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Sr. No.TitleJournal
1Academy of Management Journaljournal
2Academy of Management Reviewjournal
3Accounting History Reviewjournal
4ACM Transactions on Information Systemsjournal
5Action Learning: Research and Practicejournal
6Advanced Series in Managementbook serie
7Advances in Business and Management Forecastingbook serie
8Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growthbook serie
9Advances in Global Leadershipbook serie
10Advances in Management Accountingbook serie
11Advances in Taxationbook serie
12Advances in the Study of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Economic Growthbook serie
13Africa and Middle East Textilesjournal
14African Journal of Economic and Management Studiesjournal
15Airline Businessjournal
16American Bankruptcy Law Journaljournal
17American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciencesjournal
18Analele Stiintifice ale Universitatii Al I Cuza din Iasi - Sectiunea Stiinte Economicejournal
20Applications of Management Sciencebook serie
21Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industryjournal
22Architectural Engineering and Design Managementjournal
23Asia Europe Journaljournal
24Asian Academy of Management Journaljournal
25Asian Case Research Journaljournal
26Asian Journal of Management Casesjournal
27Asian Textile Journaljournal
28Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administrationjournal
29Australasian Accounting, Business and Finance Journaljournal
30Australasian Journal of Information Systemsjournal
31Australian Journal of Managementjournal
32Betonwerk und Fertigteil-Technik/Concrete Precasting Plant and Technologyjournal
33Betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung und Praxisjournal
34Bottom Linejournal
35British Journal of Industrial Relationsjournal
36British Journal of Managementjournal
37British Plastics and Rubberjournal
38Brookings Papers on Economic Activityjournal
39BRQ Business Research Quarterlyjournal
40BTRA Scanjournal
41Business and Societyjournal
42Business Communication Quarterlyjournal
43Business Ethics Quarterlyjournal
44Business Historyjournal
45Business History Reviewjournal
46Business Information Reviewjournal
47Business Process Management Journaljournal
48Business Strategy Reviewjournal
49Canadian Textile Journaljournal
50Chinese Management Studiesjournal
51Clothing and Textiles Research Journaljournal
53Competition and Changejournal
54Competition and Regulation in Network Industriesjournal
55Competitiveness Reviewjournal
56Computer Law and Security Reviewjournal
57Construction Economics and Buildingjournal
58Contaduria y Administracionjournal
59Contemporary Economic Policyjournal
60Contemporary Studies in Economic and Financial Analysisbook serie
61Corporate Governancejournal
62Corporate Governance (Bingley)journal
63Corporate Ownership and Controljournal
66Critical Perspectives on International Businessjournal
67Critical Studies on Corporate Responsibility, Governance and Sustainabilitybook serie
68Decision Sciencesjournal
69Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Educationjournal
70Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibilitybook serie
71Disaster Prevention & Managementjournal
73Economia e Politica Industrialejournal
74Economic and Industrial Democracyjournal
75Economic Inquiryjournal
77Economists' Voicejournal
78Education and Trainingjournal
79Education, Business and Society: Contemporary Middle Eastern Issuesjournal
80Engineering Asset Management Reviewbook serie
81Engineering, Construction and Architectural Managementjournal
82ENR (Engineering News-Record)journal
83Enterprise and Societyjournal
84EuroMed Journal of Businessjournal
85European Business Reviewjournal
86European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciencesjournal
87European Journal of Industrial Relationsjournal
88European Journal of Training and Developmentjournal
89European Research Studies Journaljournal
90Family Business Reviewjournal
91Feminist Economicsjournal
92Financial Accountability and Managementjournal
93Foresight and STI Governancejournal
94Foresight Russiajournal
96Frontiers of Business Research in Chinajournal
97Frontiers of Health Services Managementjournal
98Futuribles: Analyse et Prospectivejournal
99Gender in Managementjournal
100Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance: Issues and Practicejournal
101GENEVA Risk and Insurance Reviewjournal
102Hali: The International Magazine of Antique Carpet and Textile Artjournal
103Harvard Business Reviewjournal
104Healthcare Financial Managementjournal
105Hitotsubashi Journal of Economicsjournal
106Human Systems Managementjournal
107IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Managementconference and proceeding
108IIMB Management Reviewjournal
109IMF Economic Reviewbook serie
110Industria Textilajournal
111Industrial and Commercial Trainingjournal
112Industry and Innovationjournal
113Information Technology and Managementjournal
114Institutions and Economiesjournal
115Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance and Managementjournal
116Inter economicsjournal
117International Carpet Yearbookjournal
118International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Proceedingsconference and proceeding
119International Economicsjournal
120International Journal of Business and Globalisationjournal
121International Journal of Business Researchjournal
122International Journal of Clothing Science and Technologyjournal
123International Journal of Economic Researchjournal
124International Journal of Economics and Business Researchjournal
125International Journal of Electronic Businessjournal
126International Journal of Electronic Customer Relationship Managementjournal
127International Journal of Emerging Marketsjournal
128International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Researchjournal
129International Journal of Event and Festival Managementjournal
130International Journal of Health Geographicsjournal
131International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Managementjournal
132International Journal of Information Systems and Change Managementjournal
133International Journal of Interdisciplinary Organizational Studiesjournal
134International Journal of Management in Educationjournal
135International Journal of Managerial Financejournal
136International Journal of Procurement Managementjournal
137International Journal of Production Economicsjournal
138International Journal of Productivity and Performance Managementjournal
139International Journal of Productivity and Quality Managementjournal
140International Journal of Quality and Reliability Managementjournal
141International Journal of Quality and Service Sciencesjournal
142International Journal of Selection and Assessmentjournal
