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110th Process Plant Safety Symposium, Topical Conference At The 2008 Aiche Spring National MeetingConference And Proceeding
211th International Conference On Condition Monitoring And Machinery Failure Prevention Technologies, CM 2014 / MFPT 2014Conference And Proceeding
312th IMEKO TC10 Workshop On New Perspectives In Measurements, Tools And Techniques For Industrial Applications 2013Conference And Proceeding
412th IMEKO TC10 Workshop On Technical Diagnostics: New Perspective In Measurements, Tools And Techniques For Industrial Applications, ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
513th IMEKO TC4 Symposium On Measurements For Research And Industrial Applications 2004, Held Together With The 9th Workshop On ADC Modeling And TestingConference And Proceeding
616th Process Plant Safety Symposium 2014, PPSS 2014 - Topical Conference At The 2014 Aiche Spring Meeting And 10th Global Congress On Process SafetyConference And Proceeding
719th International Conference On Industrial Engineering And Engineering ManagementConference And Proceeding
819th International Conference On Industrial Engineering And Engineering Management: Engineering ManagementConference And Proceeding
919th International Conference On Industrial Engineering And Engineering Management: Assistive Technology Of Industrial EngineeringConference And Proceeding
1019th International Conference On Industrial Engineering And Engineering Management: Management System InnovationConference And Proceeding
1119th International Conference On Industrial Engineering And Engineering Management: Engineering Economics ManagementConference And Proceeding
122008 IEEE Symposium On Product Compliance Engineering, PSES 2008Conference And Proceeding
132013 1st International Workshop On Conducting Empirical Studies In Industry, CESI 2013 - ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
142013 E-Manufacturing And Design Collaboration Symposium, Emdc 2013Conference And Proceeding
152013 International Conference On Manipulation, Manufacturing And Measurement On The Nanoscale, 3M-NANO 2013 - Conference ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
162014 11th IEEE/IAS International Conference On Industry Applications, IEEE INDUSCON 2014 - Electronic ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
172014 12th International Conference On Actual Problems Of Electronic Instrument Engineering, APEIE 2014 - ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
182014 Annual International Conference On Emerging Research Areas: Magnetics, Machines And Drives, AICERA/Icmmd 2014 - ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
192014 E-Manufacturing And Design Collaboration Symposium, Emdc 2014Conference And Proceeding
202014 IEEE Industry Application Society Annual Meeting, IAS 2014Conference And Proceeding
212014 International Conference On Manipulation, Manufacturing And Measurement On The Nanoscale, 3M-NANO 2014 - Conference ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
222014 International Conference On Science Engineering And Management Research, ICSEMR 2014Conference And Proceeding
232015 1st Conference On Power, Dielectric And Energy Management At NERIST, ICPDEN 2015Conference And Proceeding
242015 IEEE International Conference On Consumer Electronics, ICCE 2015Conference And Proceeding
2522nd International Conference On Production Research, ICPR 2013Conference And Proceeding
2623rd International Mining Congress And Exhibition Of Turkey, IMCET 2013Conference And Proceeding
2727th International Conference On Computer Applications In Industry And Engineering, CAINE 2014Conference And Proceeding
2832nd Congress Of The International Union Of Leather Technologists And Chemist Societies, IULTCS 2013Conference And Proceeding
293D Printing And Additive ManufacturingJournal
303rd Process Safety Management Mentoring Forum 2014, PSM2 2014 - Topical Conference At The 2014 Aiche Spring Meeting And 10th Global Congress On Process SafetyConference And Proceeding
