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Sr. No.TitleJournal
12D Materialsjournal
2AAPP Atti della Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti, Classe di Scienze Fisiche, Matematiche e Naturalijournal
3AATCC Reviewjournal
4Accounts of Chemical Researchjournal
5Accreditation and Quality Assurancejournal
6ACS Combinatorial Sciencejournal
7ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineeringjournal
8ACS Symposium Seriesbook serie
9Acta Chimica Sinicajournal
10Acta Chimica Slovenicajournal
11Acta Chromatographicajournal
12Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communicationsjournal
13Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Onlinejournal
14Acta Polymerica Sinicajournal
15Acta Scientiarum - Technologyjournal
16Actualite Chimiquejournal
17Adhaesion Kleben und Dichtenjournal
19Adsorption Science and Technologyjournal
20Advance Journal of Food Science and Technologyjournal
21Advances and Applications in Bioinformatics and Chemistryjournal
22Advances in Catalysisbook serie
23Advances in Chemical Engineeringbook serie
24Advances in Chemical Physicsbook serie
25Advances in Clinical Chemistrybook serie
26Advances in Mass Data Analysis of Images and Signals in Medicine, Biotechnology, Chemistry and Food Industry - 8th International Conference, MDA 2013, Proceedingsconference and proceeding
28AIChE Ethylene Producers Conference Proceedingsconference and proceeding
30American Laboratoryjournal
31Anales des la Asociacion Quimica Argentinajournal
32Angewandte Chemie - International Editionjournal
33Annual Reports in Computational Chemistrybook serie
34Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry - Section Ajournal
35Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry - Section Bjournal
36Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry - Section Cjournal
37Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineeringjournal
38Applied Chemistry for Engineeringjournal
39Applied Organometallic Chemistryjournal
40Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processingjournal
41Arabian Journal of Chemistryjournal
42Asian Dyerjournal
43Asian Journal of Chemistryjournal
44Australian Journal of Chemistryjournal
45Avances en Quimicajournal
47Biomedical Materials (Bristol)journal
48Bubble Science, Engineering and Technologyjournal
49Bulgarian Chemical Communicationsjournal
50Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopiajournal
51Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japanjournal
52Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Societyjournal
53Calphad: Computer Coupling of Phase Diagrams and Thermochemistryjournal
54Canadian Journal of Chemistryjournal
56Catalysis Communicationsjournal
57Catalysis Lettersjournal
58Catalysis Reviews - Science and Engineeringjournal
59Catalysis Surveys from Asiajournal
60Catalysis Todayjournal
61Central European Journal of Chemistryjournal
63Chalcogenide Lettersjournal
64Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Quarterlyjournal
65Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletinjournal
66Chemical Communicationsjournal
67Chemical Engineerjournal
68Chemical Engineeringjournal
69Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensificationjournal
70Chemical Engineering and Technologyjournal
71Chemical Engineering Communicationsjournal
72Chemical Engineering Educationjournal
73Chemical Engineering Journaljournal
74Chemical Engineering Progressjournal
75Chemical Engineering Research and Designjournal
76Chemical Engineering Sciencesjournal
77Chemical Engineering Worldjournal
78Chemical Modellingbook serie
79Chemical Papersjournal
80Chemical Processingjournal
81Chemical Recordjournal
82Chemical Research in Chinese Universitiesjournal
83Chemical Reviewsjournal
84Chemical Sciencejournal
85Chemical Society Reviewsjournal
86Chemical Vapor Depositionjournal
87Chemical Weekjournal
88Chemicke Listyjournal
89Chemie in Unserer Zeitjournal
93Chemische Berichtejournal
96Chemistry - A European Journaljournal
97Chemistry - An Asian Journaljournal
98Chemistry and Biodiversityjournal
99Chemistry and Chemical Technologyjournal
100Chemistry and Industryjournal
101Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils (English translation of Khimiya i Tekhnologiya Topliv i Masel)journal
102Chemistry Bulletin / Huaxue Tongbaojournal
103Chemistry Central Journaljournal
104Chemistry Education Research and Practicejournal
105Chemistry Lettersjournal
106Chemistry of Materialsjournal
107Chemistry Worldjournal
111Chiang Mai Journal of Sciencejournal
113Chimica Oggijournal
