilosophyJournal
10Journal of Law, Medicine and EthicsJournal
11Hastings Center ReportJournal
12Developing World BioethicsJournal
13Kennedy Institute of Ethics JournalJournal
14Nursing PhilosophyJournal
15International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-beingJournal
16JONA's Healthcare Law, Ethics, and RegulationJournal
17American Journal of BioethicsJournal
18Online Journal of Issues in NursingJournal
19Journal of forensic nursingJournal
20Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare EthicsJournal
21Science and Engineering EthicsJournal
22Public Health EthicsJournal
23Health Care AnalysisJournal
24Medicine, Science and the LawJournal
25Theoretical Medicine and BioethicsJournal
26Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in MedicineJournal
27HEC ForumJournal
28Perspectives in Biology and MedicineJournal
29Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie : Organ der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Gerontologie und GeriatrieJournal
30Ethique et SanteJournal
31Journal of Clinical EthicsJournal
32Clinical EthicsJournal
33Ethik in der MedizinJournal
34Journal of Law and MedicineJournal
35Issues in Law and MedicineJournal
36Sciences Sociales et SanteJournal
37Revista Romana de BioeticaJournal
39Droit, Deontologie et SoinJournal