Gender Studies

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Sr. No.TitleJournal
1Acta Poloniae Historicajournal
2Advances in Appreciative Inquirybook serie
3Advances in Gender Researchjournal
4Affilia - Journal of Women and Social Workjournal
5Asian Journal of Women's Studiesjournal
6Asian Womenjournal
8Australian Feminist Studiesjournal
9Biology of Sex Differencesjournal
10Cadernos de Pesquisa journal
11Cadernos pagu journal
12Cahiers du Genrejournal
13Camera Obscurajournal
14Canadian journal of women and the law = Revue juridique La femme et le droitjournal
15Canadian Woman Studiesjournal
16Chinese Sociological Reviewjournal
17Clio: Histoire, Femmes et Societesjournal
18Contemporary Women's Writingjournal
20Equality, Diversity and Inclusionjournal
21Estudos Feministas journal
22Ethnography and Educationjournal
23European Journal of Women's Studiesjournal
24Fat Studiesjournal
25Feminism and Psychologyjournal
26Feminist Criminologyjournal
27Feminist Economicsjournal
28Feminist Legal Studiesjournal
29Feminist Media Studiesjournal
30Feminist Reviewjournal
31Feminist Studiesjournal
32Feminist Theologyjournal
33Feminist Theoryjournal
34Feministische Studienjournal
36Gender and Developmentjournal
37Gender and Educationjournal
38Gender and Historyjournal
39Gender and Languagejournal
40Gender and Societyjournal
41Gender in Managementjournal
42Gender Issuesjournal
43Gender, Equal Opportunities, Researchjournal
44Gender, Place, and Culturejournal
45Gender, Technology and Developmentjournal
46Gender, Work and Organizationjournal
47Girlhood Studiesjournal
50Homme (Germany)book serie
52Indian Journal of Gender Studiesjournal
53International Feminist Journal of Politicsjournal
54International Journal of Ageing and Later Lifejournal
55International Journal of Diverse Identitiesjournal
56International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethicsjournal
57International Journal of Francophone Studiesjournal
58International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurshipjournal
59International Journal of Sexual Healthjournal
60International Journal of Transgenderismjournal
61Intimate and the Public in Asian and Global Perspectivesbook serie
62Journal of African American Studiesjournal
63Journal of Bisexualityjournal
64Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapyjournal
65Journal of Feminist Family Therapyjournal
66Journal of Feminist Studies in Religionjournal
67Journal of Gang Researchjournal
68Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Servicesjournal
69Journal of Gender Studiesjournal
70Journal of General Psychologyjournal
71Journal of GLBT Family Studiesjournal
72Journal of Homosexualityjournal
73Journal of International Women's Studiesjournal
74Journal of Lesbian Studiesjournal
75Journal of LGBT Issues in Counselingjournal
76Journal of LGBT Youthjournal
77Journal of Middle East Women's Studiesjournal
78Journal of Research in Gender Studiesjournal
79Journal of Sex Researchjournal
80Journal of Women and Agingjournal
81Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineeringjournal
82Journal of Women, Politics and Policyjournal
83Journal of women's historyjournal
85Masculinities and Social Changejournal
86Men and Masculinitiesjournal
87Monthly Reviewjournal
88NAN NU: Men, Women and Gender in Early and Imperial Chinajournal
90NASPA Journal About Women in Higher Educationjournal
91NORA - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Researchjournal
93Nouvelles Questions Feministesjournal
94Politics & Genderjournal
95Porn Studiesjournal
96Psychology and Sexualityjournal
97Psychology of Men and Masculinityjournal
98Psychology of Women Quarterlyjournal
100Revista de Estudios Sociales journal
101Sex Rolesjournal
103Sexuality and Culturejournal
104Sexuality Research and Social Policy: Journal of NSRCjournal
106Social Politicsjournal
107Studies in Gender and Sexualityjournal
108Studies in Social Justicejournal
109The Journal of Men's Studiesjournal
110Travail, Genre et Societejournal
111Tulsa Studies in Womens Literaturejournal
112Violence Against Womenjournal
113Woman's Art Journaljournal
114Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theoryjournal
115Women and Criminal Justicejournal
116Women and Therapyjournal
117Women: A Cultural Reviewjournal
118Women's History Reviewjournal
119Women's studiesjournal
120Women's Studies in Communicationjournal
121Women's Writingjournal