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Sr. No.TitleJournal
1Handbook of International Economicsbook serie
2American Economic Journal: Macroeconomicsjournal
3American Economic Journal: Applied Economicsjournal
4American Economic Journal: Economic Policyjournal
5Journal of the European Economic Associationjournal
6Theoretical Economicsjournal
7American Economic Journal: Microeconomicsjournal
8Journal of Supply Chain Managementjournal
9Structural Equation Modelingjournal
10IMF Economic Reviewbook serie
11Quantitative Marketing and Economicsjournal
12Experimental Economicsjournal
14Socio-Economic Reviewjournal
15Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journaljournal
16Journal of Financial Stabilityjournal
17Economy and Societyjournal
18Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applicationsjournal
19Journal of Economic Historyjournal
20Asia Pacific Journal of Managementjournal
21Economics of Transportationjournal
22Journal of International Economic Lawjournal
23Journal of Real Estate Researchjournal
24European Journal of Health Economicsjournal
25European Financial Managementjournal
26Handbook of the Economics of Risk and Uncertaintybook serie
27International Relations of the Asia-Pacificjournal
28Handbook of Computable General Equilibrium Modelingbook serie
29Annals of Financejournal
30Journal of Institutional Economicsjournal
31ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Researchjournal
33International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economicsjournal
34Journal of Electronic Commerce Researchjournal
35European Journal of the History of Economic Thoughtjournal
36Research in Transportation Economicsjournal
37Journal of Human Capitaljournal
38Review of World Economicsjournal
39Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economicsjournal
40Spatial Economic Analysisjournal
41Journal of the History of Economic Thoughtjournal
42Review of Political Economyjournal
43European Review of Economic Historyjournal
44Economics of Innovation and New Technologyjournal
45Economics and Sociologyjournal
46Quantitative Financejournal
47Accounting and Financejournal
48Electronic Commerce Researchjournal
49Review of Derivatives Researchjournal
50Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Financejournal
51Journal of Economic Inequalityjournal
52Agricultural Economics (Czech Republic) journal
53Journal of Cultural Economicsjournal
55Wine Economics and Policyjournal
56International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Financejournal
57Theory and Decisionjournal
58European Journal of Financejournal
59International Journal of Energy Economics and Policyjournal
60China and World Economyjournal
61E a M: Ekonomie a Managementjournal
62Emerging Markets Finance and Tradejournal
63International Economicsjournal
64Advances in Strategic Managementbook serie
65Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Managementjournal
66Journal of Consumer Affairsjournal
67Local Economyjournal
68Journal of Economic Policy Reformjournal
69Managerial Auditing Journaljournal
70Journal of Economic Studiesjournal
71China Informationjournal
72Journal of Sports Economicsjournal
73International Journal of Auditingjournal
74Value in Health Regional Issuesjournal
75B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economicsjournal
76Research in Transportation Business and Managementjournal
77Maritime Economics and Logisticsjournal
78International Social Security Reviewjournal
79Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studiesjournal
80Historical Materialismjournal
81Financial Accountability and Managementjournal
82Computational Economicsjournal
84Agris On-line Papers in Economics and Informaticsjournal
85Cato Journaljournal
86Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economicsjournal
87City, Culture and Societyjournal
88Journal of Financial Crimejournal
89Pertanika Journal of Social Science and Humanitiesjournal
90B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policyjournal
91Inter economicsjournal
92South Asia Researchjournal
94Journal of Economic Methodologyjournal
95Journal of Property Investment and Financejournal
96Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodologybook serie
97Financial Markets, Institutions and Instrumentsjournal
99National Institute Economic Reviewjournal
100Industrial Engineering and Management Systemsjournal
101Journal of Real Estate Literaturejournal
102International Economic Journaljournal
103Economic and Political Weeklyjournal
