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Sr. No.TitleJournal
1American Journal of Human Geneticsjournal
2American Journal of Medical Genetics - Seminars in Medical Geneticsjournal
3American Journal of Medical Genetics, Part Ajournal
4American Journal of Medical Genetics, Part B, Neuropsychiatric Geneticsjournal
5Annals of Human Geneticsjournal
6Annual Review of Genomics and Human Geneticsbook serie
7Application of Clinical Geneticsjournal
8Autism Researchjournal
9BAG - Journal of Basic and Applied Geneticsjournal
10Balkan Journal of Medical Geneticsjournal
11Behavior Geneticsjournal
12BMC Geneticsjournal
13BMC Medical Geneticsjournal
14BMC Medical Genomicsjournal
15Chinese Journal of Medical Geneticsjournal
17Circulation. Cardiovascular geneticsjournal
18Clinical Dysmorphologyjournal
19Clinical Epigeneticsjournal
20Clinical Geneticsjournal
21Clinical Respiratory Journaljournal
22CONTINUUM Lifelong Learning in Neurologyjournal
23Current Gene Therapyjournal
24Current Genomicsjournal
25Current Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicinejournal
26Current Protocols in Human Geneticsjournal
27Cytogenetic and Genome Researchjournal
28Cytology and Geneticsjournal
30Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Geneticsjournal
31Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesisjournal
32Epigenetic Diagnosis and Therapyjournal
33European Journal of Human Geneticsjournal
34European Journal of Medical Geneticsjournal
35Familial Cancerjournal
36Frontiers in Geneticsjournal
37G3: Genes, Genomes, Geneticsjournal
39Genes and Diseasesjournal
40Genes and Immunityjournal
41Genetic Counselingjournal
42Genetic Epidemiologyjournal
43Genetic Testing and Molecular Biomarkersjournal
44Genetics in Medicinejournal
45Genome Medicinejournal
46Genome Researchjournal
49Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practicejournal
51HUGO Journaljournal
52Human Biologyjournal
53Human gene therapy methodsjournal
54Human Geneticsjournal
55Human Heredityjournal
56Human Molecular Geneticsjournal
57Human Mutationjournal
58Indian Journal of Human Geneticsjournal
59International Journal of Human Geneticsjournal
60International Journal of Immunogeneticsjournal
61International Journal of Molecular Epidemiology and Geneticsjournal
62Iranian Journal of Cancer Preventionjournal
63Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Geneticsjournal
64Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Researchjournal
65Journal of Community Geneticsjournal
66Journal of Gene Medicinejournal
67Journal of Genetic Counselingjournal
68Journal of Heredityjournal
69Journal of Human Geneticsjournal
70Journal of Inherited Metabolic Diseasejournal
71Journal of Medical Geneticsjournal
72Journal of Molecular Medicinejournal
73Journal of Pediatric Geneticsjournal
74Medizinische Genetikjournal
75Meta Genejournal
76Molecular Cytogeneticsjournal
77Molecular Medicinejournal
78Molecular Syndromologyjournal
80Nature Reviews Geneticsjournal
82Neuromuscular Disordersjournal
83New Bioethicsjournal
84Open Gene Therapy Journaljournal
85Ophthalmic Geneticsjournal
86Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseasesjournal
87Pharmacogenetics and Genomicsjournal
88PLoS Geneticsjournal
89Prenatal Diagnosisjournal
90Psychiatric Geneticsjournal
91Public health genomicsjournal
92Recent Advances in DNA and Gene Sequencesjournal
93Twin Research and Human Geneticsjournal