317th International Workshop NDT In Progress: NDT Of Lightweight MaterialsConference And Proceeding
32Academic Journal Of Manufacturing EngineeringJournal
33Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English Letters)Journal
34Acta Universitatis Cibiniensis - Series E: Food TechnologyJournal
35Additive ManufacturingJournal
36Advance Journal Of Food Science And TechnologyJournal
37Advanced Composites BulletinJournal
38Advanced Composites LettersJournal
39Advances In Applied CeramicsJournal
40Advances In ManufacturingJournal
41Advances In Production Engineering And ManagementJournal
42Africa And Middle East TextilesJournal
43Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR JournalJournal
44Agro Food Industry Hi-TechJournal
45Aiche, Ammonia Plant Safty And Related Facilities V12 (CEP Tech Manual)Conference And Proceeding
46American Filtration And Separations Society Spring Conference 2013Conference And Proceeding
47American Fuel And Petrochemical Manufacturers, AFPM - Plant Automation And Decision Support Conference 2014, Held At Q And A And Technology ForumConference And Proceeding
48American Gear Manufacturers Association Fall Technical Meeting 2014, FTM 2014Conference And Proceeding
49American Gear Manufacturers Association Fall Technical Meeting 2013Conference And Proceeding
50Annals Of DAAAM And Proceedings Of The International DAAAM SymposiumConference And Proceeding
51Annals Of The University Dunarea De Jos Of Galati, Fascicle VI: Food TechnologyJournal
52Applied Thermal EngineeringJournal
53Archives Of Foundry EngineeringJournal
54Artificial Intelligence For Engineering Design, Analysis And Manufacturing: AIEDAMJournal
55Asian Textile JournalJournal
56ASME 2013 International Manufacturing Science And Engineering Conference Collocated With The 41st North American Manufacturing Research Conference, MSEC 2013Conference And Proceeding
57ASME 2014 Dynamic Systems And Control Conference, DSCC 2014Conference And Proceeding
58ASME 2014 International Manufacturing Science And Engineering Conference, MSEC 2014 Collocated With The JSME 2014 International Conference On Materials And Processing And The 42nd North American Manufacturing Research ConferenceConference And Proceeding
60Assembly AutomationJournal
61ATA JournalJournal
62Aufbereitungs-Technik/Mineral ProcessingJournal
63Ausimm BulletinJournal
64Australian MiningJournal
65BEIAC 2013 - 2013 IEEE Business Engineering And Industrial Applications ColloquiumConference And Proceeding
66BHR Group - 16th International Conference On Multiphase Production Technology 2013Conference And Proceeding
67Biofuture For Mankind ConferenceConference And Proceeding
68Boletin De La Sociedad Espanola De Ceramica Y VidrioJournal
69BTRA ScanJournal
70Bulk Solids HandlingJournal
71CAD Computer Aided DesignJournal
72CAMX 2014 - Composites And Advanced Materials Expo: Combined Strength. Unsurpassed Innovation.Conference And Proceeding
73Canadian Metallurgical QuarterlyJournal
74Canadian Mining JournalJournal
75Canadian PackagingJournal
76Canadian Textile JournalJournal
77CARTS International 2014Conference And Proceeding
79Chemical Engineering And Processing: Process IntensificationJournal
80Chemical Engineering And TechnologyJournal
81Chemical Engineering JournalJournal
82Chemical Engineering ProgressJournal
83Chemical Engineering SciencesJournal
84Chemical Engineering WorldJournal
85Chemical Fibers InternationalJournal
86Chemical PapersJournal
88China Welding (English Edition)Journal
89Chinese Journal Of Mechanical Engineering (English Edition)Journal
90Chung-Kuo Tsao Chih/China Pulp And PaperJournal
91CIE 2014 - 44th International Conference On Computers And Industrial Engineering And IMSS 2014 - 9th International Symposium On Intelligent Manufacturing And Service Systems, Joint International Symposium On "The Social Impacts Of Developments In Information, Manufacturing And Service Systems" - ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
92Circuit WorldJournal
93CIRP Annals - Manufacturing TechnologyJournal
94CIRP Journal Of Manufacturing Science And TechnologyJournal
95CIS Iron And Steel ReviewJournal