114Chinese Chemical Lettersjournal
115Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineeringjournal
116Chinese Journal of Chemistryjournal
117Cleanroom Technologyjournal
119Color Research and Applicationjournal
120Coloration Technologyjournal
121Combustion and Flamejournal
122Combustion Science and Technologyjournal
123Combustion Theory and Modellingjournal
124Combustion, Explosion and Shock Wavesjournal
125Comptes Rendus Chimiejournal
126Computational Materials Sciencejournal
127Coordination Chemistry Reviewsjournal
129Corrosion and Materialsjournal
130Corrosion and Protectionjournal
131Corrosion Engineering Science and Technologyjournal
132Corrosion Managementjournal
133Corrosion Reviewsjournal
134Corrosion Sciencejournal
135Corrosion Science and Protection Technologyjournal
136Croatica Chemica Actajournal
137Crystal Growth & Designjournal
138Crystal Research and Technologyjournal
139Crystallography Reportsjournal
140Crystallography Reviewsjournal
142Current Protocols in Essential Laboratory Techniquesjournal
143CYTA - Journal of Foodjournal
144Data Handling in Science and Technologybook serie
145Der Pharma Chemicajournal
147Designed Monomers and Polymersjournal
148Diamond and Related Materialsjournal
149Doklady Biochemistry and Biophysicsjournal
150Doklady Chemistryjournal
151Educacion Quimica journal
152Education in Chemistryjournal
153Egyptian Journal of Chemistryjournal
154Environmental Chemistryjournal
155Environmental Science & Technologyjournal
156Eurasian Chemico-Technological Journaljournal
157European Food Research and Technologyjournal
158European Journal of Lipid Science and Technologyjournal
159European Physical Journal Ejournal
160Farbe und Lackjournal
161Fibers and Polymersjournal
162Fibre Chemistry (English Translation of Khimicheskie Volokna)journal
163Fire and Materialsjournal
164Fire Safety Journaljournal
165Flavour and Fragrance Journaljournal
166Fluoride - Quarterly Reportsjournal
167Food Additives and Contaminants - Part A Chemistry, Analysis, Control, Exposure and Risk Assessmentjournal
168Food Hydrocolloidsjournal
169Food Technologyjournal
170Forest Chemicals Reviewjournal
171Foundations of Chemistryjournal
172Frontiers in Chemistryjournal
173Fuhe Cailiao Xuebao/Acta Materiae Compositae Sinicajournal
174GAK Gummi Fasern Kunststoffejournal
175Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysisjournal
176Green Chemistry Letters and Reviewsjournal
177Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earthsbook serie
178Hanneng Cailiao/Chinese Journal of Energetic Materialsjournal
179He-Huaxue yu Fangshe Huaxue/Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemistryjournal
180Hemijska Industrijajournal
181Heteroatom Chemistryjournal
182Huagong Xuebao/CIESC Journaljournal
183Huaxue Fanying Gongcheng Yu Gongyi/Chemical Reaction Engineering and Technologyjournal
185IFRF Combustion Journaljournal
186Indian Journal of Chemical Technologyjournal
187Indonesian Journal of Chemistryjournal
188Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Researchjournal
189INFORM - International News on Fats, Oils and Related Materialsjournal
190Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologiesjournal
191Inorganic Chemistryjournal
192Interface Science and Technologybook serie
194International Journal of Applied Chemistryjournal
195International Journal of ChemTech Researchjournal
196International Journal of Cosmetic Sciencejournal
197International Journal of Green Nanotechnologyjournal
198International Journal of Industrial Chemistryjournal
199International Journal of Photoenergyjournal
200International Paper Board Industryjournal
201International Paperworld IPWjournal
202Inzynieria Chemiczna i Procesowajournal
203IPPTA: Quarterly Journal of Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Associationjournal
204Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineeringjournal
205Israel Journal of Chemistryjournal
207JCT CoatingsTechjournal
208Jiegou Huaxuejournal
209Journal of Adhesionjournal
210Journal of Adhesion Science and Technologyjournal
211Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistryjournal
212Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysisjournal
213Journal of Applied Fire Sciencejournal
214Journal of Applied Polymer Sciencejournal
215Journal of Biophotonicsjournal
216Journal of Cellular Plasticsjournal
217Journal of Chemical & Engineering Datajournal
218Journal of Chemical Crystallographyjournal
219Journal of Chemical Educationjournal
220Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japanjournal
221Journal of Chemical Health and Safetyjournal
