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12013 IEEE International Conference On Robotics And Biomimetics, ROBIO 2013Proceeding
22013 International Workshop On Biometrics And Forensics, IWBF 2013Proceeding
32013 IRCOBI Conference Proceedings - International Research Council On The Biomechanics Of InjuryProceeding
42014 IEEE International Conference On Robotics And Biomimetics, IEEE ROBIO 2014Proceeding
52014 IRCOBI Conference Proceedings - International Research Council On The Biomechanics Of InjuryProceeding
62nd International Workshop On Biometrics And Forensics, IWBF 2014Proceeding
73 BiotechJournal
83rd International Workshop On Biometrics And Forensics, IWBF 2015Proceeding
98th Annual IEEE International Conference On Nano/Micro Engineered And Molecular Systems, IEEE NEMS 2013Proceeding
10Acs PhotonicsJournal
11Acta BiomaterialiaJournal
12Acta NaturaeJournal
13Advances In Biochemical Engineering/BiotechnologyBook Serie
14Advances In Mass Data Analysis Of Images And Signals In Medicine, Biotechnology, Chemistry And Food Industry - 8th International Conference, MDA 2013, ProceedingsProceeding
15African Journal Of BiotechnologyJournal
17Ageing Research ReviewsJournal
18Aiche JournalJournal
19American Journal Of Biochemistry And BiotechnologyJournal
20Anatomical RecordJournal
21Anatomical RecordJournal
22Animal BiotechnologyJournal
23Animal Science Papers And ReportsJournal
24Annual Review Of Animal BiosciencesJournal
25Applied And Environmental MicrobiologyJournal
26Applied And Translational GenomicsJournal
27Applied Biochemistry And BiotechnologyJournal
28Applied Bionics And BiomechanicsJournal
29Applied BiosafetyJournal
30Applied Microbiology And BiotechnologyJournal
31Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine And BiotechnologyJournal
32Asian Biotechnology And Development ReviewJournal
33Asian Journal Of Microbiology, Biotechnology And Environmental SciencesJournal
34Asia-Pacific Journal Of Molecular Biology And BiotechnologyJournal
35ASME 2013 2nd Global Congress On Nanoengineering For Medicine And Biology, NEMB 2013Proceeding
36Asme 2013 Summer Bioengineering Conference, Sbc 2013Proceeding
37Australasian BiotechnologyJournal
38Avicenna Journal Of Medical BiotechnologyJournal
39BAG - Journal Of Basic And Applied GeneticsJournal
40Beitrage Zur Tabakforschung International/ Contributions To Tobacco ResearchJournal
41Biocatalysis And Agricultural BiotechnologyJournal
42Biocatalysis And BiotransformationJournal
43Biochemical Engineering JournalJournal
44Biochip JournalJournal
45Bioconjugate ChemistryJournal
49Bioinspiration And BiomimeticsJournal
50Biological CyberneticsJournal
51Biological EngineeringJournal
53Biomechanics And Modeling In MechanobiologyJournal
54Biomedical Optics ExpressJournal
55Biopharm InternationalJournal
56Biophotonics InternationalJournal
57Bioprocess And Biosystems EngineeringJournal
58Bioscience, Biotechnology And BiochemistryJournal
59Biosciences Biotechnology Research AsiaJournal
60Biosensors And BioelectronicsJournal
64Biotechnology AdvancesJournal
65Biotechnology And Applied BiochemistryJournal
66Biotechnology And BioengineeringJournal
67Biotechnology And Bioprocess EngineeringJournal
68Biotechnology And Biotechnological EquipmentJournal
69Biotechnology And Genetic Engineering ReviewsJournal
70Biotechnology For BiofuelsJournal
71Biotechnology Law ReportJournal
72Biotechnology LettersJournal
73Biotechnology ProgressJournal
74Biotechnology ReportsJournal
75Biotechnology, Agronomy And Society And EnvironmentJournal
76Biotechnology: An Indian JournalJournal
77Biotecnologia AplicadaJournal
79Bmc BiologyJournal
80Bmc BiotechnologyJournal
81Bmc GenomicsJournal
83Cellular ReprogrammingJournal
84Chemical And Biological Technologies In AgricultureJournal
85Chemistry And IndustryJournal
86Chinese Journal Of BiologicalsJournal
87Colloids And Interface Science CommunicationsJournal
88Colloids And Surfaces B: BiointerfacesJournal
89Comparative CytogeneticsJournal
90Computational And Structural Biotechnology JournaJournal
91Critical Reviews In BiotechnologyJournal
92Crop Breeding And Applied BiotechnologyJournal
93Current BiotechnologyJournal