97Communications In Applied And Industrial MathematicsJournal
98Competitive Design - Proceedings Of The 19th CIRP Design ConferenceConference And Proceeding
99Composites Part B: EngineeringJournal
100Conference Proceedings - 14th International Conference Of The European Society For Precision Engineering And Nanotechnology, EUSPEN 2014Conference And Proceeding
101Conference Record - IAS Annual Meeting (IEEE Industry Applications Society)Conference And Proceeding
102Conference Record - IEEE Cement Industry Technical ConferenceConference And Proceeding
103Conference Record Of The IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists ConferenceConference And Proceeding
104Construction Management And EconomicsJournal
106Converting TodayJournal
109Critical Reviews In Food Science And NutritionJournal
110Cutting Tool EngineeringJournal
111CYTA - Journal Of FoodJournal
112Deutsche Lebensmittel-RundschauJournal
113Digest Of Technical Papers - IEEE International Conference On Consumer ElectronicsConference And Proceeding
114Distillation Topical Conference And Separations Division Conference, Topical Conference At The 2008 Aiche Spring National MeetingConference And Proceeding
116Easterneuropean Journal Of Enterprise TechnologiesJournal
117Eksploatacja I NiezawodnoscJournal
118Engineered Casting SolutionsJournal
120Engineering And Mining JournalJournal
121Engineering Failure AnalysisJournal
122Engineering In Agriculture, Environment And FoodJournal
123Engineering OptimizationJournal
126Eurasian MiningJournal
127EUROCORR 2013 - European Corrosion CongressConference And Proceeding
128European Food Research And TechnologyJournal
129European Journal Of Industrial EngineeringJournal
130European Journal Of Lipid Science And TechnologyJournal
131Fabrics And ArchitectureJournal
132Facta Universitatis, Series: Mechanical EngineeringJournal
133Fibre Value Chain Conference And Expo 2014: Pulp And Paper Bioenergy BioproductsConference And Proceeding
134Fibres And Textiles In Eastern EuropeJournal
136Filtration And SeparationJournal
137Flexible Services And Manufacturing JournalJournal
138Food And Bioprocess TechnologyJournal
139Food AustraliaJournal
140Food Engineering And IngredientsJournal
141Food Engineering ReviewsJournal
142Food ManufactureJournal
143Food Science And Technology InternationalJournal
144Food Science And Technology ResearchJournal
145Food TechnologyJournal
146Food Technology And BiotechnologyJournal
147Funtai Oyobi Fummatsu Yakin/Journal Of The Japan Society Of Powder And Powder MetallurgyJournal
148Gestao E Producao Journal
149Glass InternationalJournal
150Green Design, Materials And Manufacturing Processes - Proceedings Of The 2nd International Conference On Sustainable Intelligent Manufacturing, SIM 2013Conference And Proceeding
151Green Energy And TechnologyBook Serie
152Green Processing And SynthesisJournal
153Guocheng Gongcheng Xuebao/The Chinese Journal Of Process EngineeringJournal
154Hanneng Cailiao/Chinese Journal Of Energetic MaterialsJournal
155High-Performance CompositesJournal
156HTM - Journal Of Heat Treatment And MaterialsJournal
157Human Factors And Ergonomics In ManufacturingJournal
159IBM Data Management MagazineJournal
160ICLEM 2014: System Planning, Supply Chain Management, And Safety - Proceedings Of The 2014 International Conference Of Logistics Engineering And ManagementConference And Proceeding
161IEEE Conference Record Of Annual Pulp And Paper Industry Technical ConferenceConference And Proceeding
162IEEE Industrial Electronics MagazineJournal
163IEEE Industry Applications MagazineJournal
164IEEE International Conference On Consumer Electronics - Berlin, ICCE-BerlinConference And Proceeding
165IEEE International Conference On Control And Automation, ICCAConference And Proceeding
166IEEE International Conference On Industrial Engineering And Engineering ManagementConference And Proceeding
167IEEE International Symposium On Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
168IEEE Transactions On Components, Packaging And Manufacturing TechnologyJournal
169IEEE Transactions On Industry ApplicationsJournal