222Journal of Chemical Information and Modelingjournal
223Journal of Chemical Researchjournal
224Journal of Chemical Sciencesjournal
225Journal of Chemistryjournal
226Journal of Cluster Sciencejournal
227Journal of Coatings Technology Researchjournal
228Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanosciencejournal
229Journal of Computational Chemistryjournal
230Journal of Cosmetic Sciencejournal
231Journal of Cultural Heritagejournal
232Journal of Essential Oil Researchjournal
233Journal of Explosives Engineeringjournal
234Journal of Fire Protection Engineeringjournal
235Journal of Flow Chemistryjournal
236Journal of Food Processing and Preservationjournal
237Journal of Imaging Science and Technologyjournal
238Journal of Inclusion Phenomenajournal
239Journal of Luminescencejournal
240Journal of Macromolecular Science - Physicsjournal
241Journal of Macromolecular Science - Pure and Applied Chemistryjournal
242Journal of Materials Chemistry Ajournal
243Journal of Materials Chemistry Bjournal
244Journal of Materials Chemistry Cjournal
245Journal of Mathematical Chemistryjournal
246Journal of Nanoparticle Researchjournal
247Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnologyjournal
248Journal of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamicsjournal
249Journal of Oleo Sciencejournal
250Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistryjournal
251Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Datajournal
252Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solidsjournal
253Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyaninesjournal
254Journal of Proteome Researchjournal
255Journal of Rare Earthsjournal
256Journal of Saudi Chemical Societyjournal
257Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technologyjournal
258Journal of Sulfur Chemistryjournal
259Journal of Systems Chemistryjournal
260Journal of the American Chemical Societyjournal
261Journal of the American Leather Chemists Associationjournal
262Journal of the American Water Works Associationjournal
263Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Societyjournal
264Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistanjournal
265Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society journal
266Journal of the Chinese Chemical Societyjournal
267Journal of the Iranian Chemical Societyjournal
268Journal of the Korean Chemical Societyjournal
269Journal of the Mexican Chemical Society journal
270Journal of the Serbian Chemical Societyjournal
271Journal of the Society of Leather Technologies and Chemistsjournal
272Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineersjournal
273Journal of Vinyl and Additive Technologyjournal
274Journal of Water Chemistry and Technologyjournal
275Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technologyjournal
276Kagaku Kogaku Ronbunshujournal
277Kao Teng Hsueh Hsiao Hua Heush Hsueh Pao/ Chemical Journal of Chinese Universitiesjournal
278Kemija u industriji/Journal of Chemists and Chemical Engineersjournal
279Kinetics and Catalysisjournal
280King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Research Institute Annual Catalysts in Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals Symposium Papersconference and proceeding
281KONA Powder and Particle Journaljournal
282Korean Journal of Chemical Engineeringjournal
283Korrozios Figyelojournal
284Kunststoffe Internationaljournal
285Lab on a Chip - Miniaturisation for Chemistry and Biologyjournal
286Leather and Footwear Journaljournal
287Liquid Crystalsjournal
288Liquid Crystals Reviewsjournal
289Lizi Jiaohuan Yu Xifu/Ion Exchange and Adsorptionjournal
291Macedonian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineeringjournal
292Macromolecular Reaction Engineeringjournal
293Magnetic Resonance in Chemistryjournal
294Main Group Metal Chemistryjournal
295Man-Made Textiles in Indiajournal
296Marine Chemistryjournal
298MATEC Web of Conferencesconference and proceeding
299Mater Plast Elastomeri Fibre Sintjournal
300Membrane Technologyjournal
301Mendeleev Communicationsjournal
303Microporous and Mesoporous Materialsjournal
304Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Reviewjournal
305Minerals and Metallurgical Processingjournal
306Minerals Engineeringjournal
307Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystalsjournal
308Molecular Simulationjournal
309Monatshefte für Chemiejournal
310Monographs in Supramolecular Chemistrybook serie
311Moscow University Chemistry Bulletinjournal
312Multiscale Modeling and Simulationjournal
313NACE - International Corrosion Conference Seriesbook serie