94Current NanoscienceJournal
95Current Opinion In BiotechnologyJournal
96Current Pharmaceutical BiotechnologyJournal
97Current Trends In Biotechnology And PharmacyJournal
99Drug Discovery Today: TechnologiesJournal
100EE Workshop On Computational Intelligence In Biometrics And Identity Management, CIBIMProceeding
101EEE Journal Of Biomedical And Health InformaticsJournal
102E-Journal Of Surface Science And NanotechnologyJournal
103Electronic Journal Of BiotechnologyJournal
104Engineering In Life SciencesJournal
105Enzyme And Microbial TechnologyJournal
106EnzymesBook Serie
108European Biotechnology Science And Industry NewsJournal
109European Food Research And TechnologyJournal
110European Journal Of Lipid Science And TechnologyJournal
111European Journal Of Pharmaceutics And BiopharmaceuticsJournal
112European Pharmaceutical ReviewJournal
113European Physical Journal EJournal
114Faseb JournalJournal
115Food And Bioproducts Processing: Transactions Of The Institution Of Of Chemical Engineers, Part CJournal
116Food BiotechnologyJournal
117Food ControlJournal
118Food Engineering And IngredientsJournal
119Food Science And BiotechnologyJournal
120Food Science And TechnologyJournal
121Food Science And Technology ResearchJournal
122Food Technology And BiotechnologyJournal
123Forum On Immunopathological Diseases And TherapeuticsJournal
124Frontiers In Bioengineering And BiotechnologyJournal
125Frontiers Of Biology In ChinaJournal
126Genes And CellsJournal
127Genetic Engineering And Biotechnology NewsProceeding
129Genomics DataJournal
130Health And TechnologyJournal
131High Technology LettersJournal
132Horticulture Environment And BiotechnologyJournal
133IEEE Journal Of The Electron Devices SocietyJournal
134IEEE Transactions On Molecular, Biological, And Multi-Scale CommunicationsJournal
135IEEE Transactions On NanobioscienceJournal
136IEEE/ACM Transactions On Computational Biology And BioinformaticsJournal
137Iet NanobiotechnologyJournal
138Iet Systems BiologyProceeding
139IJCB 2014 - 2014 IEEE/IAPR International Joint Conference On BiometricsJournal
140In Vitro Cellular And Developmental Biology - PlantJournal
141Indian Journal Of BiotechnologyJournal
142Indian Journal Of Experimental BiologyJournal
143Industrial BiotechnologyJournal
144INFORM - International News On Fats, Oils And Related MaterialsJournal
145Interface FocusJournal
146International Journal BioautomationJournal
147International Journal Of Bio-Science And Bio-TechnologyJournal
148International Journal Of Food EngineeringJournal
149International Journal Of NanoscienceJournal
150International Journal Of Pharma And Bio SciencesJournal
151International Journal On Advances In Life SciencesJournal
152Iranian Journal Of BiotechnologyJournal
153Japan Agricultural Research QuarterlyJournal
154Journal Für Verbraucherschutz Und LebensmittelsicherheitJournal
155Journal Of Animal Science And BiotechnologyJournal
156Journal Of Applied HorticultureJournal
157Journal Of Applied MicrobiologyJournal
158Journal Of Biomaterials And Tissue EngineeringJournal
159Journal Of Biomimetics, Biomaterials And Biomedical EngineeringJournal
160Journal Of Biomolecular ScreeningJournal
161Journal Of BionanoscienceJournal
162Journal Of Bionic EngineeringJournal
163Journal Of Bioscience And BioengineeringJournal
164Journal Of Biotech ResearchJournal
165Journal Of BiotechnologyJournal
166Journal Of Chemical Technology And BiotechnologyJournal
167Journal Of Commercial BiotechnologyJournal
168Journal Of Crop Science And BiotechnologyJournal
169Journal Of ElectrostaticsJournal
170Journal Of Genetic Engineering And BiotechnologyJournal
171Journal Of Ginseng ResearchJournal
172Journal Of Healthcare EngineeringJournal
173Journal Of HeredityJournal
174Journal Of Industrial Microbiology And BiotechnologyJournal
175Journal Of Insect Biotechnology And SericologyJournal
176Journal Of Investigative Dermatology Symposium ProceedingsJournal
177Journal Of Microbial And Biochemical TechnologyJournal
178Journal Of Micro-Bio RoboticsJournal
179Journal Of Microbiology And BiotechnologyJournal
180Journal Of Molecular Microbiology And BiotechnologyJournal