170IEEE Transactions On Semiconductor ManufacturingJournal
171IEEJ Transactions On Industry ApplicationsJournal
172IEOM 2015 - 5th International Conference On Industrial Engineering And Operations Management, ProceedingConference And Proceeding
173IET Wireless Sensor SystemsJournal
174IFAI's Marine FabricatorJournal
175IIE Annual Conference And Expo 2013Conference And Proceeding
176IIE Annual Conference And Expo 2014Conference And Proceeding
177IISE TransactionsJournal
178Indian SilkJournal
179Industrial & Engineering Chemistry ResearchJournal
180Industrial EngineerJournal
181Industrial Management (Norcross, Georgia)Journal
182Industrial Management And Data SystemsJournal
183Industrial RobotJournal
184Industrie AlimentariJournal
185Industry WeekJournal
186Informacion TecnologicaJournal
187INMATEH - Agricultural EngineeringJournal
188Innovative Food Science And Emerging TechnologiesJournal
190International Air Safety Seminar ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
191International Asia Conference On Industrial Engineering And Management Innovation: Core Areas Of Industrial Engineering, IEMI 2012 - ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
192International Carpet YearbookJournal
193International Conference On Industrial Logistics, ICIL 2014 - Conference ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
194International DyerJournal
195International Journal Of Abrasive TechnologyJournal
196International Journal Of Advanced Manufacturing TechnologyJournal
197International Journal Of Automation And ControlJournal
198International Journal Of Automation TechnologyJournal
199International Journal Of COMADEMJournal
200International Journal Of Computer Applications In TechnologyJournal
201International Journal Of CrashworthinessJournal
202International Journal Of DesignJournal
203International Journal Of Fashion Design, Technology And EducationJournal
204International Journal Of FatigueJournal
205International Journal Of Fluid Machinery And SystemsJournal
206International Journal Of Food Science And TechnologyJournal
207International Journal Of Greenhouse Gas ControlJournal
208International Journal Of Industrial And Systems EngineeringJournal
209International Journal Of Industrial Engineering : Theory Applications And PracticeJournal
210International Journal Of Industrial Engineering And ManagementJournal
211International Journal Of Industrial Engineering ComputationsJournal
212International Journal Of Industrial OrganizationJournal
213International Journal Of Information And Management SciencesJournal
214International Journal Of Intelligent Mechatronics And RoboticsJournal
215International Journal Of Internet Manufacturing And ServicesJournal
216International Journal Of Machine Tools And ManufactureJournal
217International Journal Of Machining And Machinability Of MaterialsJournal
218International Journal Of Manufacturing ResearchJournal
219International Journal Of Manufacturing Technology And ManagementJournal
220International Journal Of Materials And Product TechnologyJournal
221International Journal Of Mechatronics And AutomationJournal
222International Journal Of MetalcastingJournal
223International Journal Of Mining And Mineral EngineeringJournal
224International Journal Of Modern Manufacturing TechnologiesJournal
225International Journal Of NanomanufacturingJournal
226International Journal Of Powder Metallurgy (Princeton, New Jersey)Journal
227International Journal Of Precision Engineering And Manufacturing - Green TechnologyJournal
228International Journal Of Precision Engineering And ManufacturingJournal
229International Journal Of Production EconomicsJournal
230International Journal Of Production ResearchJournal
231International Journal Of Reliability, Quality And Safety EngineeringJournal
232International Journal Of Robust And Nonlinear ControlJournal
233International Journal Of Rotating MachineryJournal
234International Journal Of Services And Operations ManagementJournal
235International Journal Of Six Sigma And Competitive AdvantageJournal