104Journal of Applied Economicsjournal
105China Economic Journaljournal
106Review of Austrian Economicsjournal
107Cuadernos de Economiajournal
108International Journal of Sociology and Social Policyjournal
109Asian Social Sciencejournal
110University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Lawjournal
111Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Services Researchjournal
112Review of Economic Perspectivesjournal
113Economy of Regionjournal
114Latin American Economic Reviewjournal
115Economics of Governancejournal
116Economists' Voicejournal
118Chinese Economyjournal
119Young Consumersjournal
120Journal of Private Enterprisejournal
121Amfiteatru Economicjournal
122International Journal of Health Economics and Managementjournal
123International Trade Journaljournal
124Global Economic Reviewjournal
125African Journal of Economic and Management Studiesjournal
126Economic Annals-XXIjournal
127Decisions in Economics and Financejournal
128Qualitative Research in Organizations and Managementjournal
129Scientific Papers of the University of Pardubice, Series D: Faculty of Economics and Administrationjournal
130Handbook of the Economics of International Migrationbook serie
131New Zealand Economic Papersjournal
132Review of Economic Designjournal
133International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysisjournal
134Atlantic Economic Journaljournal
135Revista de Economia Politica/Brazilian Journal of Political Economy journal
136South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciencesjournal
137Revue de l'OFCEjournal
138International Journal of Economics and Managementjournal
139Journal of Business Communicationjournal
140Asian Economic Policy Reviewjournal
141Revista de Metodos Cuantitativos para la Economia y la Empresajournal
142International Journal of Green Economicsjournal
143International Journal of Trade and Global Marketsjournal
144Malaysian Journal of Economic Studiesjournal
145Economics Bulletinjournal
146Journal of Applied Economic Sciencesjournal
147Review of Law and Economicsjournal
148Journal of Economic Integrationjournal
149Revue Economiquejournal
150International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studiesjournal
151Journal of Korea Tradejournal
152Law and Economics Yearly Reviewjournal
153International Journal of Economics and Financial Issuesjournal
154Law and Development Reviewjournal
155Journal of Asia Business Studiesjournal
156Advances in Environmental Accounting and Managementbook serie
157IZA Journal of Labor and Developmentjournal
158Business Communication Quarterlyjournal
159Australian Economic Papersjournal
160McKinsey Quarterlyjournal
162DLSU Business and Economics Reviewjournal
163Economia e Politica Industrialejournal
164European Research Studies Journaljournal
165South East European Journal of Economics and Businessjournal
166EuroMed Journal of Businessjournal
167Romanian Journal of Economic Forecastingjournal
168Journal of Economic Asymmetriesjournal
169Economic Annalsjournal
170Baltic Journal of Economicsjournal
171International Advances in Economic Researchjournal
172Revista Brasileira de Economia journal
173Czech Economic Reviewjournal
174World Customs Journaljournal
175International Symposia in Economic Theory and Econometricsbook serie
176Investigaciones Regionalesjournal
177International Journal of Business Researchjournal
178AStA Wirtschafts- und Sozialstatistisches Archivjournal
179Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science journal
180Travail et Emploijournal
181University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Economic Lawjournal
182Institutions and Economiesjournal
183Economia Aplicadajournal
184Latin American Journal of Economics journal
185Revue d'Economie du Developpementjournal
186Pacific Rim Property Research Journaljournal
187Global Economy Journaljournal
188Croatian Economic Surveyjournal
189Journal of International Trade Law and Policyjournal
190Society and Economyjournal
191Recherches economiques de Louvainjournal
192Contemporary Economicsjournal
193Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenisjournal
194Journal of South Asian Developmentjournal
195Forum for Health Economics and Policyjournal
196OECD Journal: Economic Studiesjournal
197Journal of King Abdulaziz University, Islamic Economicsjournal
198Revista de Economia Institucional journal
199Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciencesjournal
200Business Information Reviewjournal
201Revista de Economia Aplicadajournal