181Journal Of Plant Biochemistry And BiotechnologyJournal
182Journal Of Plant BiotechnologyJournal
183Journal Of Pure And Applied MicrobiologyJournal
184Journal Of Stem Cells And Regenerative MedicineJournal
185Journal Of The American Society Of Brewing ChemistsJournal
186Journal Of The Faculty Of Agriculture, Kyushu UniversityJournal
187Journal Of The Royal Society InterfaceJournal
188Journal Of The Science Of Food And AgricultureJournal
189Journal Of Water Process EngineeringJournal
190Korean Journal Of Food Science And TechnologyJournal
191Korean Journal Of Microbiology And BiotechnologyJournal
192Macromolecular BioscienceJournal
193Marine BiotechnologyBook Serie
194Metabolic EngineeringJournal
195Methods In BiotechnologyJournal
196Microbial BiotechnologyJournal
197Microbial Cell FactoriesJournal
198Microbiology And Biotechnology LettersJournal
199Minerva BiotecnologicaJournal
200Molecular BiosystemsJournal
201Molecular BiotechnologyJournal
202Molecular BreedingJournal
203Molecular Ecology ResourcesJournal
204Molecular ImagingJournal
205Molecular Nutrition And Food ResearchJournal
206Mycotoxin ResearchJournal
207Nano TodayJournal
208Nanomaterials And NanotechnologyBook Serie
209Nanotechnology ReviewsJournal
210NATO Science For Peace And Security Series B: Physics And BiophysicsJournal
211Nature BiotechnologyJournal
212Nature MethodsJournal
213New BiotechnologyJournal
214Nova Biotechnologica Et ChimicaJournal
215OMICS A Journal Of Integrative BiologyJournal
216Open Biotechnology JournalJournal
217Outlooks On Pest ManagementJournal
218Pakistan Journal Of BiotechnologyJournal
219Pharmaceutical ResearchJournal
220Philippine Agricultural ScientistJournal
221Phytochemistry LettersJournal
222Phytochemistry ReviewsJournal
223Plant BiotechnologyJournal
224Plant Biotechnology JournaJournal
225Plant Biotechnology ReportsJournal
226Plant GeneJournal
227Plant MethodsJournal
228Plant Tissue Culture And BiotechnologyJournal
230Plos MedicineJournal
231Polish Journal Of Chemical TechnologyProceeding
232Preparative Biochemistry And BiotechnologyProceeding
233Proceedings - 2013 International Conference On Biometrics And Kansei Engineering, ICBAKE 2013Proceeding
234Proceedings - 2013 International Conference On Biometrics, ICB 2013Proceeding
235Proceedings - 2013 International Symposium On Biometrics And Security Technologies, ISBAST 2013Proceeding
236Proceedings - 2014 International Symposium On Biometrics And Security Technologies, ISBAST 2014Journal
237Proceedings Of The 2014 International Conference On Nanoscience And Nanotechnology, ICONN 2014Journal
238Protein & CellJournal
239Protein Engineering, Design And SelectionJournal
240Protein Expression And PurificationJournal
241Recent Advances In DNA And Gene SequencesJournal
242Recent Patents On BiotechnologyJournal
243Reproduction In Domestic AnimalsJournal
244Reproduction, Fertility And DevelopmentJournal
245Research Journal Of BiotechnologyJournal
246Research Journal Of PhytochemistryJournal
247Resource: Engineering And Technology For Sustainable WorldJournal
248Rice ScienceBook Serie
249Romanian Biotechnological LettersBook Serie
250Rsc Polymer Chemistry SeriesJournal
251Rsc Smart MaterialsJournal
252Sabrao Journal Of Breeding And GeneticsJournal
253Science As CultureJournal
254Scientific Study And Research: Chemistry And Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Food IndustryJournal
255Seibutsu-Kogaku KaishiJournal
256Sensing And Bio-Sensing ResearchJournal
257Sheng Wu Gong Cheng Xue Bao = Chinese Journal Of BiotechnologyJournal
258SilenceBook Serie
260Springerbriefs In Applied Sciences And TechnologyBook Serie
261Stem CellJournal
262Synthesis Lectures On Biomedical EngineeringJournal
263Systems And Synthetic BiologyJournal
264Technical Proceedings Of The 2013 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference And Expo, NSTI-Nanotech 2013Journal
265Theoretical And Applied GeneticsJournal
267Transgenic ResearchJournal
268Trends In Biomaterials And Artificial OrgansJournal
269Trends In BiotechnologyJournal
270Trends In Food Science And TechnologyJournal
272World Journal Of Microbiology And BiotechnologyJournal