236International Journal Of Sustainable ManufacturingJournal
237International Journal On Interactive Design And ManufacturingJournal
238International Mechanical Pulping Conference, IMPC 2014, Part Of Pulpaper 2014 ConferenceConference And Proceeding
239International Nonwovens Symposium 2013Conference And Proceeding
240International Polymer ProcessingJournal
241International Water Power And Dam ConstructionJournal
242ISRN Mechanical Engineering
243Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii, Seriya Teknologiya Tekstil'noi PromyshlennostiJournal
244Japan Journal Of Food EngineeringJournal
245Jinshu Rechuli/Heat Treatment Of MetalsJournal
246Jisuanji Jicheng Zhizao Xitong/Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, CIMSJournal
247Jordan Journal Of Mechanical And Industrial EngineeringJournal
248Journal Europeen Des Systemes AutomatisesJournal
249Journal Of Advanced Manufacturing SystemsJournal
250Journal Of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems And ManufacturingJournal
251Journal Of Agricultural EngineeringJournal
252Journal Of Applied And Industrial MathematicsJournal
253Journal Of Chemical Technology And MetallurgyJournal
254Journal Of Cleaner ProductionJournal
255Journal Of Cold Regions Engineering - ASCEJournal
256Journal Of Computational And Applied Research In Mechanical EngineeringJournal
257Journal Of Computing And Information Science In EngineeringJournal
258Journal Of Dong Hua University (English Edition)Journal
259Journal Of EngineeringJournal
260Journal Of Food Measurement And CharacterizationJournal
261Journal Of Geophysics And EngineeringJournal
262Journal Of Industrial And Production EngineeringJournal
263Journal Of Industrial Engineering And ManagementJournal
264Journal Of Industrial Engineering InternationalJournal
265Journal Of Industrial TextilesJournal
266Journal Of Insect Biotechnology And SericologyJournal
267Journal Of Intelligent And Robotic Systems: Theory And ApplicationsJournal
268Journal Of Intelligent ManufacturingJournal
269Journal Of Japan Industrial Management AssociationJournal
270Journal Of Laser Micro NanoengineeringJournal
271Journal Of Loss Prevention In The Process IndustriesJournal
272Journal Of Machinery Manufacture And ReliabilityJournal
273Journal Of Manufacturing ProcessesJournal
274Journal Of Manufacturing Science And Engineering, Transactions Of The ASMEJournal
275Journal Of Manufacturing SystemsJournal
276Journal Of Manufacturing Technology ManagementJournal
277Journal Of Manufacturing Technology ResearchJournal
278Journal Of Materials Processing TechnologyJournal
279Journal Of Mechanical Engineering And SciencesJournal
280Journal Of Mobile MultimediaJournal
281Journal Of Operations ManagementJournal
282Journal Of Process ControlJournal
283Journal Of Quality In Maintenance EngineeringJournal
284Journal Of Quality TechnologyJournal
285Journal Of The China Textile InstituteJournal
286Journal Of The Korean Wood Science And TechnologyJournal
287Journal Of The Textile AssociationJournal
288Journal Of The Textile InstituteJournal
290KGK Kautschuk Gummi KunststoffeJournal
291Knitting InternationalJournal
293Laser PhysicsJournal
294Lasers In EngineeringJournal
295Leather And Footwear JournalJournal
296Lecture Notes In Electrical EngineeringBook Serie
297Leonardo Journal Of Practices And TechnologiesJournal
298LT 2015 - Proceedings Of The 4th ACM/SPEC International Workshop On Large-Scale Testing, In Conjunction With ICPE 2015Conference And Proceeding
299M Et T2Journal
300Machinery And Production EngineeringJournal
301Machining Science And TechnologyJournal
302Maderas: Ciencia Y Tecnologia Journal
303Management And Production Engineering ReviewJournal
304Man-Made Textiles In IndiaJournal
305Manufacturing EngineeringJournal
306Manufacturing LettersJournal
307Manufacturing TechnologyJournal
308Materials And Manufacturing ProcessesJournal
309Mechanics And IndustryJournal
310Melliand InternationalJournal
311Melliand Textilberichte/International Textile ReportsJournal
312Membrane TechnologyJournal
313Metal FinishingJournal
314Metallurgical And Mining IndustryJournal