314Nachrichten aus der Chemiejournal
315Nano Lettersjournal
317NATO Science for Peace and Security Series A: Chemistry and Biologybook serie
318Nature Chemistryjournal
319Nature Communicationsjournal
320Nature Materialsjournal
321New Journal of Chemistryjournal
322Nippon Seramikkusu Kyokai Gakujutsu Ronbunshi/Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japanjournal
323O Papel (Brazil)journal
324Oilfield Chemistryjournal
325Open Catalysis Journaljournal
326Open Chemistryjournal
327Organic Electronics: physics, materials, applicationsjournal
328Oriental Journal of Chemistryjournal
329Oxidation Communicationsjournal
330Packaging Technology and Sciencejournal
331Paint and Coatings Industryjournal
332Palpu Chongi Gisul/Journal of Korea Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industryjournal
333Particle and Particle Systems Characterizationjournal
334Periodico Tche Quimicajournal
335Petroleum Chemistryjournal
336Petroleum Science and Technologyjournal
337Photochemistrybook serie
338Physical and Chemical Newsjournal
339Plant Foods for Human Nutritionjournal
340Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processingjournal
341Polish Journal of Chemical Technologyjournal
342Polymer Bulletinjournal
343Polymer Compositesjournal
344Polymer Engineering and Sciencejournal
345Polymer Reviewsjournal
346Polymer Science - Series Cjournal
347Polymer Science - Series Djournal
349Proceedings - International Conference on Application of Concurrency to System Design, ACSDconference and proceeding
350Proceedings - SPE International Symposium on Oilfield Chemistryconference and proceeding
351Progress in Chemistryjournal
352Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnicsjournal
353Przemysl Chemicznyjournal
354Pure and Applied Chemistryjournal
355Quimica Nova journal
356Rasayan Journal of Chemistryjournal
357Reactive and Functional Polymersjournal
358Research Journal of Chemistry and Environmentjournal
359Research on Chemical Intermediatesjournal
360Review of High Pressure Science and Technology/Koatsuryoku No Kagaku To Gijutsujournal
361Revista Colombiana de Quimica journal
362Revista de Chimiejournal
363Revista Latinoamericana de Quimicajournal
364Revista Materia journal
365Revue Roumaine de Chimiejournal
366RSC Advancesjournal
367RSC Catalysis Seriesbook serie
368RSC Detection Sciencebook serie
369RSC Nanoscience and Nanotechnologybook serie
370RSC Soft Matterbook serie
371RSC Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Seriesbook serie
372Russian Chemical Bulletinjournal
373Russian Chemical Reviewsjournal
374Russian Journal of Applied Chemistryjournal
375Russian Journal of Coordination Chemistry/Koordinatsionnaya Khimiyajournal
376Russian Journal of General Chemistryjournal
377Science and Technology of Energetic Materialsjournal
378Science China Chemistryjournal
379Scientific Study and Research: Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Food Industryjournal
380Separation Science and Technologyjournal
381Soft Materialsjournal
382Soft Matterjournal
383Solid Fuel Chemistry (English Translation of Khimiya Tverdogo Topliva)journal
384Solid State Communicationsjournal
385Solid State Ionicsjournal
386Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonancejournal
387Solid State Sciencesjournal
388Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchangejournal
389Solvent Extraction Research and Developmentjournal
390South African Journal of Chemistry journal
391Speciality Petrochemicalsjournal
392Specialty Fabrics Reviewjournal
393SPR Nanosciencebook serie
394Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai Chemiajournal
395Supramolecular Chemistryjournal
396Surface and Coatings Technologyjournal
397Surface and Interface Analysisjournal
400TAPPI European PLACE Conferenceconference and proceeding
401Tappi Journaljournal
402Technical Textiles Internationaljournal
404Tenside, Surfactants, Detergentsjournal
405Textile Asiajournal
406Textiles Trendsjournal
407Theoretical and Experimental Chemistryjournal
408Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineeringjournal
409Topics in Catalysisjournal
410Topics in Current Chemistrybook serie
411Transactions of the Institutions of Mining and Metallurgy, Section C: Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgyjournal
412Turkish Journal of Chemistryjournal
413UPB Scientific Bulletin, Series B: Chemistry and Materials Sciencejournal
414Yingxiang Kexue yu Guanghuaxue/Imaging Science and Photochemistryjournal
415Zeitschrift für Naturforschung - Section B Journal of Chemical Sciencesjournal