Cancer Research

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Sr. No.TitleJournal
1Nature Reviews Cancerjournal
2Cancer Celljournal
3Journal of Clinical Oncologyjournal
4Cell Host and Microbejournal
5Journal of the National Cancer Institutejournal
6PLoS Geneticsjournal
8Cancer Researchjournal
9Clinical Cancer Researchjournal
10Seminars in Cancer Biologyjournal
11Drug Resistance Updatesjournal
12Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Reviews on Cancerjournal
14European Journal of Cancerjournal
16British Journal of Cancerjournal
17Trends in Cancerjournal
19International Journal of Cancerjournal
20Molecular Cancer Therapeuticsjournal
21Cell Death and Diseasejournal
22Breast Cancer Researchjournal
23Molecular Oncologyjournal
24Cancer and Metastasis Reviewsjournal
26Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Monographsjournal
28Molecular Cancer Researchjournal
29Molecular Cancerjournal
30Advances in Cancer Researchbook serie
31Cancer Lettersjournal
32Journal of Hematology and Oncologyjournal
33International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physicsjournal
36Endocrine-Related Cancerjournal
37Breast Cancer Research and Treatmentjournal
39Journal of immunotherapy (Hagerstown, Md. : 1997)journal
40Seminars in Radiation Oncologyjournal
41Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapyjournal
42Advances in Biological Regulationbook serie
43Frontiers in Oncologyjournal
44Cancer Prevention Researchjournal
45Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasiajournal
46Genes Chromosomes and Cancerjournal
47Genes and Cancerjournal
49Oral Oncologyjournal
51Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseasesjournal
52Gastric Cancerjournal
54Current Opinion in Oncologyjournal
55Prostate Cancerjournal
56Cancer Sciencejournal
57Lung Cancerjournal
58Cancer Immunityjournal
59Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Researchjournal
60Apoptosis : an international journal on programmed cell deathjournal
61BMC Cancerjournal
62Cancer Journaljournal
63Cancer Causes and Controljournal
64Experimental Hematologyjournal
65Critical Reviews in Oncogenesisjournal
66Cancer Biology and Medicinejournal
67Cancer Microenvironmentjournal
68Clinical Lung Cancerjournal
69Cancer Research and Treatmentjournal
70Hormones and Cancerjournal
71Translational Oncologyjournal
72Molecular Carcinogenesisjournal
73Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncologyjournal
74Clinical and Experimental Metastasisjournal
75Current Cancer Drug Targetsjournal
76Cancer Cytopathologyjournal
77Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancerjournal
78Cancer Epidemiologyjournal
79Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacologyjournal
80Virus Researchjournal
81Cancer geneticsjournal
83Journal of Neuro-Oncologyjournal
84Differentiation; Research in Biological Diversityjournal
85Stem Cell Reviews and Reportsjournal
86Cellular Oncologyjournal
87Cancer Biology and Therapyjournal
88International Journal of Oncologyjournal
89Nitric Oxide - Biology and Chemistryjournal
90Journal of Carcinogenesisjournal
91Current Hematologic Malignancy Reportsjournal
92Clinical Breast Cancerjournal
93Cancer Medicinejournal
94Cancer Gene Therapyjournal
95Targeted Oncologyjournal
96International Journal of Hyperthermiajournal
97Translational Oncogenomicsjournal
98Leukemia and Lymphomajournal
99Tumor Biologyjournal
100Familial Cancerjournal
101American Journal of Translational Researchjournal
102Cancer Cell Internationaljournal
103Leukemia Researchjournal
104Recent Patents on Anti-Cancer Drug Discoveryjournal
105Melanoma Researchjournal
106European Journal of Cancer Preventionjournal
107Cancer Genomics and Proteomicsjournal
108Journal of Environmental Science and Health - Part C Environmental Carcinogenesis and Ecotoxicology Reviewsjournal
110Molecular Imaging and Biologyjournal
111Cancer Treatment and Researchjournal
112Chinese Journal of Cancer Researchjournal