315MM Science JournalJournal
316Moving Integrated Product Development To Service Clouds In The Global Economy - Proceedings Of The 21st ISPE Inc. International Conference On Concurrent Engineering, CE 2014Conference And Proceeding
317MPT Metallurgical Plant And Technology InternationalJournal
318Nami Jishu Yu Jingmi Gongcheng/Nanotechnology And Precision EngineeringJournal
319Nat Counc Paper Ind Air Stream Impr Inc, Tech Bull 39Journal
320Naukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho Hirnychoho UniversytetuJournal
321NDT 2014 - 53rd Annual Conference Of The British Institute Of Non-Destructive TestingConference And Proceeding
322Near Surface Geoscience 2014 - 20th European Meeting Of Environmental And Engineering GeophysicsConference And Proceeding
323New DesignJournal
324Nippon Kikai Gakkai Ronbunshu, C Hen/Transactions Of The Japan Society Of Mechanical Engineers, Part CJournal
325Noise Control Engineering JournalJournal
326O Papel (Brazil)Journal
327Operations Management ResearchJournal
328Operations Research LettersJournal
329Pakistan Textile JournalJournal
330Plant Engineer (London)Journal
331Plant EngineeringJournal
332Plastics TechnologyJournal
333Pollution EngineeringJournal
334Ports 2013: Success Through Diversification - Proceedings Of The 13th Triennial International ConferenceConference And Proceeding
335Printed Circuit Design And FabJournal
336Probability In The Engineering And Informational SciencesJournal
337Procedia ManufacturingJournal
338Proceedings - 17th IEEE International Conference On Computational Science And Engineering, CSE 2014, Jointly With 13th IEEE International Conference On Ubiquitous Computing And Communications, IUCC 2014, 13th International Symposium On Pervasive Systems, Algorithms, And Networks, I-SPAN 2014 And 8th International Conference On Frontier Of Computer Science And Technology, FCST 2014Conference And Proceeding
339Proceedings - 2011 4th International Conference On Information Management, Innovation Management And Industrial Engineering, ICIII 2011Conference And Proceeding
340Proceedings - 2013 IEEE International Symposium On Assembly And Manufacturing, ISAM 2013Conference And Proceeding
341Proceedings - ASPE 2014 Spring Topical Meeting: Dimensional Accuracy And Surface Finish In Additive ManufacturingConference And Proceeding
342Proceedings - VRCAI 2013: 12th ACM SIGGRAPH International Conference On Virtual-Reality Continuum And Its Applications In IndustryConference And Proceeding
343Proceedings Of 2012 3rd International Asia Conference On Industrial Engineering And Management Innovation, IEMI 2012Conference And Proceeding
344Proceedings Of 2013 4th International Asia Conference On Industrial Engineering And Management Innovation, IEMI 2013Conference And Proceeding
345Proceedings Of 2013 International Conference On Industrial Engineering And Systems Management, IEEE - IESM 2013Conference And Proceeding
346Proceedings Of 2014 9th International Design And Test Symposium, IDT 2014Conference And Proceeding
347Proceedings Of 20th International Conference On Industrial Engineering And Engineering Management: Theory And Apply Of Industrial EngineeringConference And Proceeding
348Proceedings Of IEEE East-West Design And Test Symposium, EWDTS 2014Conference And Proceeding
349Proceedings Of IEEE East-West Design And Test Symposium, EWDTS 2013Conference And Proceeding
350Proceedings Of International Conference On Service Science, ICSSConference And Proceeding
351Proceedings Of The 13th International Conference Of The European Society For Precision Engineering And Nanotechnology, EUSPEN 2013Conference And Proceeding
352Proceedings Of The 15th International Conference Of The European Society For Precision Engineering And Nanotechnology, EUSPEN 2015Conference And Proceeding
353Proceedings Of The 15th International Conference On Engineering And Product Design Education: Design Education - Growing Our Future, EPDE 2013Conference And Proceeding
354Proceedings Of The 2014 International Conference On Innovative Design And Manufacturing, ICIDM 2014Conference And Proceeding