202International Review of Economicsjournal
204America Latina en la Historia Economica journal
205Economia Mexicana, Nueva Epocajournal
206South Asia Economic Journaljournal
207Cuadernos de Administracion journal
208Korean Economic Reviewjournal
209IEEE/IAFE Conference on Computational Intelligence for Financial Engineering, Proceedings (CIFEr)conference and proceeding
210International Journal of Interdisciplinary Organizational Studiesjournal
211Revista de Economia del Rosariojournal
212Seoul Journal of Economicsjournal
213Entreprises et Histoirejournal
214Iranian Economic Reviewjournal
215Investigacion Economica journal
216Monies, Markets, and Finance in East Asia 1600-1900book serie
217Library of Economic Historybook serie
218Social, Economic and Political Studies of the Middle East and Asiabook serie
219Ekonomski Pregledjournal
220Portuguese Economic Journaljournal
221Revista de Economia Contemporanea journal
222Revista de Analisis Economico journal
223Progress in Industrial Ecologyjournal
224Cuadernos de Economia journal
226Citizenship, Social and Economics Educationjournal
227Electronic International Journal of Time Use Researchjournal
228Estudos Economicos journal
229Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence for Financial Engineering and Economics, CIFEr 2013 - 2013 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence, SSCI 2013conference and proceeding
230International Journal of Energy, Environment and Economicsjournal
231Advances in the Economic Analysis of Participatory and Labor-Managed Firmsbook serie
232EEAG Report on the European Economyjournal
233CEPAL Reviewjournal
234Journal of Current Chinese Affairsjournal
235Geneva Reports on the World Economyjournal
236Economie et Previsionjournal
237Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasingbook serie
238Contributions to Economic Analysisbook serie
239Reflets et Perspectives de la Vie Economiquejournal
240Nova Economia journal
241International Journal of Economics and Business Researchjournal
242Rivista di Matematica per le Scienze Economiche e Socialijournal
243Open Pharmacoeconomics and Health Economics Journaljournal
244Frontiers of Economics and Globalizationbook serie
245Journal Globalization, Competitiveness and Governabilityjournal
246International Journal of Economic Perspectivesjournal
247Contemporary Studies in Economic and Financial Analysisbook serie
248Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studiesjournal
249Development Engineeringjournal
250Proceedings of WHPCF 2013: 6th Workshop on High Performance Computational Finance - Held in Conjunction with SC 2013: The Int. Conf. for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysisconference and proceeding
251Business and Economic Horizonsjournal
252Comparative Economic Researchjournal
253Business Strategy Reviewjournal
254Journal of Income Distributionjournal
255Transnational Corporationsjournal
257Journal of Economics and Economic Education Researchjournal
258Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Socialijournal
259Israel Economic Reviewjournal
260Advances in Industrial and Labor Relationsbook serie
261China Business Reviewjournal
262Journal of Real Estate Practice and Educationjournal
263European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciencesjournal
264Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systemsjournal
265Analele Stiintifice ale Universitatii Al I Cuza din Iasi - Sectiunea Stiinte Economicejournal
266Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economicsjournal
267European Competition Journaljournal
268Privredna Kretanja i Ekonomska Politikajournal
269Journal des Economistes et des Etudes Humainesjournal
270Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growthbook serie
271Rulers and Elitesbook serie
272Ikonomicheski Izsledvaniajournal
273Malaysian Journal of Consumer and Family Economicsjournal
274New Economic Windowsbook serie
275Advances in Financial Economicsbook serie
2762013 7th Intenational Conference on e-Commerce in Developing Countries: With Focus on e-Security, ECDC 2013conference and proceeding
277North Korean Reviewjournal
278Vierteljahresschrift fur Sozial und Wirtschaftsgeschichtejournal
279Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference ICT, Society and Human Beings 2013, Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference e-Commerce 2013conference and proceeding
280International Journal of Economic Researchjournal
281Revue Internationale de Droit Economiquejournal
282Economies et Societesjournal