Experimental & Cognitive Psychology

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Sr. No.Title
1ACM Transactions On Applied Perception
2Acta Psychologica
3Adaptive Behavior
4Advances In Cognitive Psychology
5Aging, Neuropsychology, And Cognition
6American Imago
7American Journal Of Psychology
8Animal Cognition
9Applied Cognitive Psychology
10Applied Psycholinguistics
11Attention, Perception & Psychophysics
12Behavior Research Methods & Instrumentation
13Behaviour Change
14Behaviour Research And Therapy
15Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures
16Brain And Cognition
17Brain And Language
18Canadian Journal Of Experimental Psychology
20Cognition And Emotion
21Cognition And Instruction
22Cognition, Brain, Behavior
23Cognitive Development
24Cognitive Neuropsychology
25Cognitive Processing
26Cognitive Psychology
27Cognitive Science
28Cognitive Systems Research
29Cognitive Therapy And Research
30Consciousness And Cognition
31Contributions To Human Development
32Developmental Review
33Dynamical Psychology
35Ecological Psychology
36Educational Psychology
37Emerging Adulthood
38Emotion Review
39Emotion, Space And Society
40Evolution And Human Behavior
41Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences
42Experimental Psychology
44Human Movement Science
45Human-Animal Studies
46Integrative Psychological & Behavioral Science
48International Journal Of Cognitive Research In Science, Engineering And Education
49International Journal Of Cognitive Therapy
50International Journal Of Cyber Behavior, Psychology And Learning
51International Journal Of Psychology And Psychological Therapy
53Journal Of Adult Development
54Journal Of Applied Biobehavioral Research
55Journal Of Behavior Therapy And Experimental Psychiatry
56Journal Of Behavioral Finance
57Journal Of Child Language
58Journal Of Cognition And Culture
59Journal Of Cognition And Development
60Journal Of Cognitive Psychology
61Journal Of Cognitive Psychotherapy: An International Quarterly
62Journal Of Communication Disorders
63Journal Of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies
64Journal Of Evolutionary Psychology
65Journal Of Experimental Child Psychology
66Journal Of Experimental Psychology: Applied
67Journal Of Experimental Psychology: General
68Journal Of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception And Performance
69Journal Of Experimental Psychology: Learning Memory And Cognition
70Journal Of Fluency Disorders
71Journal Of General Psychology
72Journal Of Memory And Language
73Journal Of Mind And Behavior
74Journal Of Motor Behavior
75Journal Of Neurolinguistics
76Journal Of Neuroscience, Psychology, And Economics
77Journal Of Psycholinguistic Research
78Journal Of Rational – Emotive And Cognitive – Behavior Therapy
79Journal Of Social, Evolutionary, And Cultural Psychology
80Journal Of The Experimental Analysis Of Behavior
81Language And Communication
82Language, Cognition And Neuroscience
83Learning And Behavior
84Learning And Motivation
85Learning And Perception
86Memory And Cognition
87Memory Studies
88Metaphor And Symbol
89Military Psychology
90Mind, Brain, And Education
92Motivation And Emotion
93Multivariate Behavioral Research
94Musicae Scientiae
95Neurobiology Of Learning And Memory
98Perceptual And Motor Skills
99Physiology And Behavior
100Political Psychology
101Psicologia Conductual
103Psychnology Journal
104Psychological Research
105Psychology Of Language And Communication
106Psychonomic Bulletin And Review
110Quarterly Journal Of Experimental Psychology
111Religion, Brain And Behavior
112Research In Organizational Behavior
113Review Of Philosophy And Psychology
114Revista Mexicana De Analisis De La Conducta
115Sistemi Intelligenti
116Social Cognitive And Affective Neuroscience
117Spatial Cognition And Computation
118Thinking And Reasoning
119Timing And Time Perception
120Topics In Cognitive Science
121Trends In Cognitive Sciences
122Visual Cognition

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