113European Journal of Cancer, Supplementjournal
114Oncology Reportsjournal
115Journal of Breast Cancerjournal
116Nutrition and Cancerjournal
117Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncologyjournal
118American Journal of Clinical Oncologyjournal
119Cancer Investigationjournal
120Nuclear Medicine and Biologyjournal
122Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma and Leukemiajournal
123Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistryjournal
124Anti-Cancer Drugsjournal
125Clinical and Translational Oncologyjournal
126Anticancer Researchjournal
127Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Preventionjournal
128Journal of Oral Pathology and Medicinejournal
129Future Oncologyjournal
130Infectious Agents and Cancerjournal
131Pathology Oncology Researchjournal
132Medical Oncologyjournal
133Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Researchjournal
134Oncology Researchjournal
136Cancer Biomarkersjournal
137Cancer Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticalsjournal
138Human Celljournal
139Journal of Gastric Cancerjournal
140Hematological Oncologyjournal
141Molecular Medicine Reportsjournal
142Cancer Informaticsjournal
143Analytical Cellular Pathologyjournal
144Experimental Hematology and Oncologyjournal
145Oncology Lettersjournal
146Translational Cancer Researchjournal
147Brain Tumor Pathologyjournal
148Cellular Oncologyjournal
149Oncology Research and Treatmentjournal
151Recent Results in Cancer Researchjournal
152International Journal of Biological Markersjournal
153Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agentsjournal
154Experimental and Therapeutic Medicinejournal
155Technology in Cancer Research and Treatmentjournal
156Oncology Reviewsjournal
157International Journal of Breast Cancerjournal
158Journal of the Egyptian National Cancer Institutejournal
159Reports of Practical Oncology and Radiotherapyjournal
161Journal of B.U.ON.journal
162Experimental Oncologyjournal
163South Asian Journal of Cancerjournal
165Current Problems in Cancerjournal
166Iranian Journal of Cancer Preventionjournal
167Journal of Experimental Therapeutics and Oncologyjournal
168Bulletin du Cancerjournal
169American Journal of Cancer Researchjournal
170Journal of Cancer Science and Therapyjournal
171Breast Diseasejournal
172Current Angiogenesisjournal
173American Journal of Blood Researchjournal
174Current Cancer Therapy Reviewsjournal
175Chinese Journal of Lung Cancerjournal
176Molecular Therapy - Oncolyticsjournal
177International Journal of Cancer Researchjournal
178Journal of Analytical Oncologyjournal
179Cancer Forumjournal
180Open Cancer Journaljournal
181IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humansjournal
182Cancer Therapyjournal
183Proceedings of the 2014 6th International Advanced Research Workshop on In Silico Oncology and Cancer Investigation - The CHIC Project Workshop, IARWISOCI 2014conference and proceeding
184Open Cancer Immunology Journaljournal
185International Journal of Endocrine Oncologyjournal
186Middle East Journal of Cancerjournal
187Voprosy Onkologiijournal
188Gaceta Mexicana de Oncologiajournal
189Japanese Journal of Cancer and Chemotherapyjournal
191Open Breast Cancer Journaljournal
192Cancer Research and Clinicjournal
193Epigenetic Diagnosis and Therapyjournal
195Chinese Journal of Clinical Oncologyjournal
197Current Cancer Researchbook serie
198Cancer Metastasis - Biology and Treatmentbook serie
199Annals of Cancer Research and Therapyjournal
200Journal of OncoPathologyjournal
201Journal of Cell and Molecular Biologyjournal
202Journal of Dalian Medical Universityjournal
203Chinese Journal of Cancer Biotherapyjournal
204Academic Journal of Cancer Researchjournal
205Cancer Drug Discovery and Developmentbook serie
206Journal of Leukemia and Lymphomajournal
207Clinical and Experimental Medical Lettersjournal
208Onkologia Polskajournal
209Journal of Practical Oncologyjournal