355Proceedings Of The 36th Conference Of The Australian Society Of Sugar Cane Technologists, ASSCT 2014Conference And Proceeding
356Proceedings Of The 5th International Asia Conference On Industrial Engineering And Management Innovation, IEMI 2014Conference And Proceeding
357Proceedings Of The Hawaii International Conference On System ScienceConference And Proceeding
358Proceedings Of The IEEE/CPMT International Electronics Manufacturing Technology (IEMT) SymposiumConference And Proceeding
359Proceedings Of The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal Of Engineering ManufactureJournal
360Proceedings Of The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers, Part E: Journal Of Process Mechanical EngineeringJournal
361Proceedings Of The International Conference Of DAAAM BalticConference And Proceeding
362Proceedings Of The International Conference On Engineering Design, ICEDConference And Proceeding
363Producao Journal
364Production And Manufacturing ResearchJournal
365Production And Operations ManagementJournal
366Production EngineeringJournal
367Production Planning And ControlJournal
368Professional PapermakingJournal
369Progress In Agricultural Engineering SciencesJournal
370Przeglad WlokienniczyJournal
371Pulp And Paper CanadaJournal
372Quality And Reliability Technical Symposium, QRTS 2015: Connecting Innovation To Application For Next Gen Design - ProceedingsConference And Proceeding
373Quality EngineeringJournal
374Quality ProgressJournal
375Rapid Prototyping JournalJournal
376Re-Engineering Manufacturing For Sustainability - Proceedings Of The 20th CIRP International Conference On Life Cycle EngineeringConference And Proceeding
377Reliability Engineering And System SafetyJournal
378Research And Development (Barrington, Illinois)Journal
379Research For Rural DevelopmentConference And Proceeding
380Research In Engineering Design - Theory, Applications, And Concurrent EngineeringJournal
381Revista Latinoamericana De Metalurgia Y Materiales Journal
382Robotics And Computer-Integrated ManufacturingJournal
383Russian Engineering ResearchJournal
384SAE International Journal Of Materials And ManufacturingJournal
385SAE Technical PapersJournal
386Sen'i GakkaishiJournal
387Sensing And Instrumentation For Food Quality And SafetyJournal
388Sensor ReviewJournal
389Shenyang Gongye Daxue Xuebao/Journal Of Shenyang University Of TechnologyJournal
390Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization - SISO Workshop At ITEC 2013Conference And Proceeding
391Society Of Plastics Engineers - SPE International Polyolefins Conference 2014Conference And Proceeding
392Society Of Plastics Engineers - Technical Conference And Exhibition Of The Society Of Plastics Engineers, ANTEC DUBAI 2014Conference And Proceeding
393South African Journal Of Industrial Engineering Journal
394Specialty Fabrics ReviewJournal
396Surface Engineering And Applied ElectrochemistryJournal
397Sustainable Materials And TechnologiesJournal
398Sustainable Production And ConsumptionJournal
399Technical Textiles InternationalJournal
400Technische TextilienJournal
402Tekstil Ve KonfeksiyonJournal
404Textile AsiaJournal
405Textile HistoryJournal
406Textile MagazineJournal
407Textile MonthJournal
408Textile NetworkJournal
409Textile ProgressJournal
410Textile WorldJournal
411Textiles TrendsJournal
413The Mechanism Of Concussion In SportsConference And Proceeding
414Tissue World Americas Conference 2014Conference And Proceeding
415Topical Conference On Applications Of Micro-Reactor Engineering 2007, Held At The 2007 Aiche Spring National MeetingConference And Proceeding
416Transactions Of The American Nuclear SocietyConference And Proceeding
417Transactions Of The North American Manufacturing Research Institute Of SMEConference And Proceeding
419Virtual And Physical PrototypingJournal
420Wire Journal InternationalJournal
421Wochenblatt Fuer PapierfabrikationJournal
422Wood Science And TechnologyJournal
423World Of Metallurgy - ERZMETALLJournal
424ZKG InternationalJournal
425Zywnosc. Nauka. Technologia. Jakosc/Food. Science Technology. QualityJournal