143International Journal of Stress Managementjournal
144International Journal of Technology, Policy and Managementjournal
145International Journal of the Economics of Businessjournal
146International Journal of Wine Business Researchjournal
147International Review of Management and Marketingjournal
148Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii, Seriya Teknologiya Tekstil'noi Promyshlennostijournal
149Jahrbucher für Nationalokonomie und Statistikjournal
150Journal du Textilejournal
151Journal für Betriebswirtschaftjournal
152Journal Globalization, Competitiveness and Governabilityjournal
153Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial Organizationjournal
154Journal of Applied Economic Sciencesjournal
155Journal of Asian Pacific Communicationjournal
156Journal of Asia-Pacific Businessjournal
157Journal of Business and Psychologyjournal
158Journal of Business and Retail Management Researchjournal
159Journal of Business and Technical Communicationjournal
160Journal of Business Communicationjournal
161Journal of Business Economics and Managementjournal
162Journal of Business Ethicsjournal
163Journal of Business Finance and Accountingjournal
164Journal of Business Logisticsjournal
165Journal of Common Market Studiesjournal
166Journal of Conflict Resolutionjournal
167Journal of Consumer Policyjournal
168Journal of Corporate Real Estatejournal
169Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Developmentjournal
170Journal of Economic Issuesjournal
171Journal of Economics and Businessjournal
172Journal of Economics and Management Strategyjournal
173Journal of Economics/ Zeitschrift für Nationalokonomiejournal
174Journal of Evolutionary Economicsjournal
175Journal of Futures Marketsjournal
176Journal of General Managementjournal
177Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Managementjournal
178Journal of Indian Business Researchjournal
179Journal of Industrial Economicsjournal
180Journal of Insect Biotechnology and Sericologyjournal
181Journal of Intellectual Capitaljournal
182Journal of Intelligence Studies in Businessjournal
183Journal of International Business and Economicsjournal
184Journal of International Business Studiesjournal
185Journal of International Commerce, Economics and Policyjournal
186Journal of International Education in Businessjournal
187Journal of International Entrepreneurshipjournal
188Journal of International Financial Management and Accountingjournal
189Journal of Management Developmentjournal
190Journal of Management Educationjournal
191Journal of Management Historyjournal
192Journal of Management Inquiryjournal
193Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economicsjournal
194Journal of Organisational Transformation & Social Changejournal
195Journal of Policy Analysis and Managementjournal
196Journal of Portfolio Managementjournal
197Journal of Private Enterprisejournal
198Journal of Property Investment and Financejournal
199Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Appliedjournal
200Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Managementjournal
201Journal of Real Estate Literaturejournal
202Journal of Service Managementjournal
203Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Developmentjournal
204Journal of Small Business Managementjournal
205Journal of Teaching in International Businessjournal
206Journal of the China Textile Institutejournal
207Journal of the Japan Research Association for Textile End-Usesjournal
208Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Researchjournal
209Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysiajournal
210Jurnal Pengurusanjournal
212Knitting Internationaljournal
213Latin American Business Reviewjournal
214Leadership and Organization Development Journaljournal
215Lecture Notes in Business Information Processingbook serie
216M et T2journal
218Management and Marketingjournal
219Management Decisionjournal
220Management Educationjournal
221Management Research Reviewjournal
222Management Revuejournal
224Managerial Auditing Journaljournal
225McKinsey Quarterlyjournal
226Measuring Business Excellencejournal
227Melliand Internationaljournal
228Middle East Quarterlyjournal
229Multinational Business Reviewjournal
230New Technology Based Firms in the New Millenniumbook serie
231Nonwovens Industryjournal
232NTU Management Reviewjournal
233OECD Journal: Journal of Business Cycle Measurement and Analysisjournal
235Pertanika Journal of Social Science and Humanitiesjournal
236Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Managementjournal
238Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers: Management, Procurement and Lawjournal
239Proceedings of the International Conference on Electronic Business (ICEB)conference and proceeding
240Productivity Managementjournal
241Progress in International Business Researchbook serie
242Przeglad Wlokienniczyjournal
243Psychologist-Manager Journaljournal
244Public Money and Managementjournal
245Public Organization Reviewjournal
246Public Works Management and Policyjournal
247Qualitative Research in Organizations and Managementjournal
248Quality Management Journaljournal
249R and D Managementjournal
250Research in Competence-Based Managementbook serie
251Research in Consumer Behaviorbook serie
252Research in International Business and Financejournal
253Research in Public Policy Analysis and Managementbook serie
254Research on Managing Groups and Teamsbook serie
255Review of Accounting Studiesjournal
256Review of Managerial Sciencejournal
257Review of Quantitative Finance and Accountingjournal
258Revista de Metodos Cuantitativos para la Economia y la Empresajournal
259Scientific Papers of the University of Pardubice, Series D: Faculty of Economics and Administrationjournal
260Serbian Journal of Managementjournal
261Services Marketing Quarterlyjournal
262Simulation and Gamingjournal
263Small Business Economicsjournal
264Social Responsibility Journaljournal
265South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciencesjournal
266South East European Journal of Economics and Businessjournal
267SPE Economics and Managementjournal
268Specialty Fabrics Reviewjournal
269Strategic Changejournal
270Studies in Managerial and Financial Accountingbook serie
271Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journaljournal
272Technical Textiles Internationaljournal
273Technische Textilienjournal
275Textile Asiajournal
276Textile Historyjournal
277Textile Networkjournal
278Textile Outlook Internationaljournal
279Textile View Magazinejournal
280Textile View2 Magazinejournal
281Textile Worldjournal
282Textiles South East Asiajournal
283Textiles Trendsjournal
285Total Quality Management and Business Excellencejournal
286TQM Journaljournal
287Transnational Corporationsjournal
288Universia Business Reviewjournal
289Veterinary Economicsjournal
291World Sports Activewearjournal